In Re: Bob Harris – Montana FBI / U.S. Secret Service impersonator David Lester Straight attempted to use Timothy Charles Holmseth to smear Montana FBI agents

drivers license with redacted details

Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 7, 2022 – USA

On October 5, 2022, Timothy Charles Holmseth received an email from a man named Bob Harris. Harris said he is looking for information regarding David Lester Straight.

Holmseth has never communicated with Harris and did not reply. However, Holmseth does think it is a public service to publish Harris’ email – here’s why:

In 2019, David Lester Straight told Holmseth (on a recorded call) he was a U.S. Secret Service agent, and, Straight said, he viewed videos of VP Mike Pence raping a small boy.

Straight told Holmseth and former MN judge Randi Lynn Erickson that he served on three Presidential Commissions under Donald Trump which were “Judicial Corruption” “Human Trafficking” and “Space Force”.  Straight collected actionable intelligence regarding trafficking and crimes against humanity which he said he turned over to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Straight told Holmseth he was communicating with Attorney Lin Wood in the days and weeks before the events of J6 in Washington DC – and, Straight said, he was going meet Wood in DC on January 6, 2021.

On January 4, 2021, Wood tweeted Holmseth’s MEMO (that Holmseth had sent to AG Sessions that warned Trump about Pence and an international human trafficking operation) to President Trump.

In 2019, Straight also told Holmseth he assisted the U.S. Marines in a mass rescue of 2,100 children from their cages underground in California. Straight also told Holmseth about another several hundred children that were being held in captivity. Straight said the military in California rescued those children. Based upon evidence, Holmseth believes Straight is a child trafficker working with the U.S. Military.


In 2019, David Lester Straight contacted Holmseth and asked Holmseth to investigate Robert Wayne Harris. Holmseth reviewed a trove of documents Straight made available to Holmseth. Holmseth could find no connection to ‘child trafficking’ or ‘human trafficking’ as it would pertain to Harris. Holmseth could not even see any evidence of criminal activity by Harris – other than the word of Straight.

Holmseth conducted no investigation of Harris and took absolutely no actions whatsoever.

On October 5, 2022, Holmseth recognized some of the names of FBI agents when he read the attachments sent by Harris in his email.

Holmseth observed some connections.

In 2020, Straight contacted Holmseth about a ‘Press Release’ Straight wanted Holmseth to compose regarding a court claim he planned to make in Washington DC. Straight wanted Holmseth to compose a press release under a fake name that implicated several FBI agents in Montana of various crimes. Holmseth was very leery of the accusations Straight was making about the FBI agents and refused to participate.

Holmseth knew Straight was setting him (Holmseth) up.

Straight was furious when Holmseth would not do the press release.

Straight and a man named Greg then blew up the telephone of Randi Lynn Erickson. Greg rang Erickson’s phone continuously for hours until Erickson was forced to shut the phone off. Straight wanted Erickson to convince Holmseth to do the press release. Erickson told Straight that Holmseth said he (Holmseth) is a legitimate “news reporter” and does not provide private writing services or get involved in private matters. Erickson became agitated with Straight and said, ‘why are you trying to make me do something for somebody that I don’t know?’

Straight told Erickson and Holmseth during a recorded call that “Greg” talked to “Lin Wood”.

Note: Holmseth infiltrated the Dark to Light plan associated with Q and/or QANON that involved the attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government which involved Straight, Wood, and others.

Below is the email and attachments sent to Holmseth by Harris.


Hello Mr. Holmseth,
My name is Robert (Bob) Harris
I see we have a mutual acquaintance/ cancer – David Lester Straight.
I am currently preparing a large defamation lawsuit against Straight and other individuals. Mr. Straight has publicly professed that I am a “…. drug dealer, child trafficker, gun runner, ammunitions runner … who has literally stole vehicles…. the guy committed fraud …….” along with numerous other outrageous claims during a podcast.
I am looking for any information related to Mr. Straight – mainly personal asset information. I have downloaded everything I can find online but know there is much more to this grifter.
Just to show you I am on the level (NOT siding with Straight in any way!) I have attached documents you might be interested in – especially if you decide to investigate the other grifter (Holscher, Shideler) names on the documents. I have been investigating this group for over 5 years. I have exposed Holscher/Shideler’s ongoing 30+ year international fraud organization to Federal and local law enforcement. They (FBI and others) are actively investigating and prosecuting.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
Bob Harris

May 27, 2021 video

2021 MRPR filing (David Straight)

AR David Straight 2021

Doc 70 05142021



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