Massive insanity behind the scenes in the Field McConnell case (with nudes)

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 17, 2020 at 8:58 A.M.

Update/Publisher’s Note: February 18, 2020 at 9:03 PM: Per below: Yesterday I reported I have been in direct communications with a heavy hitter Ivy League lawyer regarding Field McConnell. Today, Field McConnell reported on The Field Report he is interested in having a lawyer’s assistance regarding certain matters pertaining to his knowledge as a whistleblower.  

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Yesterday, I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) advised Field McConnell’s wife, Denise Clarke-McConnell, that I am paying a high profile Ivy League attorney from the Washington DC area to assess Field’s case and advise on a path forward.

The attorney I am paying for advice is a heavy hitter that represents U.S. Congressmen.


Acting dismissive and uninterested…here is what Denise Clarke-McConnell is doing.

Denise Clarke-McConnell has begun working with a man named Terry Dean Nemmers of Minnesota to file legal documents regarding Field McConnell.

I can confirm this because Denise Clarke-McConnell began contacting me over the past few days and demanding I fill out an Affidavit, which I refused to do because I have always found her behavior and conduct very suspect.

It appears I was right.

According to a source, Denise Clarke-McConnell is also working with a woman named Carol Keihn, who, according to the source, will be handling civil court matters regarding Field McConnell.

“Denise has a guy name Terry Dean Nemmers claiming he’s taking everything over all legal criminal authority re: Field and some woman named Carol for Civil Action,” the source said.

Denise Clark-McConnell has no legal authority (Power of Attorney) to execute legal actions on behalf of Field McConnell. Field McConnell gave Power of Attorney to Phil Roberts, Plum City, Wisconsin.


Terry Nemmers is a convicted felon and you can learn about Nemmers using Google and You Tube.

Nemmers has no legal authority to file anything on behalf of Field McConnell. Nemmers is known to many in Minnesota as ‘the man you talk to once – and never talk to again’.

Nemmers has a long history of extremely bizarre behavior.

The source said she/he has been attacked by Nemmers because she/he put together a letter and sent a Request for Audit [regarding] the Pierce County Jail’s actions against Field. “It was sent to POTUS (who I love and Trust), AG Barr, OIG Ombudsmen’s office, Wisconsin Judicial Committee, etc etc,” the source said.

“Denise told this Nemmers character and he attacked me today multiple times,” the source said. The source said Nemmers warned “to stop doing anything without his permission!!!!”

“He also told me I no longer could pursue my unauthorized actions for an Audit but had to from now on answer to him!,” the source said.


Keihn possesses Power of Attorney that Field McConnell reportedly gave her to handle legal matters regarding fraud pertaining to his Real Estate.

Keihn told the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force that she has been through a paralegal course, and she (Kiehn) claims to be a few credits away from being able to practice law. However, a background check of Keihn does not appear to show she has any qualifications.

According to a Real Estate expert that briefly examined Field McConnell’s Real Estate case there does not appear to be any fraud.

Keihn sent a photo to a Task Force member of herself; along with a partial nude of a woman’s butt.

This is a developing story.

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23 thoughts on “Massive insanity behind the scenes in the Field McConnell case (with nudes)

  1. I honestly cannot believe you are going against Denise. Do you not believe she has Field’s best interest at heart? If so, why not? (Asking respectfully)

    1. I honestly but respectfully believe this is a joke. I doubt Field is stupid enough to give Power of Attorney to anyone a few credits short of a Law Degree. The last I checked, there had not been A Field Report for a week. That is unlike him, so I assumed (and still do) that he’s already with his (supposed weird acting wife) hopefully on some tropical beach, or in the UK. In any event, I wish him and Denise nothing but the best, and I am sure he will reappear at some point. I don’t believe this nonsense though (with all due respect.

  2. This is crazy. Always thought Denise was a strange one. Why doesn’t Field have someone from the Task Force helping him? God help us all if a federally protected whistleblower can be treated like this.

