by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 1, 2019 at 9:10 P.M. CST

I am facing trial in Polk County, Minnesota for allegedly violating a court order issued in Broward County, Florida that restricts what I can publish.

The court order was a Deep State hoax to protect a CIA baby and child sales operation – and I have PROOF that will make the Duke Lacrosse Case look like a small judicial oversight by a well-intentioned prosecutor.


Let me tell what’s going to happen.

Watch the names…

The FBI under Roger S. Mueller and James B. Comey lorded over a conspiracy of judges, lawyers, police, and CIA operators to prevent the American public from learning about a child trafficking conduit through U.S. Embassies and across the U.S. – Mexican border.

In 2009, I (Timothy Charles Holmseth), East Grand Forks, Minnesota stumbled upon evidence of a CIA child sex trafficking operation during telephonic interviews with key figures in the national profile kidnapping case of a Florida five year-old named HaLeigh Cummings.

I uncovered source operatives and child procurers of children and baby ‘supply lines’.

The operatives were protected under the corporate veil of Attorney Scott W. Rothstein who was running the largest Pozni scheme in the history of Florida ($1.2 Billion) that involved convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. (I possess internal law office emails from a separate Florida law office sent to and from Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, and Adler that went down under RICO).

In July of 2009 the ranking police officer at the East Grand Forks, Minnesota police department (Lt. Rodney Hajicek) began secret private email communications with a CNN news journalist (Art Harris) that was running propaganda ops for the CIA. Emails show CNN and Minnesota police were discussing the fact I was assisting the FBI with evidence that would lead to the producers of child rape porn of HaLeigh Cummings and CPS child procurers; they were developing a plan so I could be “stopped”.

I obtained troves of evidence regarding international child trafficking through U.S. Embassies and across the U.S. – Mexico border. The CIA operatives were connected to Pentagon, U.S. Air Force, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, John McCain, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Florida AG Pam Bondi.

I was interviewed twice in person by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010. The Minneapolis FBI interviewed me at the request of the Jacksonville FBI in Florida. The director of the FBI was Robert S. Mueller III. Mueller’s seat was eventually filled by James B. Comey.

The U.S. Attorney General was (Mr. Fast and Furious himself) Eric Holder.

I later learned the FBI was performing an intelligence gathering function during my interviews rather than a law enforcement function.

In 2011 a Deep State plan was developed to force-remove audio and photographic evidence I legally acquired and published on the Web. A ‘domestic violence’ ‘stalking’ Order was obtained against me in Broward County, Florida that forced me to remove everything from the Web and put restrictions on what I could write, or even say, using “electronic communications”. I was warned I would be murdered and thrown into a swamp if I attended the court hearing in Fort Lauderdale.

The development and enforcement of the ‘stalking order’ required criminal complicity at every turn by every agency and every official desk it crossed.

I was arrested in 2011.

My family was assigned to black operatives of Clinton Global.

I learned I was going to be either (1) murdered (2) imprisoned for years (3) committed to mental hospital.


Cowboys we are – cowboys we shall always be…

I was arrested by the East Grand Forks Police at my home in East Grand Forks, Minnesota (Border City to Grand Forks, North Dakota) for allegedly publishing court files in a folder entitled MAGA on February 19, 2018.

I was arrested again on November 1, 2018 for allegedly publishing something on Twitter regarding the MAGA bomber.

It was a Deep State FRAUD to protect their murder-mill of our babies.

The proof will be published.

I NEVER, EVER bluff.

Nothing can stop what’s coming.



I’m still around – Lord I got one more round – and I shall hit the mark – with my hair trigger heart

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4 thoughts on “Q – PROJECT AMBITION – U.S. Government suppressed truth about international CIA child trafficking – PROOF!

  1. This man is what American journalism SHOULD be. A good man. A great journalist. I followed him for years now and he is the real deal. All journalism students should have to take one semester of Holmseth journalism classes. Godspeed Tim.

  2. OMG Tim I don’t know how you do it with those calls. But your doing a great Job! As a former federal employee, they are all corrupt. Particularly the alphabet soup.
    Just be very careful because the Spooks are famous for having you committ suicide. Like how many people really hang themselves ?
    Totally good for recording and publishing all messages.
    To think some probable low level Spook is actually being paid their government salary to make those calls. Pathetic. Not to mention their charter says they don’t operate on US soil. They are famous for screwing things up and then trying to cover their butt.
    They couldn’t be making it any more obvious or confirming how right you are by trying to intimidate and threaten you. It’s quite desperate and pathetic. But totally typical.
    What can you really expect though from an agency that’s been running drugs and guns since at least the 70’s.
    Totally typical too for a Government Official trying to have an agency cover their butt and not just take responsibility for their screw up.

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