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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on July 29, 2022 – USA

The following was posted on the GAB account of Timothy Charles Holmseth, today.



by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – on July 29, 2022 – USA

When I contacted an attorney regarding RICO, that involved racketeering BY an attorney, the depth and scope of the extortion was explosive.

When a federal judge gets involved to get you an attorney for your RICO claim that’s a big deal.

When an attorney PROACTIVELY wants your RICO case, that’s a BIG DEAL.

The enemy taunts me because I retained a BAR attorney.

I don’t believe all BAR attorneys are bad.

It’s hard to juggle the activities of so many BAR attorneys that are adversarial toward one another.

10, 20, … ?

This is wild.

Things get hairy when a federal judge dies shortly after you file a formal Complaint against him to the Appellate Court. Especially when the Complaint involves somebody murdering someone so an entire court file involving worldwide COVID-19 tracking codes and systemic human harvesting can be made to COMPLETELY VANISH from the U.S. Court system.

How many people, including little kids, died of COVID, and/or were tortured to death and/or eaten by cannibals after the date November 2, 2020?

Why did Attorney Lin Wood Tweet my MEMO about VP Mike Pence to President Trump on January 4, 2021, regarding and international human harvesting and baby sales operation run by an FBI agent through the Ukrainian Embassy?

And what about DROEL LAW FIRM?

What is up with Droel?

On February 15, 2022, shortly before Donald J. Trump’s RICO suit was filed – Droel Law, TX-MN, included my name “Timothy Charles Holmseth” in a U.S. Court filing in Minnesota. Droel named me and evidence I obtained regarding an FBI agent named “John Regan”. Droel said, “sold kidnapped babies through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Droel said, “Jessie Marie Czebotar”.

Here’s more from Droel.

Droel Law said in a filing, “…as well as several murders by Hillary Rodham Clinton in Chicago in the early 1980s, which included the raping, torturing, and eating of children during satanic rituals”.

Droel said, “…and other high-profile individuals, such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, Mike Pence, John Kerry, Muammar Gaddafi, Amy Coney Barrett, and Elon Musk to name a few, as being involved in some Satanic cult that tortures, rapes, murders, and eats children.”

RICO is a big deal.

Torturing babies is a really bad idea! Do you know why? I’ll tell you why.

Because… Jesus loves the little children.

And I love Jesus.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command



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