Timothy charles holland reports for the peterborough task force.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 20, 2020 at 3:08 P.M.




CONFIRMED: IT’S BABIES!!! Under the Tents in Central Park (PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO!!!)

PHOTOS: Unspeakable Horror Beneath New York’s Central Park – Deformed Victims – Genetic Experiments

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  1. So if the cages are electrified, why can’t they use that same electric for the ventilators?

    1. Children are being rescued from underground all over the country and world. Every situation is different.The electrified cages are use at bases where they are creating MK Ultra slaves.

    2. IT’s not the same ‘format’ of electricity to run ventilators. The cages would most likely be low amperage so the person that touches it doesn’t just explode from all that power. PLUS how many ventilators do you think can be run from one little fence? Probably not even one. In an electric fence for horses it’s like the same power as a car battery. That’s not the same amount of power that would run your dishwasher, which is like what a ventilator would use :/

  2. I have been following the topic of child sex trafficking ever since the 12 year old boy Johnny Gosch disappearance on Sept.5, 1982 in Des. Moines , Iowa. Fast forward his escape & visiting his Mom in 1997 & her story on Oprah. He told his Mom these people were all the way @ the top of govt. & from all walks of life. There has been suspicion that he now is a guy going by the name of Jeff Gannon alias Jeff Guekkert. Possibly face altered. I wonder if he is helping in any capacity on these efforts. The Story is the whole Franklin Scandal in Omaha/Lincoln NE. FBI agent ( good guy) Ted Gunderson & a courageous investigator Gary Caradori who he & his son lost their lives their plane sabotaged in 1990.

    I would love to somehow help. My older sister and I have a real compassion for these children. We are devout Catholics & have followed & understand what’s @ stake. These people are so incredibly cruel & Evil beyond comprehension. I believe in the end God will win this war against the harming of his innocents! My heart breaks for them & I’m in the field of special education & mental health as it is. I would love to help them as we all should they are going to need so much mental health, physical health & spiritual healing.

    1. Like Timothy said, we can ALL help by getting the word out and telling people what is really happening, even though the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic is a REAL possibility. So it is a walk on VERY thin ice. You can just bring someone into this darkness, you have to lead them down the rabbit hole from the start. It sounds absolutely insane unless you know the whole story. And THAT is why people want photos, not to ‘get off’ but for PROOF!

  3. Stay strong my friend. Your work and determination is unprecedented. You are a warrior and true patriot. Many blessings to you and those you help.

  4. It sounds like you need several teams of NICU/PEDS docs and nurses/RTs to help stabilize the infants. Probably something to do with the air quality and/or pressure.

  5. Timothy,
    People want photos for their own pleasure, they want photos FOR PROOF. Not photos of children in sick situations, but maybe the lot of them in the tunnel and in those conditions, and with all the bad stuff (and any type of identity) blurred/masked. Some guy writing a blog, or making videos saying all these things is a VERY HARD PILL to swallow. People WANT to BELIEVE you’re telling the TRUTH, but right now, without HARD PROOF, they can only have an IDEA that you’re telling THE TRUTH. You can change your mind, you can change an idea, but it’s VERY HARD to change your BELIEFS.

    1. yes. SOME sort of visual evidence that ANY thing you’re saying here is going/went down.

  6. This is what the Abomination of Abortion and Planned Parenthood was initially devised for, as a Sacrifice to Bael. And to maintain a continued supply of the powerful drug Andrenachrome. A drug that is derived from Infants and Children. Most preferably from infants. The younger the Child the more powerful and effective the drug is in maintaining a youthful appearance and youthful energy in those consuming it. As well as for the mind melding, hallucinating effects of Andrenachrome, more powerful than LSD. A business that is said to be far more lucrative than all drug trafficking put together. As it is sold to the uber, Luceferian, self proclaimed elites of this world. This is what Abortion has Always been about. Not “Choice”.

    1. I have always suspected that! That piece of the puzzle really fits!

  7. As for the term Panda Eyes, I remebered this from my first aid education being a symptom of a basal skull fracture.
    On wikipedia under raccoon eyes..

  8. I haven’t heard of any prisoners. Hopefully, they’re just executed on the spot.

  9. Tim, thank you. Glad you’re the one chosen by the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.
    I live in Europe. I know nothing of the tunnels here. Have you any idea whom I might turn to in Europe to offer my help. Those tunnels seem to be worldwide @://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5cUsNTr4Yw&feature=youtu.be at 1:31. I believe in God and Jesus and am emotionally strong enough to be of use.

    1. watch Decode Gene on the Underground tunnels on the Blessed to Teach YT Channel

  10. confused- i thought there was nothing but granite under the park.

    just googled it and apparently there are tunnels

  11. Ive been studying and following this since I learned it through Q. been telling everyone I know about it. turns out a lot of “normal” people engage in these crimes against children. I very strongly believe my ex girlfriend, her two older male friends of engaging in this and possibly even filming it and selling films to in her own words “some democrat guy” idk if that is true but these are the facts; she tried to kill me for leaving her. I lost my right eye cuz of this. she made my teenage younger brother go essentially crazy. he now lives somewhere on the streets of seattle. her male friend dave beroth is a convicted murderer and I suspect him of crimes against children. her other friend brad petrovich has admitted himself on facebook and in person he makes “fetish” films or better known as “snuff films.” ive tried to spread this as far as I can without having any actual physical proof. this is all I know to do now. I pray these sick people get what they deserve. I pray that this suffering to our most vulnerable and innocent and non deserving members of society are saved. I pray they can lead a normal or happy life after. thanks for your service. nothing short of a guardian angel.

    1. Your ex is probably an MK-ultra victim. Likely, she is trained to be a procurer of children. I know someone who was involved with someone like that. She had no idea what she was doing, and her memory was frequently erased by a complicit psychiatrist. These people are all over the place, and seem like regular people. Protect your kids from anyone you don’t know very well. Learn their symbols and be on the alert. Even people in churches that seem “nice”. You can’t be sure.

  12. 1000’s of children are being rescued ( https://www.tinyurl.com/ybhaqcyg ) from Illuminati-controlled DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)… including from a large tunnel network below New York’s central park where children — some of whom have been the sex slaves of a secret satanic society from birth — have been rescued by U.S. marines… yet things go much DEEPER than this… An “underground war” is currently talking place from California to New York City (Operation Dungeon Storm), and it’s “epicenter” is here….

    (use Ctrl/F to FIND the words UNDERGROUND WAR on the page)

    BTW one more thing… To keep America’s economy from crashing, all we need to do is to KEEP INVADING this MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR underground military-industrial-fascist-alien basing network (hundreds of massive “IllumiNazi” underground bases all connected by maglev — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maglev — vacu-tube trains/shuttles) and PLUNDER ALL OF THEIR WEALTH and super-advanced technology… wealth which they STOLE from the American taxpayers over a period of several years AND from the world through CIA (& “Project Paperclip” NazCIAs) drug-trafficking, etc. Also see: https://www.tinyurl.com/yad2m725 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3XoIa_OfxY

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