The report of timothy charles jolseth.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 25, 2020 at 5:58 P.M.

There is a CREEPY WEIRDO on the Web calling himself Agent Margaritaville (what’s your real name punk face?) who has been attempting to contact me because he says wants to give me some 200,000 files (that may include child pornography and Dark Net torture videos) because, he says, I am with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

He says he has evidence against pedophile judges and lawyers etc.

First-of-all you dim-witted moron – if you have evidence of crimes against children, you’re supposed to turn it in to law enforcement such as Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Department of Homeland Security, etc. – immediately. You don’t sit around with it and then try to give it to a news reporter (actually, that’s EXACTLY what you do if you’re trying to frame the news reporter).

I exposed this freak of nature in an article today wherein I show he is associated with a child torture film producer and men that BRAG online that they arranged for Field McConnell’s arrest (kidnapping).

READ THE EXPOSE: Field McConnell Case: Canadian man involved in a Dark Web torture porn blackmail operation against U.S. Congressmen?

Let that sink in folks. Agent Margaritaville is FRIENDS with the people that put Field McConnell in jail. He is Field’s enemy but Field thinks he’s a friend.

This freak who calls himself Agent Margaritaville on the Web published a video today and made patently false statements about me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

Sounding like some kind of a delusional weirdo, this Agent Margaritaville (whatever the hell is name is) announced to the public that the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of hats and t-shirts and donations through the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force based Children’s Crusade”.


The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force has NEVER sold any merchandise whatsoever.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force has NEVER solicited donations on the Web. Our private donations are well documented by a very few private donors. The largest donor said, “I don’t give a fuck what you think – you’re a foreign agent operative. I’ll spend my money any fucking way I want”.

By the way – $4,500 of private money went to assisting Field McConnell.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and The Children’s Crusade are two entirely different entities.

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth, have no knowledge of any donations ever made to The Children’s Crusade.

The Children’s Crusade never held an official Board meeting.

I officially resigned from The Children’s Crusade.

Field – you are in the presence of your enemies my beautiful friend in Christ.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command.

Hey, Mr. Secret Child Sex Abuse Files Agent Margaritaville…say hello to a few of my friends…

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  1. My question for Agent Margaritaville is what in the world are you doing holding 200,000 files of that type of material and NOT going to AG Barr or someone at that level ? Second question , why the hell Agent Margaritaville posting on Montagraph’s live video asking if Montagraph wanted info on Timothy and have Montagraph call Agent Margaritaville. And Yes, WE do monitor the channels. We have every chat roll archived. Its the same bunch with the same names that keep popping up! Now why is that ??? Cause WE already know why !

    1. he’s not here is a video explaining what he has….
      Agent Margaritaville is highly respected by Field McConnell… He is not associated with any of these creeps at least not in the way that tim is attempting to taint him with… His own daughter was kidnapped and abused by Child Protective Services and he is on a mission to take down the corruption and rampant pedophilia in Canada with the support of quickly growing number of Canadians. He doesn’t turn over the evidence to Canadian officials because a) he has tried ans they’ve threatened him because they protect or are involved themselves with the pedophilia that goes on….. Many Canadians are supporting Agent Margaritaville to run Canada once the corruption / pedophiles have been taken down just like President Trump is doing in America. He simply wanted to give tim evidence to assist him which you’d think as an investigative journalist he would want… ALSO the only thing that Agent Margaritaville wants from tim is the phone number for some supposed Pentagon Pedophile Task Force so maybe he can turn his evidence over to them… BTW tim getting all tough about Agent M disclosing his real name… he has said his full name on other videos he just goes by the name Field McConnell gave him way back when they started communicating.. If you support tim ask him why he won’t give the phone number or website for the Pentagon Task Force… everyone that I’ve heard from has been trying to establish if it’s real, including these guys that tim is accusing Agent M of associating with have been saying they doubt it exists.. maybe that’s why tim is trying to make them all look like they are in cahoots together in a nefarious way.. because thye are all doubting tim is who he says he is.. don’t you find that a little odd. Seems it should be easy enough since both of them are attempting to exposed pedophiles, it’s not like Agent M is asking for any personal number of anyone other than asked tim for his so they could maybe work together… something is not right with tim not wanting to at least speak to this guy, he could even record the call as he does all calls he gets. It’s not like if he is on the PPTF he can’t get someone to investigate Agent M so why doesn’t he do that if he is so well connected if he thinks Agent M is doing something wrong? Anyway hope this video Agent M did helps answer some of your questions. WWG1WGA

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