CONFIRMED: IT’S BABIES!!! Under the Tents in Central Park (PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO!!!)

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 15, 2020 at 11:50 A.M.

President Trump is a HERO.

Babies and small children are being treated beneath the tents of the field medical hospital in Central Park, New York. 

“The scariest day of my life was about a month ago, when after a long day of meetings my team told me that we were going to be needing 130,000 ventilators — that we were short hundreds of thousands of ventilators,” Trump said during a recent daily White House press briefing.

President Trump knows.

On April 15, 2020 New York Times published Treating Coronavirus in a Central Park ‘Hot Zone’ and quoted Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, the unit medical director at the field hospital in Central Park, New York.

“While the field hospital maintains a laboratory and pharmacy and is able to perform X-rays and provide intensive care, about a tenth of its patients have had to be transferred to another facility for more specialized treatments. On Monday afternoon, one of the patients was being transferred out of the tents to an I.C.U. at Mt. Sinai. “They can provide a higher level so we’re back and forth all the time,” Dr. Tenpenny said. That higher-level care includes extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, which uses a machine to oxygenate a patient’s blood directly, temporarily replacing the function of the heart and lungs,” the New York Times reported.

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a treatment that uses a pump to circulate blood through an artificial lung back into the bloodstream of a very ill baby. This system provides heart-lung bypass support outside of the baby’s body. It may help support a child who is awaiting a heart or lung transplant.


ECMO is used in infants who are sick due to breathing or heart problems. The purpose of ECMO is to provide enough oxygen to the baby while allowing time for the lungs and heart to rest or heal.

On April 9, 2020 TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS reported ‘The U.S. Navy medical ship USNS Comfort arrived in New York on March 30, 2020.’

“Like its sister ship, the USNS Mercy, the Comfort will not be treating any coronavirus-positive patients,” Business insider reported.

According to my high-level intel source, the reason the USNS Comfort was sent to New York was to treat tortured and abused children that were rescued from tunnels underneath New York.


Intel reports reveal babies and children are being rescued from underground facilities (Deep Underground Military Bases – DUMB’s) and filthy torture chambers throughout the country.


The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (PPTF) alerted the world to the U.S. Military rescue operations being conducted in October, 2019.

Most of the children had been kidnapped from their parents by [private] Child Protective Services (CPS) and moved into the underground.

The PPTF has identified a secret global network of human traffickers.

Track the earthquakes to identify where enemy strongholds underground are being destroyed by the U.S. Military.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command 

About Timothy Holmseth 333 Articles
Timothy Charles Holmseth is an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He captured rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations. He has been targeted for a decade. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump.


    • When President Donald Trump will throughout this on the National Conference, we can~t wait to have all the pedoelitein jail

  1. I am in tears Timothy. I have been praying so hard for these children. I know President Trump gives us hints and I am always looking to see what tie he is wearing. I have prayed and prayed to the point my sleep is non existent. Yes our President is a hero! As well as our First Lady! I can’t and won’t stop praying until our President says they are all safe now. These children need to be protected need to have the utmost care and be loved and taken care of. The monsters who have been apart of hurting these children need to hang!!! Only someone who has absolutely no love for God would hurt one of these little ones. God told the Israelites to utterly destroy these evil beings thousands of years ago who worshiped Satan. I think now is the time to finish the task at hand God bless our military for working so hard to get them out and the Dr’s and nurses working hard to save them. God bless our President for being a man! And a dam good one! To bring this evil to light…expose the darkness…and bring justice! God bless Timothy

  2. God bless you Timothy, President Trump and Melania Trump. God bless you all and please stay safe🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • I am praying for these children! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Praying for our President and Melania !

  3. Timothy, I can feel in my heart that this is entirely true. I knew CP’s do this. I’m in the UK. I heard trump say he’s sending help to the UK.

  4. Thank you for this update. And it’s okay to share this information since it is a taskforce to help these beautiful souls? So many are waking up lately and wanted to share what you have done to help so many. I could not find you and so happy to see this video. I missed the alerts from past again and did not know the new name of the channel? Last time I donated, I did not hear back and could not understand. Many Blessings

    • Thank you for reading my comment Timothy. May God bless you and your family for your great journalism and bringing the truth to the surface. God is watching over you and is smiling.
      I heard something disturbing on website radio show a couple of days ago by a certain individual saying that the children who are being rescued from the tunnels are from test tubes and are not human! Is there something we don’t know regarding this? I understand there are underground bases where cloning and human experiments along with demonic entities. Can you elaborate. If you have time, Please reply.

    • Agreed! We all have friends and family still asleep. I tried and it didn’t go well especially with people in the education field they have a false sense of knowledge on all subjects especially if they still trust the media.

