Timothy charles holmes reports for the pentagon fast force.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 19, 2020 at 5:43 P.M.





CONFIRMED: IT’S BABIES!!! Under the Tents in Central Park (PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO!!!)

PHOTOS: Unspeakable Horror Beneath New York’s Central Park – Deformed Victims – Genetic Experiments


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  1. Chlorooxygen drops put oxygen in blood.,Do you think that the kids need to decompress like deep-sea diver’s? I am no doctor but it’s sad to think they’re dying after what they’ve already been through. Do you think any of this news is going to hit mainstream?

  2. I look daily to see what you are posting. Timothy thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us know and giving us updated info. I watch the President and I do get his coms that he is having to give us between the lines. I know it’s happening i have been tracking the earthquakes and they all just about are coming from the same depth which tells me they are working along lines at the same depths. I have noticed there are some deeper. I believe there are multiple layers and depths of tunnels. God bless our military and our President. I keep them in my prayers and the children. I think they need to somehow pressurize these children on the way up. There has to be a way to do it so they can survive. I am praying for them to figure out away to do this…God bless you Timothy for all you do. We need people who are awake to be in prayer. This is serious I know they are trying to keep rioting down and even people who are going to totally lose it when they find out what has been happening to these children. But we need enough people in the know who can join in unison prayer. Prayers moves mountains it can make the impossible possible. I really wish somehow we can get people together to pray over these children and our military trying so hard to save them. I may be wrong but it needs to be brought forth to the public so people can cry and get angry go thru there cycles like I have done then strap on there armor of God and start praying earnestly. I brought my kids up in the Lord but they don’t believe this is real so they ignore my pleas to pray…My family is big enough that together spiritually we could move a mountain but there is not enough proof out there for them to believe me. I know I will not stop praying…never! God bless

    1. News of this atrocity has reached Australia. There are people here praying. Our voices are in unison of one accord and are heard by our Heavenly Father as one voice. I would love to be there right now to walk amongst these little ones in prayer, laying on hands, and having worship music ever so softly playing all around them. I will continue to pray that The Lord will work a mighty miracle of healing, restoration and deliverance from fear and trauma. I too have children who do not believe what I am trying to tell them. I feel that this unimaginable situation is possibly happening in this country as well. God bless you for your heart of love and compassion. You are not alone in your grief or in your anger. We stand together with you. Sussan

    2. I have been praying,crying out to God for children lives now I know why God had me praying. I can’t even enjoy anything without having these children pressing on my mind. These evil people have to be punished for what they have done. I am now praying for God to completely restore their little bodies and lives. Breaks my heart.

  3. Hi Timothy,

    I suggest reaching out to One America News Network (OAN) to ask president Trump to confirm that babies and children have been found underground being enslaved/tortured and are being rescued and brought up throughout the country.

    If the president did confirm the truth during the press briefing, I’ll bet there would not be one follow-up question from any other network in that room.

    1. This is America, this has to go mainstream now, if not the aftermath will not be believed. People have the right to know how truly sick the wealthy are.heroed deserve to be recognized, children’s stories must be told. You will have a nation with and behind you. But concealing the effort, is as bad as the crime

  4. i think you are right to hold off. Let the covert operation finish first and let the POTUS media team release details in their time. It’s best for the safety of personale, military and victims not to infuriate the population during rescue procedures. Families will want justice and may risk their lives and others. My prayers to these precious little ones.

    1. Well, how can it be “covert” when it seems a lot of people know about it? I’m just thinking with logic.

  5. Is this stuff really going on? What is going on?? Social media is going crazy with all of this and no one really knows what to believe!! The citizens of this country have a right to know what is TRULY going on in the world around then but the higher up more powerful people seem to keep it all a secret which is not right at all!!

  6. Thank you so much for your courage in bringing the truth to the masses. It is heartbreaking what is being revealed, I am holding the souls of these beloved children in my heart. May the love and light of the divine hold you safe.

  7. I live in England and apologise in advance if this upsets anyone But my daughter who is highly strong is near to panic attacks following these reports! You say Trump is afraid of riots if this was to become public so what are you doing if not making it public and leaving a lot of questions unanswered. If I lived in the States I would prefer my President to be upfront and stop people being left in the dark like these supposedly poor abused children.

