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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 19, 2020 at 9:41 P.M.

William K. Murtaugh, 69, spokesman for Broward County’s Deep State (they’ve hit rock bottom), has been ranting and raving about the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force’s (PPTF) reporting on the children being rescued from underground in New York’s Central Park.

Murtaugh said he’s been to New York city, knows the area very well, and says what I have reported happening in Central Park is “impossible”.

Murtaugh, who is from the Orlando, Florida area said “there’s plenty of places to put kids”.

“There’s actually a city under the Magic Kingdom (at Disney World),” Murtaugh said.

He also said Jeffrey Epstein was good at hiding kids.

Murtaugh recently claimed during a You Tube livestream to be assisting a federal task force that was tracking the movements of kids that were kidnapped and taken abroad.

Murtaugh has implied many times that he is a federal agent.

The PPTF possesses information and unique communications that shows who Murtaugh is communicating with in the Broward County judicial system.

Murtaugh is an ex truck driver that lives in a trailer and has been in trouble many times for claiming to have information about missing children.

Murtaugh is alleged to have authored a chat log where he boasts to kidnapping and raping children to death.

The prank phone calls you hear below were made by a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that apparently knew Murtaugh well enough to harass him on the phone while laughing.

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  1. I see the Army tents in central park freeing all those children but when will it be made known to the public about this heinous crime. Q is on the money aswll but is there any release date .
    Regards Conor

  2. Hi Timothy, I have been aware of satanic ritual abuse for many years. I did not know how HORRIFIC IT ACTUALLY WAS! I want to volunteer my time helping the children any way I can. I live in Broward County Florida, and am always available. I feel that GOD has called upon me to use my Spiritual Gifts to help with their Trauma. Please guide me in the right direction. God Bless you! Sincerely, Michelle

  3. Hi Timothy. I live in Santa Fe, NM. I understand that DUMBs are currently being cleared here in the state, home to Dulce, Los Alamos, Kirtland AFB etc. I have often wondered why I was “chosen” to became aware of the dark underbelly so many years ago. I believe I’ve been waiting for the right time and place to be of service. Please contact me, if there is anything I can do to assist. I am physically fit, have a solid spiritual practice to support me and am reliable in crisis situations. I also know how to keep confidences. Thank you for passing my info along to appropriate channels should there be the opportunity for you to do so. Thank you for your service to humanity..

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