JEFFREY EPSTEIN EVIDENCE TO BE DESTROYED?: Canadian Whistleblower announces Florida court decided at Field McConnell’s BAIL HEARING to destroy all the evidence

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 11, 2020 at 11:41 A.M.

Is there a plan underway to destroy evidence connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex trafficking and intelligence operation?

Gerald Brummell, a Canadian Whistleblower who announced he possessed evidence of a $68 Billion money transfer from Jeffrey Epstein to the Toronto Canadian Bank, while live on fellow Whistleblower Field McConnell’s program ABEL DANGER, has announced the Broward County, Florida court where McConnell is being prosecuted, has ordered files DESTROYED before McConnell’s jury trial.

According to Brummell the court in Broward County, Florida that has been hearing the case of STATE OF FLORIDA v. FIELD MCCONNELL has ordered troves of files and potential evidence to be destroyed.

The very idea of files being destroyed has serious implications.

Brummell, Canada, claims to possess 200,000 files that implicate high-level people in government of sexually abusing children.

Gerald Brummell (Agent Margaritaville)


“The Court has ordered all channels connected to Field, and all his email and social media accounts be “source deleted,”” Brummel said, in a March 7, 2020 video he published on You Tube under the account Agent Margaritaville.

This extraordinary claim by Brummell raises very serious questions, because his announcement that files have been ordered “source deleted” (permanently destroyed) came after a mere BAIL HEARING for McConnell.

The judicial process involving McConnell has only begun, which precludes any possibility that emails and media accounts would be “source deleted” before a trial.

“That can’t even be possible. They can’t even legally do that. Field has already demanded a jury trial. It’s on the record. They can’t get rid of evidence before any jury has had time to see it,” said a source.

There are other serious complications.


McConnell name, and the name of some of his associates, has come up in other court matters in the United States including those of Sarah Dunklin, Arkansas, and Cynthia Acbug, Colorado, as well as a foreclosure on McConnell’s property and home in Wisconsin. “They can’t destroy evidence that affects all those cases,” the source said.


Brummell said the court’s decision to delete files are “entirely as result of new evidence which came to light after Field was already arrested”.

The cynical and unlawful nature of these alleged ongoings are off-the-charts suspicious.

Brummell recently made claims to be in direct contact with a litany of judicial officers in Florida including McConnell’s attorney, Howard Sohn, and the District Attorney’s Office. Brummell said he developed a ‘plea bargain model’ and sent it to Sohn.

Brummell publicly stated he authored a plea bargain model that had been accepted by a few involved, and if accepted by McConnell, would gain McConnell his freedom from confinement on the condition McConnell  file a criminal complaint to the FBI against Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) and Randi Erickson and accuse them of crimes.

Erickson and Holmseth have not committed any crimes whatsoever.

Brummell later reported the plea bargain idea was rejected because it didn’t have anything to do with the charges against McConnell.

The concept of an outside person (from a foreign country no less) with no connection or standing in an ongoing criminal prosecution (in the United States) developing a ‘plea bargain’ that requires a prisoner make a false FBI report to gain his freedom is extortion and violates federal conspiracy laws.

Records that prove Brummell’s communications and plotting have been secured.

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  1. I understand nothing of what’s going on with Field.. I can only pray for him..
    There is so much evil to contend with these days. Nothing makes sense..
    I feel like we are in a losing battle with all the corruption.
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