A blue dna strand on a dark background.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on June 24, 2022 – USA

The following was posted on the GAB account of Timothy Charles Holmseth today.



by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – June 24, 2022, at 9:52 A.M. EST – USA

David Lester Straight told me he was appointed by President Donald J. Trump to serve on three Presidential Commissions under Donald J. Trump. Straight said he served on Commissions for “Judicial Corruption” “Human Trafficking” and “Space Force”.

Straight told me he “went behind enemy lines” and obtained “the DNA of Jesus Christ”.

I did not believe Straight. I identified facts that convinced me Straight was part of a PSYOP involving the intelligence community, U.S. Military, and U.S. Courts to deceive the unwitting public using a Book of Revelation based scheme to achieve power.


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