by Alice K. Donnely on July 19, 2020 at 11:15 P.M.

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  1. It all stinks to high heaven! Watch your 6 Tim. You have more warriors than you know

  2. Hi…
    Is the hillary video with huma (sp.?) Still out there. I have a few family members who wont believe it or similar things. Im trying vfc to wKe people up. Thank you.

  3. Tim — have you contacted the Secret Service?!? It looks like the death threat to Trump was submitted through your website? I want to see your submission and what the Secret Service did — I think it is critical for us to know what side the Secret Service is on.

    I’ve also had a number of UPS and FedEx trucks come to where I have been staying. One time they (FedEx as the guise) even left a note saying they could not deliver a package unless I went to THEIR shipping office. That FedEx office is near the airport: can you think of a better place to pop a 22 round into someone’s head and toss them into the fill? At that location they could easily dispose of a body without any real local police jurisdiction (Fort Snelling park is under MN DNR enforcement).

    I don’t know why they can be so obvious. I knew the FedEx note was an obvious scam. But showing up for you in a UPS truck in a FedEx uniform with a USPS package seems amateur. Could it have been a process server trying to execute the warrants or other service out in Polk County? I don’t think a process server or sheriff would ever go to those lengths (I’ve been evading a bench warrant for over 4 years now).

    BUT, I think they would be able to deliver novichok, plutonium 210, or something similar discretely — instead of something as obvious as 3 things (UPS-FedEx-USPS) that don’t match. Like the other comment, watch your six. It now looks like paid guns will even blast through a judge’s family in a suburban NJ home (or do you think this was a false flag?). The manufactured COVID crisis provides an easy smoke screen for novichok or plutonium 210.

    How did they even know your location? I’m also surprised Timothy — with your work I don’t think you can risk having any packages at any location. I assume you get this — it seems like you are working from a mobile HQ. But be careful out there.

    I have been worried about IP tracking and cell-phone pinging based on my own activities in other circles. For us novices, what’s the best way to set up a dynamic IP, and what is the best way to avoid getting ping’d by cell phone towers? I was just switching between the dozen or so SIM cards that I cycle through, and even attached a few connected with cash-burner phones to the undersides of random cars. But I think I am still being tracked via IP addresses? Sometimes I can hear garbled speech out of my phone that I normally use (but switch SIM cards) after I thought I had disconnected service. It is garbled, but it sounds like they are trying to record and playback my speech patterns to make it sound like I am talking about all sorts of horrible things that I won’t mention here. I don’t know if this is the prep work for a false confession?

    But please share your thoughts on the IP addressed. I don’t know how else to explain the “pick up your package” note from FedEx other than a planned hit.

    Can you post a tutorial about how to make yourself invisible to them? I’m worried that next time I pick up a coffee I am going to get hit with novichok or plutonium 210. I think the high-profile COVID deaths are really plutonium 210 assassinations to send a message and to not have to worry about formal deportations or execution orders. Is this something that anyone has looked into?

    Go with Christ,
    TD Donny K

  4. Tim… I am on the run…currently homeless…I have documented evidence in a similar case of my own in Colorado. Can I somehow join the cause? I am intelligent and detail oriented and have a long list of dirty CPS agents that ultimately ran me out of Colorado and into a state where they mentally tortured and labeled me with schizoaffective disorder and essentially tucked me away for five years before I escaped their clutchs… I not only would love to help but I could also use someone to talk to as they have somehow convinced my family that I am the crazy one. I assure you I am not and it is only by the grace of God that I am still alive. At the very least please respond and let me know you have received this. Thank you…

    1. lord this is horrible so sorry u are desling with this and thank you for helpn children

  5. have you heard about the judge in epstein deutsche bank trial son shot and killed husband shot by man in a fed ex uniform

    1. Timothy you are always ahead of the game. As soon as I saw the Judge Salas shooting I thought of your report. Same mo as you and the nurse. I wonder what she knew

  6. I saw the comment above—is there a video actually out there about HRC and Huma Abedin? I don’t recall hearing about a video? If so, WTH has been the response of the authorities? I also never understood why Anthony Weiner (Abedin’s former husband) would flame out so publicly and spectacularly when he already had the in with the Luciferian child sex/murder cabal? But that’s a conversation for a different thread.

    All—Timothy’s reporting on his encounter with the FedEx driver was after the reporting on the Judge Salas incident, if that wasn’t clear. But does anyone have thoughts on the reported gunman? LMM is basically reporting it was an incel father/mens’ rights attorney. I think we have to see if it is really that guy in the coffin and why else he could have been knocked off.

    1. The video is “frazzledrip” on Youtube. You can also look up “Panda Eyes on children” whixh results from anal raping

  7. Timothy thank you, for the work you do, many people are Awakening, and realise that Trump has taken the Mission to Save the World. We bless him, all his Task Forces and the Star Alliance Group of Off World Beings. The World Thanks You. Trump you will succeed, we all are Behind you with this.

  8. Tim. God Bless you! Always praying for your safety. Thankyou for all you have done

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