Senators and Representatives Can Be Arrested for Criminal Offenses

Senators and representatives can be arrested for criminal offenses.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 11, 2020 at 4:30 P.M.

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6 thoughts on “Senators and Representatives Can Be Arrested for Criminal Offenses

  1. QUESTION..Help–do you know why DJT keeps the Corona Virus Agenda going??? I need to have any clues..**I am Puzzled as to why he keeps Gates/Fauci agenda going?

  2. Because attorneys/lawyers are the only profession that is not regulated…which job do you know get paid for losing, cheating, lying?
    Politicians, journalists,
    Lawyers and judges

  3. Linda-McAllister Tv just stated that Obama is Hitlers grandson! This is huge!!!!!

  4. Ok, this is not the best place to ask this question, I’m sure – but I cannot find a good place…Around 1-2 weeks ago, Timothy or someone else posted a short, typed correspondence, showing that another department, other than CPS, was sending children through a fake division, that wasn’t really associated with any children’s protective agencies, to pedophile rings…maybe that was the one stealing children from hospitals? Anyway, I wanted to post it for parents, but didn’t have time, then. The Title was something like DHEW or…? Can any body pull it up for me?

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