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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on November 3, 2023 – USA

The American people are furious about what happened on Election night 2020 in Pennsylvania.

Let’s take a step back a few years.

In 2018 the New York Times published an article entitled “In Boy Scouts Speech, Trump Hails and Puts Down Creator of Levittown”.

The NYT featured a speech President Donald Trump made to 40,000 Boy Scouts in West Virgina where Trump discussed meeting the famous housing developer William Levitt at a celebrity-filled party in New York.

“Speaking to 40,000 scouts in West Virginia at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree, Mr. Trump said that in his prime, Mr. Levitt had amassed a fortune and become “an unbelievable success” by building sprawling suburban communities, not only on Long Island, but in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico as well,” NYT said.

In 2020, Pennsylvania became a hot bed of controversary after irregularities during the vote count on Election night resulted in what appeared to be an obvious win for Donald Trump, into a situation where America was gaslighted into accepting Joe Biden as the winner.

Many do not understand the secret societies in our country, and the secret things they do, to get what they want.

In a recent analysis of Levittown, Pennsylvania, world-renowned occult expert and federal witness to crimes against humanity, Jessie Marie Czebotar mentioned the Boy Scouts.

“The eagle is also in what is considered the “scouting position”. Scouts is a term for hierarchy boys being raised up to be leaders in the Brotherhood System and Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars.  The Eagles and Boy Scout programs are connected to the Luciferian Brotherhood and are used to train boys up into one of two positions. You have some of the boys who will be considered kings while others will be considered knights. Knights fall under the Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars. Kings are those who utilize the Knights services,” Czebotar said.

Czebotar’s analysis of Levittown provides valuable insight that will help America understand what happens in the middle of the night in Pennsylvania.

~begin Jessie Czebotar analysis~

Levittown Sign

When an upper brotherhood member enters a region, they will look for regional signs that are used as indicators to tell the Brotherhood member the authority structure in that area. The signs are read on three levels. First, they tell you which spiritual deities have jurisdiction in the area. Essentially, who is worshipped, where and how. Second, they indicate which Brotherhood orders have authority and which lodges in area have more authority. Third, they tell you who is the financial backer for the area. (See Exhibit A: Levittown Sign 1)

On the Levittown, PA town sign, take note that we see a crest and a classification of “Historic” which means there will be profiting within the System off the land and people within the land. It is my belief that the profiting occurs particularly with the youth. The crest also tells us there will be upper- level members in the System living in the area that are connected to positions of Grand High Priests/Grand High Priestesses, Priory of Sion, and Counselman. By the town sign, we see Levittown is under a crest rather than being identified by a circular regional sigil. What is the difference? A crest indicates that the authority and financial backing is recognized as international and under the headship of a bloodline private backer under a “charter”, rather than one of the two usual regional financial backers. A charter is a “written grant by a country’s legislative or sovereign power, by which a body such as a company, college, or city is founded, and its rights and privileges defined.” (Oxford dictionary)

There are two financial backers in the System that everything usually falls under. The old System was known as Rome and was identified by the color blue. Rome was financially backed by the Vatican. Circular city sigils were used to show that the city was under the Vatican’s financial rule. For generations, the Luciferian Brotherhood has been governed by these two Systems that oversee the Systems wealth and currencies. As time nears the end of days, the System has been transitioning out of the old System and into the new. As the Luciferian Brotherhood System transitioned into the new System, we see a change occurring in the way they display and report authority over regions. No longer are cities identified regionally by circular sigils but rather by rectangular shaped city signs with just the city’s name and maybe a slight background picture. The new System is called the Leviathan System. It is identified as Judah and recognized by the color red. The Leviathan System is financially backed by the Sanhedrin of Israel.

Crests are read differently than sigils. Crests indicate quadrant information verses a sigil which contains regional information. A sigil is read in three layers. These layers represent spiritual contracts between fallen spiritual entities called (principalities) and mankind (quadrant leaders in the Brotherhood System). Reading sigils is easiest to understand if you think of it like a three-layered clock. The outer layer indicates the principalities that have jurisdiction as well as what is considered the northern and southern lodges. This layer may also indicate U.S. Military facilities in the region. The middle and inner layers identify which Brotherhood orders have authority and are available in the area. This is indicated so high-level members know who to go to for the specific needs they may have when they are in that area. A crest is read in light of family powers and their personal contracts within the Brotherhood System and spiritual entities.

Breakdown of Crest: Eagle

At the top of the crest for Levittown, PA we see an eagle with wings down. Eagles indicate that the Brotherhood orders in the area include members that are degree 33 and above. That means that Levittown is not considered a Brotherhood recruiting area. They will be connected to breeding, training, and programming the systems hierarchy assets. Recruiter phases are considered to be the 1st-3rd degrees Freemasonry. In these decrees, members will recognize themselves as Masons. After the 3rd degree, they no longer call themselves Masons, they are known by degrees of Illumination. Degrees are put into zodiac regions and read as 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 360 degrees. 360 is seen as full illumination. These degrees coordinate with the Rosicrucian Lamen to define magik mastery and dimensional access. The most inner part of the rose is seen as mastery of accessing the 1st and 2nd dimensions. 15 degrees indicates they have mastered the 1st dimension. 30 degrees means they have mastered the 2nd dimension. 33 is a common way of indicating that you are a fully trained 360-degrees Illuminate. It indicates priestly status and that you are an Initiate of the Flame of the Order of Melchizedek.

