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This photo was taken on August 26, 2019 at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota. This group attended a scheduled trial for Timothy Holmseth. Timothy did not attend. He was scheduled to be 'Arkansided'. The group was led by (American Hero) Boeing Whistleblower Field McConnell.

by Marlene K. Henderson on August 26, 2020 at 10:50 A.M.

Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS received this today.


I began studying Timothy Charles Holmseth’s information after I listened to the interview when he was talking to Wayanne Kruger. Kruger is personally connected to Hillary Clinton – her daughter Desiray received an award from Hillary. Kruger told Timothy, way back in 2011, in detail, how babies were being stolen and sold through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Timothy Holmseth has almost died repeatedly because of what he was told and because he refused to be silent.

There was no doubt in my mind that what I heard there was real.

It all connects to Joe Biden!!!

Then – the other day – I saw that Timothy received a straight up death threat from Hillary Clinton’s former security detail Craig Sawyer (SEAL TEAM 6). Sawyer said his Team is coming to get Timothy.

I really started digging in.

When I began to research Timothy Holmseth, I could not believe what I found. I remember saying to myself, “Oh my God, this man has been surviving Hillary”.

I have a good contact high up. I received a comprehensive analysis of Timothy Holmseth from my source in the intelligence community. I was blown away.

Then, the other day I was driving, and the song Cleopatra by the Lumineers came on the radio. In one verse it said, “my flesh it was my currency but I held true”. When I heard that I immediately thought of Timothy. I know he was tortured in prison. I started to cry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN5s9N_pTUs

I feel like I am morally obligated to tell the world what I know from my source about Timothy Charles Holmseth.


• Timothy Holmseth is, in fact, a news reporter/journalist. He graduated from Northland Community College in Thief River Falls with a degree in Media Communications and Certificate in Broadcasting.

• Timothy Holmseth is, in fact, an award-winning news reporter. He won first place awards with the North Dakota Newspaper Association. He was the Minnesota Government Reporter at the Daily News in Wahpeton, North Dakota. He was considered the best.

• Timothy Holmseth is a good father. In fact, he was granted sole physical custody of his daughter by a judge in Minnesota when she was five years old. He raised her, by himself, to adulthood. He also shares legal custody of his son. He has grandchildren, and all his children and grandchildren adore him.

• Timothy Holmseth passed an in-depth federal background check performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in advance of working alone inside a locked facility with secure areas.

• Timothy Holmseth was interviewed, and deemed a credible witness by the FBI, during their investigation into the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings in Florida.

• Timothy Holmseth does, in fact, report for a task force. The task force was created in the White House. Evidence obtained by Timothy regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s child procurement operation was taken into the custody of the United States Government including the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Justice.

• Timothy Holmseth is, in fact, one man away from President Trump!

• Timothy Holmseth is of very sound mental health. When Timothy became a witness to child sex trafficking, the Deep State court system in Minnesota conspired with Hillary’s operatives to imprison Timothy and accuse him of being mentally unstable. Timothy passed a total of four psyche evals. He has never failed. In fact, he passed with flying colors.

• Timothy Holmseth was poisoned four times. It is believed he was poisoned with Ricin. He barely survived.

• Timothy Holmseth’s computer was seized during a violent raid by police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and destroyed. Timothy had back-ups. Timothy’s teenage daughter, who was undressed in the bathroom, was assaulted by a police officer during the raid.

• Timothy Holmseth’s vehicle was broken into, in what appeared to be an attempt to plant narcotics on Timothy. His tires were also slashed.

• Timothy Holmseth’s employers are systemically contacted and harassed anonymously until they fire him. Dominoes Pizza in Grand Forks, North Dakota was the only business that refused to fire Timothy. Dominoes called the courthouse to see if the reports being made about him were true and the courthouse told Dominoes it was all false. Timothy is gang-stalked by Hillary’s operatives to this very day.

• Timothy Holmseth’s 1st and 2nd Amendment was subjected to and violated by three separate injunctions from FAMILY COURTS in STATE OF FLORIDA where he does not live and has no family. The fraudulently obtained court orders were issued on behalf of complainants that had never met Timothy. STATE OF FLORIDA had no jurisdiction over Timothy. The fraudulent orders were issued in effort to stop Timothy from publishing information he obtained as a news reporter. Timothy Holmseth was never arrested or charged for any crime in STATE OF FLORIDA. He was never even accused of a crime! FAMILY COURTS were used to strip him of his rights through conspiracy with STATE OF MINNESOTA. It was all illegal and violated the U.S. Constitution.