  3. Sounds like you have some infiltration going on. They are doing anything and everything possible to silence Field.

  4. Timothy for what purpose are you putting the butt pics up?. What is the intent behind these stories? Are you causing damage or harmony? Are you good guy or bad guy because I spent my vacation driving to North Dakota to support you your family and fields family. I did that in spite of my family telling me NO MOM! I went for the Hailey Cummings and Jon Bonet.They matter. So now what’s the story the truth about this whole Stab each other in the back fuckery. I invested time in you and for this 50 some yr old woman in Detroit to do what I did in spite of my consequences, you at can explain to me what and why Field name is being ruined all across the world. Please Tim.
    Janice from detroit.

  5. One more question Tim. If I read correctly you didn’t sign Denises affidavit because she is suspect to you. Field McConnells wife. Again I repeat Field McConnell wife. Without reading any more into this she made that trip with the group for you.If it helps get Field out you didn’t sign? What possibly could you be afraid of? This is crazy.

  6. I agree with you, Timothy, Denise’s demeanor is “dismissive and uninterested”.I do not believe she is in love with Field and her only interest at this point is monetary–we shall see.When she was on the “Watchman” podcast pleaing for help for Field, she had nothing to say when she was finally prompted by the gentleman to say something, she couldn’t think of anything good to say about Field but she did say Field makes mistakes like everyone, as we all make mistakes.That’s it.
    She did not pronounce her love for him or any other good thing.There was no love in her voice.That is from my perspective.It would be good for you to get in touch with his friend in Plum City who has his POA and see what you can do.Frankly, I don’t trust those two at “Kirk’s Corner” either. They seem like the kind KRISTINE MARCEY would send around to set up her brother.–First thing is to get Field out of that jail.What’s happening is ridiculous.You could be his only hope.Maybe set up a go fund me acct in Field’s name with his power of atty’s name to get money to pay a good lawyer or his POA may have access to his money already. You could ask Field about that and ask his POA if there is any money left in his account.It should be checked immediately and fixed so that Denise can’t get her hands on it and clean it out.Yes, that’s how negative I feel about Denise.He can rescind the other woman’s civil access,whatever that means, by simply signing another piece of paper and filing it with the county clerk.She’s out of the picture at that point as it will go on the computer.This all should be done quickly before too much damage is done by her.The pic of her bottom was not reassuring of her capacity to do anything of good value.Good Luck, Tim.

  7. This is getting confusing. All I know is that Field needs to be released. His imprisonment is illegal

  8. I listened to that recording that was done back in December on the ‘Field Report’ that EagerBeaver release today. I might add that I confronted EB with your article yesterday and I imagine he released that previous recording as a result…but WTF is really going on! Why would you feel compelled to release your articles NOW?
    I am so confused and feel so helpless: I have stood strong in supporting both Field and Denise and yet YOUR articles provide a barb of doubt. Was that your intention? For good or Evil?
    I just don’t know what to think.


  10. Attacking Denise is a big mistake. People now are questioning your intentions. Please address.

  11. I’m listening to Field report Feb 20 2020 and he is saying he can speak for himself and would people stop speaking for him……..WELL it doesn’t quite work that way when he has involved as many people as he has in his life, intentionally or not, he in fact invited people to speak on his behalf when he started giving information he wanted shared around to bring down the pedophiles & about his current situation. Goes without saying people would be speaking about him, who this person is taking on the pedophiles we all so desperately want taken down etc. He openly shares his situation, what’s going on with different aspects of his life, he brought all these people who are concerned about him on himself and I don’t mean that in a negative way, that’s just the facts when you put yourself out in the public eye especially about a topic that’s so explosive. As far as attacking Denise, we’ve all known of Field far longer than we have her and I’m sure many remember she walked out on him when they got involved in that woman’s situation that was hospitalized so naturally people will question her loyalty whether she is or not is irrelevant, people will wonder where she sits in all of this out of concern for Field not because we are against her. Discernment is about having conversations with other people to get to the bottom of the concern,so ya people are going to discuss it, it’s what we do, we converse, unfortunately we have to do it in open text messages because that’s how people communicate

    1. Oh my gosh. Discussing thier marriage on social media. Have you all lost your fricken sanity. Your speaking of FIELD MCCONNELL’S WIFE. WIFE!.Care or not MYOB!! WHAT A BUNCH OF JACKASSES.Oh I am sure Field would be so hurt. You speak of Denise like you know her?? Malicious. Did more damage to FM.

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