RED ALERT! SLAM ON THE BRAKES making life-decisions pushed using COVID-19 scare

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 28, 2020 at 1:36 P.M.

I am receiving intelligence that apps that are being rolled out regarding personal healthcare and patients information etc. The apps are being pushed as beneficial, and marketed based upon the COVID-19 situation.

SLAM ON THE BRAKES regarding any big decisions you are being pushed to make based upon COVID-19.

I will provide more detailed information on this as it comes in.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command 


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2 thoughts on “RED ALERT! SLAM ON THE BRAKES making life-decisions pushed using COVID-19 scare

  1. Ty Timothy for all you do. I wanted to share that I found out last night that there is a tree about 4.5 miles from Mississippi state line on hwy 72W outside of Tuscumbia Al covered in shoes. I got on Google’s maps and found the tree. There were many pictures of it. I have been very disturbed about it since I saw the pictures. You can see old little kids shoes all in it. People say it’s a road side attraction and they stop and hang shoes in it for their love ones. But up high I saw little children’s shoes in it and it freaked me out. It was breaking my heart because some of them were really really old. There was a comment I saw on there where someone said shoes had been hanging in that tree for around 40 yrs. I cried because I remembered what you said about there being generations that were under ground. Scary and heartbreaking all at the same time. God bless

    1. Have you found any legitimate articles about the shoes Cat… looks like shoe trees are all over the place and the origins of them are likely covered up with hogwash.

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