by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 2, 2019 at 5:33 P.M.

Do you remember the Duke Lacrosse rape case?

It’s the case where a stripper told police three lacrosse players from Duke University raped her – but they really didn’t.

Unfortunately, false allegations do take place every now and again, but that’s not why the Duke case became so famous.

The Duke Lacrosse case dominated headlines because despite FACTUALLY knowing the accused men were innocent, the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, diabolically pursued the case for personal gain and was eventually disbarred and jailed.

Indeed, you would really have to be a monster to do something like that to innocent people.


What if I told you a prosecutor in Polk County, Minnesota has done something that makes the Duke Lacrosse scandal look like an eighth-grader got in trouble by the teacher for talking in class when it was really the kid behind him?

What could be worse, you ask?

How about a prosecutor covering up knowledge of child rape pornography created of a Missing and Endangered five year-old girl with Turner’s syndrome who is being sought by the FBI?

How about using the Minnesota courts and police to cover it up for TEN YEARS.


As you read this – keep in mind that I am subject to defamation and libel laws. Yet, I just keep writing.

What if I told you Ronald I. Galstad, the attorney that prosecutes for the City of East Grand Forks diabolically conspired with child pornographers and sex traffickers to protect an international child trafficking and baby sales operation from being exposed by the reporting of an award-winning investigative journalist (Timothy Charles Holmseth) and author that captured the operatives on tape?

What if I told you the baby sellers self identified as “FBI” and “CIA”?

    Ronald Galstad

If you’re from the Grand Forks area you probably remember the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal. On April 30, 2014 the Grand Forks Herald reported “$510,000 loan from City of East Grand Forks to Boardwalk Enterprises goes unpaid for 10 years.”

The Boardwalk Enterprises scandal involved what was clearly fraud and financial crimes comprised of a conspiracy by public officials and well placed individuals (family, friends, etc.) to steal over one half million dollars of government money using a scheme devised to loan money from the Economic Development and Housing Authority (EDHA) that came from a federal Community Block Grant Fund; and then not pay it back.


Ronald Galstad was the city attorney at the center of the whole scheme and had to be replaced with another attorney until the expensive legal mess was cleaned up.

So – it may come as no surprise that scummy Galstad would become the central local figure in a case involving child pornography created of a little girl from Florida.

How could a local prosecutor cover up for an international trafficking operations, you ask? How could such a thing be accomplished?

Well, actually, it was disturbingly easy.

Here’s what they did.

Because I obtained recordings of child traffickers, troves of evidence which included covert recordings mailed to me by a CIA operative, a Florida Department of Children and Families CPS agent discussing a secret CD with kiddy porn on it, recordings of an attorney committing felonies… well you get the picture…

Select (pedophile protectors) police officers at the East Grand Forks Police Department secretly communicated with an out-of-state group of Clinton Global operatives to obtain a ‘cyber-stalking’ court order against me from a Broward County, Florida domestic violence court using a Florida dating law called ‘Repeat Violence’ regarding a person I never personally met.

Remember – evil people love hurting people and it doesn’t matter to them if a few people know – – – they’re actually quite proud of it – they just don’t want it published.

I received a telephone call and was told if I attended the court hearing in Fort Lauderdale I would be kidnapped by the Mafia, murdered, and thrown into a swamp. I reported that death threat and the name of the person that called me to Lt. Rodney Hajicek at the EGFPD but he was criminally involved in the whole thing so the report did no good.

The Broward County court order was served on me by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. It stripped me of my First Amendment rights and forced me to remove legally obtained content from the Web that was already published legally – or be arrested. It then forbade me from talking about certain people and things – going as far as to say I could not even make an “indirect reference” or I would be arrested.

There are court orders in Florida that are enforced in Minnesota that forbid me from talking about felons that have been convicted of drug running, auto theft, possessing a stolen firearm, and federal fraud.

The court order was the product of a conspiracy that involved several police, Galstad, and judicial community members from Florida. It required every moving part to perform its function in order to come into existence.

Knowing what the babies and children are used for makes any normal person’s life a rendition of Jodie Foster’s tormented mind in Silence of the Lambs.

I have been continuously arrested by the police in East Grand Forks for ‘speech crimes’ involving information published on the Web – and I now face trial once again.

Galstad cites that court order and pretends like its true.

You’d think these freaks don’t have any kids of their own, eh? It’s like living inside a creepy Stephen King movie where a bunch of cult-eyed weirdoes don’t care about babies and kids.

But here’s the deal.

Attorney Ronald Galstad is your typical sociopathic narcissist that has no problem convincing those around him that he is just doing his job – just like Attorney Mike Nifong until the world saw through him.

In fact – it’s not just Galstad involved in this judicial scheme to use a fake ‘cyber-stalking’ court order to protect operatives that are committing crimes against children at an epic scale (i.e. harvesting for torture blood ritual).

The entire city council in East Grand Forks knows; the entire Polk County Board of Commissioner’s know. Teachers know. Everybody in the Polk County Courthouse knows. The Polk County Sheriff’s office knows.

Isn’t that something? An entire judicial community and local elected leaders ALL in on the SAME lie?

But it’s bigger than that, folks.

And I have the PROOF.

And it is going to be seen by the whole world.

David Murphy, the cult-eyed weirdo city manger for East Grand Forks told the state newspaper for North Dakota in a story about QANON and President Trump that I was “sick” for suggesting government employees would traffic children. READ

          EGF City Manager David Murphy

Is that so?

Remember – this entire child sex trafficking cover-up is held together by the official claim I was “cyber stalking” somebody which is why I had to stop publishing the evidence.

Duke Lacrosse rape case in reverse.


And there is not a damn thing they can do to stop it.


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