NATIONAL SECURITY: Canadian man says he possesses video files of high-level officials sexually abusing little boys – Canadian connected to Colorado man who boasts ability to intimidate high-level U.S. officials with files

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 26, 2020 at 3:28 P.M.

There is a man on You Tube who is obsessed with U.S. Marine Field McConnell.

The man’s obsession appears to be a matter of National Security.

McConnell is the high-profile Whistleblower against Boeing who exposed the existence of the uninterruptible auto-pilot. McConnell was kidnapped by Deep State agents in Plum City, Wisconsin on November 4, 2019 and is being held in a Broward County, Florida prison cell.

Field McConnell – Boeing Whistleblower

The man on You Tube who is obsessed with McConnell operates a You Tube channel called Agent Margaritaville. He claims to have 215 Gigabytes of video files that pertain to the sexual abuse of children by high-level government officials.

Agent Margaritaville

In the past couple of days, Agent Margaritaville has published videos demanding the telephone number of Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) because, he says, he wants to send the video files to the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (I am the official news reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force).

“Tim, give me you’re goddamn phone number or I’m going to find somebody to come and pull the phone number out of your mouth okay?” Agent Margaritaville said.

“You talked about the files that I say I have Tim. I’ve got a hundred and seven pictures of high-level Canadian officials that were at Camp Mirage with young boys Tim. Would you like them you little asshole? Yeah I’ve got lots of stuff Tim. I’ve got 65 Gigabytes of Canadian stuff Tim. 65 gigs doesn’t sound like much to people who save high definition videos – but that 65 gigs triggered another probably 150 gigs – what do you got Tim?” Agent Margaritaville said.

Agent Margaritaville is very angry at me (Timothy Holmseth) because I told him, via an article (I have never spoken with the man) to send any evidence of sex crimes against children (i.e. child porn) to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI, U.S. Marshal’s, or Department of Homeland Security.  I told him I am not law enforcement; I am an award-winning news reporter.


There is powerful evidence that suggests Agent Margaritaville’s videos are being used to blackmail government officials, and, that is the real reason he possesses the videos.

Agent Margaritaville is in contact and communication with a man from Colorado who calls himself MONTAGRAPH on the Web. MONTAGRAPH produced a child torture film called Little Piggy and the Umbrella Man which features a little girl who has never been identified by law enforcement tied to a chair and tortured.

I have reported extensively on MONTAGRAPH.

MONTAGRAPH works with a man that calls himself Agent 19.

Agent 19 bragged in a You Tube video that he and MONTAGRAPH secretly arranged for Field McConnell’s arrest.

I have reported extensively that MONTAGRAPH has been live streaming telephone calls that he makes to very high-level officials in the United States including President Donald Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, Representative Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Trey Gowdy, Ellen Lord (Undersecretary at Department of Defense) and many others.

MONTAGRAPH claims he has access to what he calls the “Illuminati Data Base” and appeared on a live stream wearing a Comcast jacket. He boasts he can obtain any phone number in the world.

On one occasion MONTAGRAPH boasted he had Vice President Mike Pences’s telephone number and said he was going to call Pence.

“The first week in November I’m contacting the Vice President of the United States via cell phone. Sure am. Knowing the consequences. Knowing the Secret Service is going to be knocking on my door. Because I’m going to make sure I got that packet all you clowns’ names on it – your pictures, locations, your ages, your emails, your telephone numbers, so when they come and seize me [emphasis added] I’ve got a big old stack,” MONTAGRAPH said.

“Agent 19 and myself for almost a decade – we respond to attacks – so when these people come out and say ‘I’m a police officer out of the State of Washington I’m going to sue you’ – come and sue me – I’m waiting- come and do it – and as soon as you do – I’m going to show you this death threat you made against me here see – then we’re going to show your photograph – then we’re going to show all those tours that you make in Thailand – you know, on the other site that your affiliated with [emphasis added] – that we got – you don’t mind do you? Suddenly they go POOF. They disappear. That’s how that works. That’s why we’re not afraid of anybody.”

Hey, Agent Margaritaville, MONTAGRAPH, and Agent 19…say hello to a few of my friends…

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