  5. God bless& protect you,the Pentagon task force,our military,President& his family,& Gen.Milley! May the angels of God surround you& all the teams of soldiers going under ground to do battle with these sick,depraved demons from hell,Timothy! I am praying for you all,in His mighty Name,the Name of Jesus!🙏🙌🏼😇😊♥️💋👥👣Save all the children,leave none behind to die down there!🙏😊♥️💋👥😇🙌🏼👥👣

  6. God bless you ! God protect you and the children and bring dorm all evil !! I pray daily for President Trump on our nation I have prayed and prayed for and a sex trafficking. And this is giving me hope. I pray this in soon I pray we see the arrest I pray that we see those that have committed treason against our country be locked up. Praying for you

  7. Bless the children, soldiers, doctors, nurses, Pres Trump, First Lady Melanania Trump and the Alliance! I wonder should anyone know about these operations until they are complete and then will POTUS use the EBS text feature to alert us then go on live TV uninterrupted and explain it all to the public? Only this wi work. Everyone needs to be quiet and listen as Trump explains what has been happening since our nation began. FB Twitter all of wont work the sleeping collective needs to hear and see pictures and be red pilled.
    Victory of the Light!


  8. Uhh, my heart breaks and crying for the little ones and I`m pissed off. I knew this since I’m following Holmseth and the rest of citizen journalists who brilliantly breakdown Q drops. I thought am ready for the big disclosure about underground children being rescued, but this truth just make my whole being wrapped with so much horrific reality and just couldn’t accept it. Q said many could not accept the truths, is this one truth? I’ve been praying for these children and today I asked God that does it had to happen to exposed how the world run by satan. Jesus loves the little children and all the children in the world. They’re precious in His eyes. I demand justice to all the abused children now! Can’t wait for tomorrow their sufferings are intolerable. Pray that God will show His miraculous healing upon them as I pray that I would have a good sleep tonight. Thank you Sir Timothy for the big work of letting this known.

  9. This is such a sad situation- I pray for the women and the children- the innocent ones – the beautiful children-
    President Trump and First Lady Melanania Trump and their family and all the staff at the Whitehouse. Thank you for saving these poor souls and to everyone involved giving them care an love.
    Sending strength and love to your all.

  10. I guessed their was more to these tents /camps being set up for rescued children, covert operations to get them out and safe and found and Alive.
    I pray that Trump and the First Lady never give up the fight against child abuse in all its forms . Bless them All and all involved in the rescues and God Bless the children being brought back to light from darkness. Let their healing begin. From the UK.♥️🙏🏻💫

  11. This article by itself doesn’t seem like enough evidence to believe what you are saying. Can you please post hard proof. My hope doesn’t want to be toyed with.

  12. Timothy,

    I have read some of your recent articles and look forward to your daily updates.

    “Praying Medic” just released a video on YT
    Qanon April 16, 2020 – The End Won’t Be For Everyone.

    He claims to be a former atheist.

    Listen to the first 2 minutes.

    Be careful who you follow. Research on your own and use critical thinking/logic.


  13. Im a patriot of Trumps we must stand tall a d be on alert for war. I think cuz trump stomping them out they deliberately let a virus go in the air

  14. I am an SRA and child sex abuse victim in Adelaide South Australia. The tunnels and DUMBS are here too. I have been trying to expose them for over 14 years. We need Trump and the White Hats help here too. I was experimented on with the weaponised prion disorder Kuru in the 70’s and 80’s, so when the video ‘The Underground War Happening Now’ was aired earlier this year I was overjoyed because my allegations finally sound less crazy. But I was horrified to know these crimes are still happening. The children coming out of the ground need help physically, mentally AND spiritually. The abuse will continue no matter how physically protected they are if the demonic entities which have been trained upon them as ‘attachments’ are not removed. PLEASE PRAY FOR PROTECTION FOR THESE LITTLE SOULS. Your prayers are more powerful than you can ever imagine.

    • A very simple mantra that can help all of us:

      I AM a Being of the Violet Fire, I AM the purity that God desires…..

      It is one of the most effective ways of raising our vibration where discarnates cannot attach themselves to us.

  15. Why they can’t hung up those criminal illuminati who sacrifice the children to their Devil Lucifer? !
    That is why God chose the American Cyrus of our generation Trump to such time like this. Pray for the whole World as freemasonry, illuminati are everywhere, but the fire of Jesus is gonna consume them all very soon if they don’t repent their wickedness!

  16. No offense intended. I really want to believe it’s true, but it’s been 2+ weeks and nothing confirmed to the public.. I’m trying to be patient. Q said drips then flow! We will all know more details soon!God Bless

  17. 1000’s of children are being rescued ( ) from Illuminati-controlled DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)… including from a large tunnel network below New York’s central park where children — some of whom have been the sex slaves of a secret satanic society from birth — have been rescued by U.S. marines… yet things go much DEEPER than this… An “underground war” is currently talking place from California to New York City (Operation Dungeon Storm), and it’s “epicenter” is here….
    (use Ctrl/F to FIND the words UNDERGROUND WAR on the page)

    BTW one more thing… To keep America’s economy from crashing, all we need to do is to KEEP INVADING this MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR underground military-industrial-fascist-alien basing network (hundreds of massive “IllumiNazi” underground bases all connected by maglev — — vacu-tube trains/shuttles) and PLUNDER ALL OF THEIR WEALTH and super-advanced technology… wealth which they STOLE from the American taxpayers over a period of several years AND from the world through CIA (& “Project Paperclip” NazCIAs) drug-trafficking, etc. Also see: &

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