‘Q’ clearance Marine family targeted – MK Ultra / crimes against humanity

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Over a year ago I received a telephone call from a woman who lived in California.

Anne Hanly, 59, Capitola, California, called me in hopes of saving the lives of her daughter and brother.

But this wasn’t your average or normal plea for help.

Hanly and her siblings, born to a ‘Q’ level clearance Marine, has been under sadistic siege by elements of the CIA and satanic shadow government in California their entire lives.

In fact…

It appears Hanly and her family are victims of an on-going government experiment designed to test human endurance.

Hanly’s story includes crimes against humanity and unthinkable atrocities – set against a woman – Anne Hanly – that appears to withstand unthinkable degrees of horrific torture through an opposite energy we know as ‘love’.

The sheer magnitude of pain and agony that has been heaped upon Hanly makes it statistically impossible the series of events could be random or chance – but rather, appears to be an attack or sick test on the family institution itself.


Hanly said her little brother, John Hillary Hanly, was medically abducted by the government as a child and placed in the custody of an evil military psychiatrist that was experimenting on humans with the CIA MK Ultra program.

His named was Dr. Louis Jolyon West.

Dr. Louis Jolyon West

WIKIPEDIA: Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West (October 6, 1924 – January 2, 1999) was an American psychiatrist whose work focused particularly on cases where subjects were “taken to the limits of human experience”. He performed Jack Ruby’s psychiatric evaluation, and he was in charge of UCLA’s department of psychiatry and the Neuropsychiatric Institute for 20 years. He was also active in anti-death penalty activism.[1] He was a long-time friend of Charlton Heston.[2]

“Our CIA took my brother when he as a little boy at eleven years old – my brother is alive today but they destroyed his body and his mind,” she said, explaining he presently captive in a Napa, California hospital and not allowed to leave.

Hanly explained that her little brother was sexually abused by a catholic priest and how he ultimately ended up in a facility under the care of Dr. Louis Jolyon West.

“Dr Louis Jolyon West – we see the United State praise him as this very credible man to testify in court – he was part of the group of pedophiles that hurt my brother – they used to give him electric shocks,” she said.

Hanly said she remembers sitting in West’s office and seeing the terror in her brother’s eyes. “He got worse there,” she said.

“We’re praising these men. They were pedophiles. They were raping little boys like my beautiful brother who was only 11 who had already suffered being molested by a catholic priest,” Hanly said.

“Once they got him they lied to my mom and dad. He was getting worse in their care. They were torturing and mind controlling these children they got,” she said.

Hanly said her brother is now paralyzed on one side of his body.

Hanly noted she was baffled by the fact that all of her brother’s teeth had been pulled. The same observation was made in recent headlines regarding the case of Otto Warmbier who was arrested in North Korea, tortured, and subsequently died. Warmbier’s teeth had been pulled and then placed back into his mouth.

“They will never release him because he knows government secrets,” Hanly said.

Hanly expresses pain at the childhood memory of walking out of Dr. West’s office and saying “goodbye doctor Jolly”.

Hanly said her dream is to take her brother on a home-visit so he can be beyond the walls of his prison and stand beside the ocean.

“I can tell you that our Central Intelligence Agency and our Vatican … they are definitely linked – there’s a link there with black ops. I know that from Al”

Who is Al?


Hanly told me there was a man involved in her earlier life named Al Holbert. She said Al was a recruiter for the CIA.

I further researched Holbert and found that we was likely tied to Russian intelligence and Mossad.

Holbert was a consistent figure throughout much of Anne’s story. She said Holbert told her he wanted to marry her and promised she would be the last woman he was with. Hanly said her father told her “no, not for you” and she did not marry Holbert.

Hanly said she learned Holbert was a recruiter for the CIA. She said he called it “the farm”.

Hanly said Holbert once told her “If people knew the truth about the world they would be afraid to go outside.”

Holbert was right.

But even in a world of unavoidable misery that we must all learn to accept – the amount of pain and misery heaped upon Hanly occurring by chance appears to be statistically impossible


Hanly made the news in 1993 when her young daughter Monica Hanly was kidnapped from the streets of Sacramento, drugged, and sexually assaulted for three days.

Anne Hanly

The event made the news in California featuring a man named Greg Mengell, Interstate Association for Stolen Children who assisted Anne Hanly.

Hanly said her daughter still suffers PSTD from the horrific ordeal.

But – pain and trauma is a consistent theme to the Hanly family.


Anne Hanly said her baby sister died of spinal meningitis.

But there’s a twist.

“They were doing biological warfare experiments on military families and their children. Eighteen United State Marine Corps officers got spinal meningitis at Camp Pendleton at the same time my baby sister got it,” she said.

And then there’s this…


“My dad got a letter from Hollywood saying they would make my baby sister famous at seven years old. My dad said nope, nope non of my children are going to Hollywood. What turned out was shortly thereafter my baby sister got spinal meningitis and died,” she said.


Hanly said her older brother was run over and killed by a member of the military. She said he believed he was murdered.


“Javier Alcala is a judge in Santa Clara. He raped me,” Hanly said, explaining that Alcala was a District Attorney before he was a judge.

Hanly explained that to this day she is so scared of being raped she sleeps in her clothes.


Hanly is an expert court reporter that cannot get hired. “I was an ‘A’ student – 180 words a minute,” she said. She was inexplicably kicked out of the college where she was studying.


Hanly said she was a naive young girl when she met Holbert, but over timed began to learn about the world that surrounded her.

“I was told that he (Holbert) was a former detective, Allen Holbert, in a missing child agency. But when I was at his home office he was getting pornographic material of women in bondage in Florida.”

Hanly said she had serious doubts the pornography was coming from a detective and believed it was illegal.


“It was Al who told me about the Russian River. and about the leaders and how everybody gets together there at the Russian River. One year we were sitting at a restaurant he wanted me to observe a helicopter landing and a limousine that pulled up to get one of the politicians. He didn’t say who it was but he said just stay quiet listen and learn – let me show you. I saw this business man in a suit in a helicopter land in this field across for a Spanish restaurant in Sonoma and a limousine came and usher him away and he told me they are meeting at the Russian River. It’s Bohemian Grove. He told me its Bohemian Grove it where leaders get together and make decisions.”


“When good people rely on our system and it doesn’t work where else do you go? When you go to a DA or you go to a law enforcement officer you go to the U.S. Department of Justice or the U.S. Department of Ed or government accountability office or all the places that are supposed to be there to protect the people of the United Stats – we have some problems – we’re destroying our own infrastructure in the United States as a nation when we put the wrong people into power and they do bad things to good people,” she said.


This article is a brief overview regarding the targeted psychological abuse and gang-stalking of Anne Hanly.

Future reports will include a broader scope of revelations that includes very compelling information regarding former congressman Trent Lott, Susan Lott, Janet Napolitano, Bill Bennett, and many others.

I will also be reporting on the nefarious activities of a curious Arabic man named Elias Lammam that has involved himself in the lives of Anne and Monica Hanly.

Elias Lammam

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