SAVING THE KIDS IN THE NAME OF JESUS – BOLD Street Preaching Woman Confronted By Witches In Red

A man is holding up a sign in front of a building.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 17, 2020 at 4:11 P.M.


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10 thoughts on “SAVING THE KIDS IN THE NAME OF JESUS – BOLD Street Preaching Woman Confronted By Witches In Red

  1. That sort of grandstanding won’t stop 1 abortion. Until you deal with the deep seated pain the women who is considering abortion is going through you’re just helping the other side. This video is about ego and mind control and how you position one side against the other, endless, anger.

    1. There are women who get abortions BECAUSE of these reasons…

      * BECAUSE it is LEGAL to do so
      * They made a “mistake” and didn’t have protected sex.
      * There is little “stigma” attached to it…as there once was.
      * You are convinced that the child inside is ONLY “tissue”

      These women are “struggling” with NOTHING!

      It is the woman who was raped by a stranger, a relative etc
      that is TRULY struggling…with a decision to abort a child.

      “SPIRIT COOKING” is a fairly new term many of us are now learning about.
      Around for a year or two.
      Satanists use aborted babies, body parts and blood, etc etc
      in their rituals…GOD forbid you would want their supply to be cut off.

      I think this gal on the podium spoke the truth in LOVE, (as best as she could).
      she did mention that ‘they’ were there for them…that they had the attention of those at the podium.

      But she had to be TRUE to her own convictions after reading God’s HOLY Word…which is that…
      “God HATES the shedding of INNOCENT blood”.

      We all learn to ACCEPT what becomes “normal”
      One day it will be pledging allegiance to lucifer (with his NWO).
      That alcoholism is a disease…it is NOT…but what you get from drinking too much
      IS and can be a disease called LiVER CANCER!

      Just because we are all programmed through media’s tv etc
      Does NOT make it “ok” with God.

      Another thing that has become acceptable is to NOT have alot of children.
      2 and no more is good. They plastered on the tv “channels” that it was
      called the “NUCLEAR family”> Seriously?

      God said “BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY” & in regards to having children…”BLESSED is the man who has his quiver FULL of them”

      WHY allow mere men to change or dictate our laws and what is acceptable?
      At the least, why should we all become “men pleasers” by allowing ourselves to be
      “programmed”, MOLDED and made in lucifer’s image (who is opposite of God)?

      WHY NOT say what God says and DO what God does?
      I believe this woman in the video clip showed passion and COMpassion by telling
      passerby’s the truth…and i believe that God WILL honor her faithfulness by allowing others who see this video and to NOT* make the decision to abort their child.

      I did NOT see ANY anger…only a person with a LOUD voice.
      I did not hear her go on and on about going to hell and that they were evil…
      I DID hear her mention hell but it is the truth,
      as there WON’T be any MURDERERS in heaven (those who take innocent life. God know us, He knows our hearts
      He is compassionate and loving-FULL of MERCY…
      But he is NO doormat and does NOT excuse sin.
      Instead He makes a way to escape Hell by allowing Jesus to pay the price FOR us, on the cross. Jesus knew no sin and yet he was to die for the whole world…should you
      CHOOSE to BELIEVE in Him and what He did for ALL of us.
      FOLLOW Him alone and NO man
      TRUST Him alone and NO man

    2. That’s the best video I’ve ever seen. Raise your vibration level. Your in neutral. About to roll backwards.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this ENCOURAGING video clip…
    Can’t help but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman’s SPIRITUAL BOLDNESS!!!
    Proclaim JESUS from the Mountaintops!!
    EXPOSE the evil works of DARKNESS
    DO ALL IN LOVE – because YOU TOO, were once blind.

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