Seven Attorneys of Minnesota Protected Child Sex Traffickers

How a cabal of attorneys in Minnesota protected an international child sex trafficking operation from exposure

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 12, 2018 at 7:26 P.M.

At least seven Minnesota attorneys are involved in trying to hide the existence of an industrial level child sex trafficking operation.

The attorneys are Kristine Kolar, Kip Fontaine, Michael Lacoursiere, Bruce Ringstrom, Gretchen Handy, Ronald Galstad, and Greg Widseth.

There is NO WAY they can deny it.

I’ll show you why.

In 2009 I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) began conducting in-depth telephonic recorded interviews with key figures in the national profile kidnapping case of HaLeigh Cummings in Florida.

I quickly learned the five year-old girl was alive and being hidden. I learned child pornography had been created of HaLeigh. I learned the people involved in her disappearance were identifying themselves as clergy, CIA, and FBI. I learned they were trafficking children with law enforcement, judicial officers, and Florida DCF. I learned they were operating an international child sex trafficking ring that involved sales of small children and infants through the U.S. Embassy in New York.

I reported it to the local police, Florida Attorney General, and FBI (I was interviewed several times by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010).

The operatives involved with HaLeigh and the child sex trade were staging primarily out of Florida and Indiana.

In June, 2009 operatives began telephoning the East Grand Forks Police Department to complain about me in hopes the police would pressure me to shut up about what I had been told. Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, attempted to do intimidate me in a recorded call. Official police records show the callers were told their complaints were civil in nature.

However, FBI records and secret Gmails that had been hidden by Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth were discovered years later. The records revealed operatives and police began secretly communicating with each other about me shortly after I contacted the FBI. They were discussing how to stop me from assisting the FBI.

Widseth could not charge me with a crime because I had not committed one. So instead – he helped keep the secret email communications and FBI report out of reach from any public records request that might be filed. In the meantime they collectively plotted to develop a plan to stop me from exposing the child trafficking operation.

In 2011, the conspirators, including EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Lt. Rodney Hajicek, Police Chief Michael Hedlund, Sgt, Aeisso Schrage, Sgt. Chris Olson, and others developed a plan with operatives in Florida to fraudulently obtain an ‘Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence’ from a corrupt/shadow government Broward County, Florida domestic violence court judge.

I had no relationship with anyone from Florida and had not been to Florida.

In 2011, an order was issued against me in Florida that required I remove certain information from the Web and never speak a certain person’s name again. The Order also demanded I turn over all my firearms and weapons permits to Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The true purpose of the Florida court order was to suppress my ability to publish the information and audio recordings I obtained about the child trafficking operation.

The fraudulent Florida order violated my constitutional rights to free speech, right to keep and bear arms, and the right to due process.

My trial attorney, Steven S. Biss, told me State of Florida never had personal jurisdiction over me and the Order violates the constitution on multiple disturbing levels.

The conspirators in East Grand Forks enforced the illegal Florida order.

But – my physical arrest was only the first stage of the conspiracy. The second stage of the conspiracy kicked in during the extended judicial process.

Once I was arrested by the police for allegedly publishing something, it was IMPERATIVE that the defense attorney assigned to me by the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office would NOT file a motion to dismiss the Florida order based upon arguments that Florida lacked jurisdiction over me, as well as the obvious violations of my constitutional rights.


Here’s how they did it.


Protected by Widseth hiding Gmails and FBI reports; the conspirators fraudulently obtained the Florida order and Minnesota police began arresting me for publishing information.


With the approval of Minnesota Chief Public Defender Kristine Kolar,

Attorney Kip Fontaine, the supervisor of the Minnesota Public Defender’s

Office in the 9th Minnesota District, strategically assigned assistant public defenders to my case with specific instructions that the public defender DOES NOT file a dismissal motion.

I was supposed to be convicted.

The assistant public defenders that did not protect my constitutional rights are called FIXERS.

They were:

Attorney Michael LaCoursiere – 2011-2012

Attorney Bruce Ringstrom – 2013

Attorney Gretchen Handy – 2018

I repeatedly asked each of the before-mentioned attorneys to file dismissal motions and each refused. Each attorney is required by BAR rules to mount a proper defense to their client, which they willfully and knowingly did not do.

The FIXERS with the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office secretly conspired with EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad who prosecuted charges against me based upon three separate arrests over the course of seven years.

The FIXER operation cannot be denied because none of the FIXERS filed a Motion to Dismiss. They were required to do it. The records prove they did not do it.

It’s simple.

They can’t un-ring that bell.

Attorney Gretchen Handy tried to quickly file a dismissal motion (with the permission of Fontaine) AFTER I terminated her in writing and advised the court I was filing a federal Deprivation of Rights lawsuit.

The state of Minnesota’s present case against me is still open but no court date is set.

I just showed you how police, government employees, and court officials help pedophile goblins steal kids.

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  1. Tim keep the faith
    Why would a defense attorney not file the obvious when a seasoned Attorney like Biss states the facts, the obvious, keep doing what your doing, stand tall, justice will prevail

    1. Eddie – That’s correct. Three different attorneys were assigned to me over the period of seven years after I was arrested based on allegations I violated that order from Florida.

      Each attorney followed the pattern of the one that cam before them. They refused to file a dismissal motion. They were all assigned by the same supervisor (Kip Fontaine). Every case was prosecuted by the same attorney (Ronald Galstad).

      Many lawyers (not just Biss) said Florida never had jurisdiction over me and violated my constitutional rights. It is IMPOSSIBLE all these Minnesota attorneys didn’t know the order was un-constitutional. They did know. They were following orders. They were covering up sex crimes against children.

  2. Here is another tip on a new story: lookup and it’s founder Siobhan Neilland . Hollywood and Silicon Valley connections, UN affiliation. Her father was huge in leading a California sex cult.

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