The eagle with wings down indicates (youth) members that are not yet full fledglings (they have been trained but are now in a secondary training that will hone and help them master their skills for the positions chosen for them). The Nazi Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military are highly invested in “youth development” programs. What does it mean when we see the sitting eagle? It means that the area is used for skill sharpening for juvenile members who will be raised up into high level positions. The eagle is also in what is considered the “scouting position”. Scouts is a term for hierarchy boys being raised up to be leaders in the Brotherhood System and Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars.  The Eagles and Boy Scout programs are connected to the Luciferian Brotherhood and are used to train boys up into one of two positions. You have some of the boys who will be considered kings while others will be considered knights. Knights fall under the Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars. Kings are those who utilize the Knights services. There are also scout programs for girls. The female side will train hierarchy girls to be princesses or priestesses. Princesses are those who are placed in prominent positions as single women or strategic marriages.

The main orders in charge of these “scouting” programs within communities is the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Ancient Order of Foresters (also known as the Tall Trees). Their symbols are the horse or deer head, Pine or Oak tree. They are recognized by their symbols of clovers and a golden harp. The clover symbols are used in the 4-H programs and clover buds in the girl scouts. All Brotherhood training programs have humanity efforts, oaths, vows, or pledges that they take that are personal( to that order. (I will discuss more in the section on Youth Development.) (See Exhibit B)

Breakdown of Crest: The Two Lions

To the left and right of the crest we see two lions in prone positions as if getting ready to attack with tails up. The tail ends are in a weird shape and look like Venus fly traps with their mouths open. In crests, the images on the side are connected to what I am calling the Systems houses of government. For deciphering, you need to view four charts and overlay for understanding.

a)     The Rosicrucian Lamen (See Exhibit C)

b)     The Camps of Israel (See Exhibit D)

c)      The Zodiac (See Exhibit E)

d)     The Egyptian Zodiac (See Exhibit F)

Exhibit C


Exhibit D


Exhibit E


Exhibit F


The camp of Israel was God’s design that shows governance placement according to the times, seasons, and harvest of His house. This design is seen in all of God’s creation both universally and individually and viewed in the Rosicrucian Lamen. The Lamen is considered a universal key to understanding all the wisdom that God gave to King Solomon. The Rosicrucian Lamen is also considered a map. Learning to read these maps starts with an understanding that God’s house on earth (the tabernacle or Temple) was always placed in the middle. This is where the Holy Spirit of God dwells. This house would contain the ark of the covenant which represented the glory of His Presence dwelling with the sons of men. The ark was seen in rectangular shape. Around the four sides of the rectangle, you have the four priestly houses.

These four priestly houses were governed by the sons of Aaron (Merari, Kohath, Coates, and Gershon). These houses are seen in the System as representing 2 houses. Originally, in Scriptures the two houses represented the house of Aaron the priest (so a priestly house) and the house of Moses (the prophetic house). In the System they represent the Egyptian magicians Jannes and Jambres.  When considered as two houses, two pieces of the rectangle are to be counted. They form an “L” and will consist of a long side of the rectangle and a short side. (See Exhibit G) Thus, this inner imagery is seen in the System as being represented by both the number 2 (for priest and prophet) and the number 4 (representing the four priestly houses). See the pic of Camps of Israel to see the four priestly houses. What is important to understand is that all hierarchy children will be placed into one of these “spiritual priestly houses” by the Mothers of Darkness and those who are Grand High Priests and Grand High Priestesses over their quadrant. These houses begin to define which principalities and spiritual authorities have jurisdiction over your physical life, spirit, and soul.

The first part of programming and training for any hierarchy child begins with connecting them to one of the four Egyptian principalities. This connection will begin to define which quadrant the child will be assigned to for training and which demonic contracts they are placed under.

In the crest for Levittown, the two lions represent the house of Ephraim and the false house of Leo under the authority of Anuk and a SW quadrant jurisdiction. The lions’ tails represent two lotus flowers. What does the Lotus represent to the Luciferian Brotherhood?

“In the Western World the lotus has been changed to the rose. The roses of the Rosicrucian, the roses of the Masonic degrees, and also those of the Order of the Garter in England, all stand for the same thing, the awakening of consciousness and the unfolding into full bloom of the soul qualities of man. When man awakens and opens this bud within himself, he finds, like the gold pollen in a flower, this wonderful spiritual city, Shamballa, in the heart of the lotus. When this pilgrimage of his spiritual fire is accomplished, he is liberated from the top of the mountain, as in the ascension of Christ, and the spiritual man, freed by his pilgrimage from the Wheel of Bondage, rises upward from among his disciples, the convolutions of the brain, with the great cry of the Initiate, which has sounded through the Mystery Schools for ages when the purified[33] student goes onward and upward to become a pillar in the temple of his God. With that last cry the true mystery of Shamballa, the sacred city, is understood and he joins the ranks of those who in white robes of purity, their own soul bodies, gaze down upon the world and see others liberated in the same way, and who also sound the eternal tocsin, “consumatum est” (it is finished).” Initiates of the Flame page 33

What does all this mean? It means one has reached their eternal state of godhood through the ecstasy of sex magik. Notice in the crest, both lions are male.

