Mass mental Illness on Parade in U.S. – the REAL and DANGEROUS VIRUS

Timothy charles holland reports on mass mental illness and the real and dangerous.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 16, 2020 at 9:59 A.M.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: If anyone disputes or takes issue with what you are about to read; I challenge you to direct your media gods to ask President Trump during a Live press conference whether or not infants and children have been held in electrified cages and are being rescued from underground facilities.  

The media induced, entirely Godless, mass mental illness, that has slowly but surely infected the People of the United States (and world) has been revealed for all to see – in the form of atrocious parades.

This mental illness of which I speak has become the real and truly dangerous virus that is destroying mankind.

As U.S. Marines and other military special operators are storming underground bunkers and tunnel systems within the Continental United States, where infants and small children have been held captive and subjected to unspeakable crimes against humanity…

The sickest among us sat around and arranged for ‘televised’ ‘parades’ so ‘teachers’ could drive through ‘neighborhoods’ and wave out the car window at kids who had not been to school for a little while because of a supposed phantom virus (that, if you ask the guy next to you if he knows anyone who has this virus, he will invariably say “no” – because almost nobody knows anybody else that has it).

Chandra Malone, kindergarten teacher, was interviewed by KAMC ABC against the back drop of cars in a stupid parade honking their horns while ridiculous looking people wave and yell. “I’m like oh my gosh there’s my kid – and they’re like there’s my principal – look there’s all these people, all these faces that are friendly and even though these uncertain times are here there is something that I recognize,” Malone said.

You should be ashamed of yourself Chandra Malone. You should fall to your knees and in the name of Jesus Christ, and ask Almighty God to forgive you.

Malone, like every other brainwashed zombie displaying this hideous behavior is exhibiting symptoms of the ‘I-Me’ syndrome.

If Malone and her kind were not delusional they would know the truth about the real cause of all the earthquakes (go get em’ guys!!!) being reported by their little media gods.

Malone, and her kind, have become far too delusional and Godless to see past themselves – their kind having no clue whatsoever what it is like to experience “uncertain times” or feel the need to see something they can “recognize”.

Malone and her kind actually believe what they are ‘suffering’.

No Chandra – infants and children held in electrified cages ‘suffer’ (we’ll get to that in a minute) or kept in darkness from birth so their eyes did not form properly.

Malone and her kind are so completely mentally ill that they feel the need to teach small children that something has gone horribly wrong in their world because they don’t get to go to school (i.e. – Indoctrination Center where children are forced to ‘memorize’ things but are not taught Law or critical thinking) for a few days (which in reality is what kids love – no school) and must stay home with mom and/or dad.


In the real world…

Or…shall I say…underneath the real world…

There are human beings who have truly had something go wrong.

Infants and children are being rescued from underground facilities where they have been held captive and used as sex slaves, tortured for adrenochrome production, murdered in satanic rituals, deformed in genetic experiments, and had their organs removed (while conscious) for sale.

Don’t believe me? It’s happening under a massive tent complex as we speak in New York City’s Central Park.

I feel indescribably dirty for even having viewed these freakish videos produced by FAKE NEWS.

I can’t wash the yucky off.

I had so much more I wanted to say but I’m too disgusted to keep writing.

Those who know can’t sleep. Q

Believe in me I’m with the High Command.

CONFIRMED: IT’S BABIES!!! Under the Tents in Central Park (PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO!!!)


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6 thoughts on “Mass mental Illness on Parade in U.S. – the REAL and DANGEROUS VIRUS

  1. @jefani
    I see that you are stalking Mr. Holmseth as if it is your full-time job. How much are THEY paying ya? You are a disgrace to humanity!

  2. Masses of ordinary people exist in the Matrix world that we know is illusion. The entire Plan seems to be designed to protect those who buy into this simplistic outlook. I always remind myself that our Revolutionary War was supported by just 20% of the population. We already have our numbers….and more waking up all the time. We must forgive the sleepers. We once slept ourselves.

    1. Agreed! The awakened numbers are increasing faster now as more galactic central sun energies hit earth and the fake virus pandemic awaken more of the collective.
      Take care the Light has Won!

  3. Hi Tim! Thank you for all you do reporting on the children being rescued. If Trump knows about the operations and there are more ongoing will he use the EBS at some point to inform the public about these rescues once all are completed?
    I have tried to inform people but it is so horrific people dont know what to say or think. We need POTUS to use the EBS and Ted pill all Americans and the world once operations are concluded.
    Thank you Tim you are a Light Warrior!!

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