• Timothy Holmseth was arrested three times in Minnesota for violating the fraudulently obtained Florida court orders. Timothy’s ‘crime’ was talking/speaking/publishing. Minnesota had no jurisdiction or standing to enforce the fraudulently obtained orders from Florida. Timothy’s arrests were actually kidnappings executed by a Foreign Power.

• Timothy Holmseth was falsely imprisoned in a private for-profit prison. His captors repeatedly tried to make him sign a confession. He would not. He was tortured. He lost approximately 30 pounds. After he escaped his captors he went to the doctor. X-rays taken at the doctor show he had broken ribs. He never confessed to anything.

• Timothy Holmseth is NOT a felon. He votes and can legally/lawfully own a firearm. Hillary’s operatives falsely claim Timothy is a felon.

• Timothy Holmseth is NOT a pedophile. Hillary’s operatives started this lie about Timothy after he uncovered their trafficking operation. Hillary’s operatives have taken old newspaper articles and used Adobe Elements to make fake news articles (literally). They also took a psyche report from someone (not Timothy) and inserted his name into it. Hillary’s operatives anonymously publish this false content on the Web to discredit Timothy.

• Timothy Holmseth was robbed by Hillary’s operatives who stole personal photos. Hillary’s operatives published a photo of Timothy and his small son that was taken by his daughter. In the photo, Timothy’s 4 year-old son is decked out in girls clothes and make-up. His son and his sister and her friend thought it would be funny to dress the boy up and put make up on him. Timothy heard the kids laughing and joined the laughter when he saw what they did. It was kids having fun. Hillary’s operatives anonymously published the photo and then said Timothy dressed his son up like a girl and had sex with him.

• Timothy Holmseth, many years ago, unable to receive the assistance of an attorney, single handedly filed a Deprivation of Rights lawsuit against City of East Grand Forks in federal court. Timothy Holmseth stood up to multiple law firms and a U.S. Attorney. Timothy presented his oral arguments to the federal judge. He was accompanied by one person who attended to support him – she was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse who was sodomized as a small child; locked in a coffin; shipped/trafficked in barges; hung on a cross and witnessed infants beheaded during rituals. She sketched Timothy standing at the podium delivering his oral arguments.

The federal government knew the whole time! Timothy told the feds over and over and over. The recordings and evidence is all in the files. The federal judge SEALED IT!!!

What have we become?

Timothy was standing up for babies.

I’m glad I took the time to do this.

Hillary Clinton and the rest need to be stopped.

I’m sending Timothy Holmseth $100 just to spite that evil witch.



This photo was taken on August 26, 2019 at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota. This group attended a scheduled trial for Timothy Holmseth. Timothy did not attend. He was scheduled to be ‘Arkansided’. The group was led by (American Hero) Boeing Whistleblower Field McConnell.


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  1. HONOR to you Mr. Holmseth for everything you are going trough for THE TRUTH! THANK YOU so MUCH for your DEVOTION for the good sake of THE CHILDREN AND HUMANITY!! May God Bless you.

  2. Mr. Holmseth is a follower of Jesus Christ who exposes the most depraved and demonic evil on behalf of children. He’s not famous, doesn’t take a paycheck for his work, and has had to endure threats, attempts on his life, and slander of the most vile nature. His name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

    Hillary Clinton is a Luciferian witch who has raped, tortured, and murdered children. She’s rich, famous, one of the “elites”, and revered by celebrities as a “badass”. Her past is filled with lightning. Her future is never ending torment in the Lake of Fire.

    Any questions?

  3. I’ve seen that photo on YouTube and it did make me uncomfortable seeing it in the context they want you to believe. I had a gutt feeling not to believe it though. I’m glad I didn’t after reading the truth. Isn’t there a way to have this video and especially the photo removed because there was a lot of bad comments in there from people believing it. I mean they censor what they want why not this. God Bless You Timothy for all you’re doing for these poor babies and children. I bet you’re a fantastic father

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