Breakdown of Crest: Center piece

In the center we see a crest split into 4 territories. Two are marked with blue and yellow checkers facing opposite directions. This means that there will be places in the town where reflection rooms can be accessed. Checkered floors indicate ritual ground. In the Masonic Lodges you find either checkered floors that mark ritual ground with reflection chambers underneath or rectangular carpets indicating a summoning space in the floor.

The upper right area of the center of the crest has a ship. Ships represent the Priory of Sion in the area.

The lower left has a bowl. This represents the Mason’s Silver bowl.

Link to article:

“In 1773, shortly after his wife, Ann, died, George Mason IV wrote his will. There he confirmed his son’s ownership of ”a large silver Bowl given him [George Mason V] by my Mother, in which all my children have been christened, and which I desire remain in the family unaltered for that purpose.” This bowl is worth lingering over, for it reveals something important about the ritual in which it was used—Anglican baptism as practiced by gentry like the Masons. Indeed, the Masons’ bowl may be taken as a synecdoche not just for household baptism but for elite Virginians’ household religious practice writ large.

Mason’s short testamentary discussion sets the bowl in a familial context and a liturgical context. Mason explained that the bowl was used for baptism, for washing Mason’s children clean of sin and conferring Christian identity on each child. Baptism was one of Anglicanism’s two sacraments, those mysterious rites that were, in the prayer book’s language, ”an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.” Sacraments—events in which the terrestrial and the spiritual worlds met in some especially vital way required, by their nature, material objects. In Holy Communion, those material objects were bread and wine. In baptism, the material object was water, and Mason’s bowl was the baptismal equivalent of a communion chalice, holding, and beautifying, the water.” -From the Mason’s Silver Bowl and Virginian Religion

What does that mean? The bowl is a symbol to those high up in the Brotherhood that in this town, they will be recognized by their “Christian” cover and form of godliness and all their children will be raised in these perfections.

What does the silver represent in Freemasonry? It represents the silver cord that connects one’s spiritual body to their physical body when they astral project. Astral projection is a form of remote viewing. Contracts with Leviathan are made in the System so one has spiritual grounds and permissions to travel in the waterways above and below through astral travel.

“For generations, the allegory of this chapter has been a reference to the decay of the body and the coming of death. The golden bowl was the skull, the silver cord was the spinal nerve, “the keepers of the house” were the hands, the “strong men” the limbs. The whole picture is made to symbolize the body’s falling into ruin and the approach of death. One hesitates to differ from an interpretation so true in its application and so dignified by its associations; but a more thorough scholarship has come to see in the allegory a picture of the horror of death set forth by metaphors drawn from an Oriental thunderstorm.” Response to Ecclesiastes 12

Further commentary is given on the Brotherhood’s beliefs surrounding the silver bowl and it’s full representation.

“In the Book of Thoth, that strange document which has descended to man at his present stage of evolution as a deck of playing cards, we find a very wonderful symbolism. Of all the suits of cards, that of the spade is the only suit in which all the court cards face away from the pip. In all the other kings and queens, the faces are looking at the little marker in the corner of the card, but in the spade suit, they look away from it. Now it is said that the spade has been taken from the acorn, but the occult student has a different idea. He sees in the spade, which has for ages been the symbol of death, a certain part of his own anatomy. If you will again turn to the picture of the spade, you will see, if you have ever studied anatomy, that the grave digger’s spade is the spinal column, and the spade-shaped piece which is used on the deck of cards, is nothing more nor less than the sacrum bone.” Initiates of the Flame page 21

“This bone forms the base of the spinal column, and is also the spear of the Passion. Through it and the foramana which pierce it, pass the roots of the spinal nerve, which indeed are the roots of the Tree of Life. It is the center through which are nourished and fed the lower vertebrae of the spine, and the sacrum and coxygeal bones that dig the graves for all created things. This point has been beautifully symbolized by the grave digger’s spade, which has been used by the brothers of many mystic organizations for ages. The currents and forces working through these lower spinal nerves must be transmuted and lifted upward to feed the altar fire at the positive or upper end of the spine.” Initiates of the Flame page 22

What does all this mean? It means they train their children in astral projection and how to access spiritual energies of the body so that they may transcend death. This also tells us that there are spiritual gates in the area that are accessed through water.

What is the strange book of Thoth mentioned that is represented by playing cards? It is the Thoth Tarot Cards. All the children will be trained in Tarot Card reading and necromancy.

This belief is why the Brotherhood members and Sovereign Military will place a closed Bible (representing a deck of Thoth Tarot cards) on the back of the neck when they are praying over one another.

~end Jessie Czebotar analysis~


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