    1. Its going to be told in January bit by bit,not all at once,hia do you think it will be if the people who don’t know yet find out,they hate Trumo enough to say its him,ok

  8. I don’t understand why all the news media is not all over this horrific story. Why is main-stream media ignoring it?

    1. Then you’re still not awake! Main Stream Media is controlled. Deep State write and command what is to be released as “News.”

  9. I can see that what is being kept hid for now from public eye as being true without pictures and conformation for the reason I already know the evil that’s been done in plain sight not even trying to hide it anymore. So yes if Trump did confirm in a press conference it would help us who know but to them still in darkness or denial I wonder if their eyes will ever open unto the truth. God bless these children , and President Trump with his leaders around him yo make the right decisions as with all go forward on this battle against a evil regime of demon possessed people I really hate to even call them a person .

  10. I saw your video report on the children being rescued and brought up to the Central Park tents last night. Thank you for this very validating report for so many of us who’ve known, but had no absolute proof. This am, I happened to listen to a documentary called Resonance of Beings Frequency by The Orchard on Demand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mK93gHFWXs&t=911s About 8 minutes in they describe how there is no Schumann resonance underground and how sick it can make people feel. Now, being an energy sensitive myself and noticing the Schumann resonance spikes which have at times been extreme over the past couple of years and feeling how sick it can make me feel…I thought about these children dying as they are being brought out of the tunnels. I strongly feel it has something to do with them being brought up in frequency or resonance too quickly, much like a deep sea diver coming up too rapidly. Maybe you guys are already figuring this out. The Schumann resonance is really spiking high on the planet some days now. Not really sure how this could be done in a manner that would be easier for these children to integrate, but I do feel they must be brought out much more slowly if possible, and on days when the SR is lower.

  11. Please address this horror!! Make it known to the World and Expose these demented pedophiles!!

  12. Dear God Timothy, May God protect you and heal your trauma and your heart and provide a protective fleet of angels to guard over you. I thank you, my young son thanks you, and his son…
    Sincerely, JFK Jr Fan

  13. Much love & many prayers to you Timothy for never wavering in your fight to expose this horror. I pray constantly for these precious angels to be rescued & a hedge of protection around all of us & prayers of protection & strength for the brave on these rescue missions. These children need to be held & loved & never put down. If I can ever volunteer… I’m on the ready. May God be with us to defeat this evil!

  14. I’m praying with you! There are lots out here that have been following the rumors behind pizzagate child trafficking and the clintons and also Julian Assange roll in exposing. Thank you ? God bless all that bring light to exposing this most horrific crime against humanity?

  15. tim im a patriot and ive been following you for years i know you speak the truth i dont listen to people who dont believe.fact is some people wont because they dont have the capacity to open their minds they are so brainwashed.i just want you to know brother there are patriots such as myself that are behind you and we support our great president and melania i know pre trump is taking them down and i know melania is playing a huge part in it also.she loves children and dhe fights for them.i understand president trump speaking in code when he speaks.everything is done in code.symbolism is their downfall this is literally good against evil, wwg1wga

  16. I very much WANT to believe these rescue operations are real. I have been aware of satanic ritual abuse since the 1980´s as an attorney (an emolument I resigned from last year in disgust) and I believe pizzagate is real. However, what I DON´T believe, at least not yet, is that Trump or the National Guard are rescuing children. This is probably because of speaking to one of Trump´s people on his supposed human trafficking squad or whatever they´re calling it. She really wanted to help us rescue a little 13 year old girl from a KNOWN child trafficking center – La Promesa in Fresno,California, except she couldn´t. Basically she told us she couldn´t lift a finger to restore this child to her veteran father, who was and remains the custodial parent. Other efforts on my part and that of other activists to get any of Trump´s people to do anything to rescue children are consistently refused. PROVE ME WRONG, PLEASE! kshine at wljaradio dot net.

  17. I am so grateful for your work! Will be praying for everyone involved! This is so important! Thank you so very much!

  18. Timothy,

    I really can’t imagine what your work has been like, but THANK YOU!

    I am a writer and would like to help in any way I can, if needed? And I would like to connect with you, as I
    may be in a position to help with this effort, financially, and perhaps you could help me connect with the right

    After the children are rescued and receive medical attention, they will NEED so much continued care, counseling,
    homes, etc.

    Again, thank you for risking your life for so long in this thankless effort. You are loved.



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