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8 thoughts on ““MR. PRESIDENT A QUESTION ABOUT CHILDREN” (soon world will know about Central Park tortured babies)

  1. I am a pediatric trauma flight nurse! The general public has no idea but that will all soon change. Daniel 2:21-22

    1. Thank you for all you do and God bless you! I am continuing to pray for all of you and the children.

    2. Dawn, Thank you for what you do! I hope those children’s nightmares can end!

  2. I was made to understand all this in 1995. I am a devout catholic woman who was provided information from clergy running from the cabal in the Vatican about all this back in 1995. Thre Catholic church and MANY other religious institutions were DEEPLY infiltrated over the past 40 years! This is thre filth you presently see sitting in the Vatican and bishop seats all over thre globe! Thank you for your exposure. I’m well aware of many who lost their lives exposing this son old elite bloodline circle.

  3. Praying for all the Children, doctors and nurses. Wish there was something I could do to help

  4. Charles what are they going to do with these thousands of damaged children? Will they ever attain some kind of normalcy?

  5. The way that the military guy (I’m guessing he’s a General, but I have no idea who he is) did a double take once he realized the reporter said “…about children” makes me REALLY think that he knows what’s going on and just COULD NOT believe he heard that at a press briefing!!
    HAHA!! That was awesome!!!
    The scope of this is soul crushing. But it NEEDS to be exposed!

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