Jessie Czebotar: Vets For Child Rescue running scam (with expendable kids)

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 9, 2020 at 8:28 P.M.

Yesterday, investigative broadcaster David Zublick interviewed child abuse victim Jessie Czebotar on Dark Outpost.

Czebotar revealed very disturbing information about Hillary Clinton’s former bodyguard Craig Sawyer. Sawyer created Vets 4 Child Rescue shortly after Donald Trump became president. It soon became widely reported that Sawyer’s operation was a scam.

Czebotar’s revelations appear to confirm what has been reported.

“It’s more than 20 people that I heard this from,” Czebotar said.

Czebotar explained that Sawyer is allegedly ripping people off and working with human traffickers as a way to make himself appear to be anti-trafficking.

“It appears that he instead made deals with the Illuminati, and, instead of rescuing the child he was paid to rescue, they would give him a bunch of these expendable kids to make it look like he did this large rescue. He would take the money – not rescue the child he was hired to rescue – and would instead get a bunch of credit and fame because he rescued a whole bunch of expendable children,” Czebotar.

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