(Here’s the Documents) MN [psycho] Gov. Tim Walz and the satanist’s plan to kidnap your kids using COVID-19

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 20, 2020 at 1:24 P.M.

If you love your children (or a child in your life) you will (1) not fill out these forms (below) (2) demand the U.S. Government quell the insurrection in Minnesota (and other States of the Union) and stop the enemy invaders that are actively targeting the People’s children.

Note: The U.S. Department of Defense deployed U.S. Marines to rescue 2,100 children that had been held captive in underground bases and bunkers in California (many such missions have taken place all over the country). Most of the children were believed to have been originally abducted by Child Protective Services (CPS). SEE VIDEO BELOW

CPS and other agencies that are licensed through the Secretary of State are kidnapping children (via fraud, trickery, coercion, threats, fear, etc.) using private for-profit agencies that appear ‘official’  (e.g. – CPS, Police, social workers, Family courts, BAR attorneys) to steal babies and children from the People. After the children are removed from their families they are moved into trafficking networks for sex, adrenochrome production, organ harvesting, medical experiments, etc.

President Trump, U.S. Attorney General William Barr, and officials with the U.S. Department of Defense know the before hereby mentioned is factual.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command 

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Timothy Charles Holmseth is an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He captured rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations. He has been targeted for a decade. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump.


  1. Timothy,I know what is going on, also I’ve been trying to reach you. Your friends with me on two Facebook profiles. I have shared some information to you about a Nabil Guirguis, he’s on the FBI Data Base . Public view, Everything is in the messenger app. He’s been claiming to be with our Government. Has made False pretenses on members of Facebook, made threats towards members, made threats about a Muslim brotherhood, made threats even to plant City Florida. My Name is Michael Mccord, my Facebook account is Michael Cripps, and Q seventeen sevensix. Please check out

  2. Some of your fans, Timothy Charles Holmseth, have noted that you, the award winning reporter, and your inside contact, Q, will be called on stage in Tulsa this evening by JFKjr. Q says disinformation is necessary, but is this?

  3. I need to know who made the staysafe MN video. What is her YouTube channel? I need to speak with her about an issue I have with MN DHS. Maybe she can help me.

  4. Tim,

    I have been following your hard-hitting investigative journalism for years now. This video gave a lot of insight into the need for independent journalism in this current era. The other day I went to Menard’s and had the neo-Stasi State try to force me to wear a face-mask. Is there a more on-the-nose metaphor for muzzling free speech?!? I know that the First Amendment (and the Bill of Rights) only applies to state action, but is this evidence that Menard’s is in the pocket of the government, or that Menard’s is paying the government to punish patriots for exercising their first amendment rights?

    I haven’t seen it, but have you done an expose on companies (public or private) that are using the COVID-19 masquerade as a way to use the police state to stifle First Amendment rights? Please post your take.

    I digressed a bit — but back to your story: what I don’t understand is why President Trump/the military is not broadcasting the children they are saving! When thousands of children are being saved from these underground bunkers, after prolonged horrific abuse and watching murder, why is President Trump not broadcasting this? With these recent liberations they know that he coming right at them, so why the delay?

    I appreciate your insights about the cognitive dissonance — but isn’t it going to be harder for the average “Stan & Jan in the suburbs” to be red-pilled when all of these public figures are hauled off to Gitmo to face trials for murder, rape, child abuse, crimes against humanity, etc? I tried to talk to my neighbors about the children in the CA bunkers and they completely tried to ignore me. “Stan and Jan” are not informed like us. So how are they going to respond when HRC, Hussein Obama, and Tom Hanks are getting swept out to Gitmo?

  5. I hear you. As a WOKE South African, having my own blood family turn their back’s on me, viewing me as a depraved Conspiracy Theorist, is has been an agonizingly frustrating, as well as lonesome journey.
    It’s my belief, or opinion, that once all the Main Actors have been “taken care of” and the thousands of current indictments have been unsealed – The Real Pain & Revelations will be made public.
    Also, the White Hat’s are trying to keep a modicum of peace, at this tumultuous time, wherever possible.
    The DemonRats are DONE – and they know it!
    Patriots are in control ??

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