Special Operator: Mike Pence and Gen. John Kelly tried to assassinate President Trump

Special operator general kelly vp mike tried to assassinate president trump.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 13, 2020 at 3:27 P.M.

Did General John Kelly and VP Mike Pence attempt to murder President Trump?

According to former special operator Lawrence Dean O’Bryan they did.

There is no doubt there is bad blood between Trump and Kelly.

NBC is reporting President Trump has commented on Kelly. “When I terminated John Kelly, which I couldn’t do fast enough, he knew full well that he was way over his head,” Trump tweeted. “Being Chief of Staff just wasn’t for him. He came in with a bang, went out with a whimper, but like so many X’s, he misses the action & just can’t keep his mouth shut, which he actually has a military and legal obligation to do.”

On February 22, 2018 I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) was contacted by a special operator named Lawrence Dean O’Bryan who served under multiple U.S. presidents.

Go to 37 minute marker and you will hear O’Bryan talk about an attempted coup from within the White House. “Pence has been – Pence, Kelly, I don’t know the names of the staff but half the staff were in on trying to force Trump to resign. They try to kill him six times,” O’Bryan said.


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35 thoughts on “Special Operator: Mike Pence and Gen. John Kelly tried to assassinate President Trump

  1. Hi Mr. Holmseth, I am only on to say thank you for all you do. I have been following both you and Field for several years and researched your material. Both of you and the plan, and President Trump have been answers to prayers. GOD SENT! Hats off to FLOTUS and the Freedom Fighters. Love and prayers for all….

  2. Why does this mans story at the begining with President Regan and the LIBERTY SCROLL Sound familuar? It seems to me that I learned this in 1976 on Jimmy Carters Freedom Train Ride…. I feel like Im not remembering something I should know….. In addition…all sorts of weird…as Trump says, Coincidences. Like the Movie Boone Dock Saints…. Any Understanding here would be helpful I think.

    1. Where is this story in the news? If he has balls he will bring it to the people. If not, hes just spinning his wheels and blowing smoke.

      1. Your ridiculous it’s up to we the people to bring the truth to light

        Why doesn’t he take it to the news? I’ll tell you why because the MSM will bury the story and then bury him
        The MSM will call him a crazy person and liar and then he will be murdered and the news you believe will tell us it was suicide
        But I’m sure you don’t believe that either
        Wake up

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if Lawrence Dean O’Bryan could order all Chemtrailing to cease and desist and 5G and all negative harmful Tech

  4. Thanks so much your a beautiful soul thank you God.
    Do they have any Dumbs in New Zealand?
    I am so glad you can reassure us that those children are found. Keep safe ?

  5. I know Mike Pence tried to assassinate the president and I know the Pence that stands beside him everyday is a clone but I’m having a hard time getting my family to realize that Pence is not the Christian he claims to be

    1. You have planted a SEED…that’s all any of us can do.
      Timothy once said on a video that NO WAY was Pence going to be VP in 2020…
      UNLESS the plans have changed (and i don’t think they have)….
      2020 is not over with.

      Perhaps you can tell your family that much….
      And when they see him go bye-bye…remind them that you tried
      to tell them this, and That it DID happen before the year was up

      WHAT will the excuse be?
      i WISH we all knew.
      But what has it been for the “others”?

      They got Covid…Are quarantining themselves?
      Will he just “step down”?
      Will there be a medical emergency with his wife, he needs to attend to and won’t be able to complete his duties as VP /& assassin?

      But if you give your family SOME of these scenarios they can at least WATCH for them, along with all of us.

    2. What do you think was in the secret notes being passed around during Pappa Bush’s funeral? “You’re next”! VP Pence and his wife received one also.

  6. If this guy was telling the truth then it’s some a pretty amazing shit!
    Timothy, did you ever verify what he was saying? And did he ever call you back or have you had further contact?
    It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about the current events.

  7. I cannot stomach Mike Pence I know he is a disgusting pedophile but my family cannot open their eyes to it they all think that he’s this great Christian man that loves the Lord you cannot serve two masters and Mike Pence being a pedophile made his choice of what Master he wants to serve.

    1. I have talked to too many other Christians who say they have the same experience as I do when evaluating Pence: “Can’t put my finger on it, but the alarm bells that feel like Biblical discernment go off on that guy all the time.”

      I don’t have good hard facts, so not making accusations….but I can NOT get comfortable with that guy. Assuming its discernment until proven otherwise.

      1. There was a man in Indiana that tried to have Pence looked into, the man said he could read DNA and that Mike Pence has raped and murdered over 100 little children, he likes little boys best.

    2. Could he be forgiven? Helping to uncover the swamp? Until we breathe our last breath we can reach out to Jesus. He died for ALL sin…even all this unimaginable filth.

  8. Seems like everyone is in on the cultish fun however, NONE of them are indicted and I’m afraid to say that they may never. I just don’t see why if Pence is so guilty, the President is still allowing him freedom and a place in the WH???

    1. Actually Danita, Pence faced a military tribunal and has been executed; what you are seeing publicly is supposedly a double of Pence for optics until the truth is released of all those who quietly have been tried in Military tribunals and incarcerated or executed. Reportedly this information will start being released to the public in January 2021. Still, Pence is so reprobate, so long as he is on the Trump ticket, even in name prevents me, as a Christian who must account before a Holy God, from voting in 2020 election. Birds of a feather, flock together.

      1. You must keep your enemies close if you read the art of war chapter on spies it will help you understand the president

    2. You must keep your enemies close if you read the art of war chapter on spies it will help you understand the president

  9. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep them so close that, if you can’t serve, your **enemy** becomes President. A vote for Trump is a vote for Pence.

  10. I’ve heard this on many websites and was praying it was true. I’m glad they didn’t succeed in killing our president we need him now more than ever. God Bless Him and his family always ?

  11. Thank you, Tim, for all you do awakening and informing all of us. Friday and Saturday nights, and between 1a.m.-5a.m., trafficked victims are moved around on the highways and turnpikes. As long as they are not breaking any visible laws, there is no one to report it to, who will take it seriously. I pray so much for those who I see.

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