“Thank You” letters to President and Melania Trump (from all around the world) (read aloud) Part 1

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 6, 2020 at 3:57 P.M.


22 thoughts on ““Thank You” letters to President and Melania Trump (from all around the world) (read aloud) Part 1

  1. Hello Mr & Mrs President, I am from New Zealand Living in Australia. I want to thank you for being the strongest person I have ever know & seen. You have become a very special person , as I follow your works I am continually amazed, I hope that all the world awakens to the special light beings that you truely are. You Mr President stand with empathy in true humility, I am looking forward to all being of light awakening to how truely your heart moves to save humanity from the dark forces trying to penatrate this earth. I thank you Timothy Charles Holmseth for truely showing me just how these satanic forces are using innocent families for their own satanic gratification.I can go on & on & on thank Mr President for being the man that brings the light forward & all those working with you: Thank you again xxx

  2. I had my children taken away when they were younger and I didn’t do ANYTHING for CPS to remove them. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. I had to jump so many hoops and go through things that I shouldn’t had to go through. Everytime I completed something they wanted me to do 5 more things. It was obvious they didn’t want to give my boys back but I refused to give up. My soul felt SICK and I knew something wasn’t right. THANK YOU FOR SAVING THE CHILDREN AND ARRESTING THE BAD PEOPLE. CPS NEEDS NOT TO EXIST ANYMORE.

  3. Dear Mr. President and First Lady Melania, No words can express the gratitude and love I have for you and everyone helping to save our country and the precious children. I thank God and thank you for leaving your wonderful life to save our country. If not for you we all know where we would be. It hurts my heart to see and hear the horrible things said to you and the lies spread about you. Mr. President please know you have millions of loyal patriots, around the world, standing with and for you, praying for you and your family that God will continue to guide and direct you on His path of righteousness and bless you with His wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
    My sincere love and admiration.

  4. Dear President and Mrs. Trump.
    Mr. Trump after 9/11 you offered to personally rebuild the Twin Towers NY loved so much. You love Israel and the Jewish people, and you have consistently and publicly supported people with disabilities. You believe in us. You both are fearless, faithful people who live your faith and sacrifice everything for Christ America. There are so-called Christian pastors on your spiritual advisory board who have no business being anywhere near you. Their public comments coming from their own mouths, have proven them to be back stabbing vipers. No Weapon formed against you through their fake Christianity prosper but come back to condemn them.

  5. Hello. My name is Austin Pool. Also Riley Pool. Also R.

    Thank you to all who read this. Thank you to President Trump and his wife Melania. You both are doing what you think is best despite criticism. Thank you. Please help the world become one with love. But still will differences in it.

    With liberty and justice for all.

  6. Hello Mr. President and Melania-
    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for battling these sick, demonic, luciferian people. I know no one stronger than you Mr. President, that’s is why I know that you are a gift from God. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with so much evil coming at you from every angle. You and your family are constantly In my prayers that you are covered by a hedge of protection. You have my vote Mr. President! Thank you, thank you, We truly are blessed to have you and I thank God every day for you!

  7. Another thank you to you, President Trump and Melania! Thank you for helping to save the children and save the world. We are eternally grateful. Prayers are with you and your family, the military and front-line police, sheriffs, firemen, EMTs and all medical personnel. The world needs to know what’s been going on. Love from myself and my family in Rio Rancho NM

    1. I couldnt agree more! The world needs to know the truth on all areas. We are all 1 unity consciousness there is no difference btwn any human other than the suit we are in which is just that. Our souls are all divine making us all 1 with each other. Soon very soon all will realize this as the wave of love hits earth this year. Take care all.

  8. Dear President Trump and Mrs. Trump
    I’m so thankful. I cannot imagine what your family must deal with daily. But KNOW I think about that, & pray for you.
    In Christ,

  9. President Trump and First Lady Melania,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for protecting all the good people in the USA. Step into the armor of god and it will protect you from all the evil in this world. We all love you #WWG1WGA #Q

  10. Dear President Donald J Trump and your beautiful First Lady Melania.
    I plead the Blood of Jesus over You, the best President America has ever had, your lovely wife who’s heart is for children and everyone one in your heart, for boldness, strength and courage to continue to rescue and save the children who have been rescued from the tunnels. Praying Psalm 91 daily over you and your family. God Bless Timothy Charles Holmseth always for his courage and love for the children.

  11. Dear Mr. President and Mrs. Trump
    I am taking this opportunity to tell you that I am ever grateful for your tireless efforts on behalf of We the People and especially for The Children. You are honored, revered, and loved by so many of us. Our hopes are with you, your task is truly Biblical.

    My respect and support for you has cost me many relationships, and continues to cause friction in my home, but this is as nothing to the vitriol and evil intent you face every minute of the day. I honor you both.

    Mr. President you and I are of the same vintage – I too was born in NYC in 1947 and I am now so proud that I share that time and place of entry into the world with a hero of your standing.

    God Bless You Both

  12. The media attacks him daily as he is exposing their satanic handlers. We need full disclosure of all that has been hidden and the satanists who infiltrated all levels of our society. The Light grows daily and soon the vibration will be too high for the negative beings to exist here. 5D is our real home.
    Stay out of fear.. stay in the heart vibrate high clean water and food and listen to music. Love you all as we are 1!

  13. To the greatest President in my lifetime, President Trump and our beautiful First Lady Melania , Thank you for stepping up and taking this job on as commander and chief and being so courageous against the evil forces. Thank you Melania for sharing great wisdom and educating the children in “Be Best” you are a beautiful soul. ?????
    We needed someone like you President Trump to restore and save our country, we the American people have been robbed and lied to by the crooked politicians and Deep State aka: The Cabal .
    The sacrifice you have given and ridicule and insults to Save our Beautiful America and to save the children , to stop human trafficking, drug trafficking the cartels, ( we just lost my beautiful niece Antoinette at the age of 29 from these dirty drugs on the streets from a overdose) and please keep our borders controlled safe, and we pray you can do something with the mainstream media , we need a media that’s not bias and reports real news! They have tainted the America people’s minds and around the world lies after lies, and please our medicines and big pharmacy safe. Too many have lost their lives because of the corrupt big pharmaceutical companies. You are doing a fantastic job with low unemployment, our economy is better than it’s ever been.
    I will continue to pray for you Mr President, the First Lady, your family , your secret service, military, Timothy Holmseth…(God Bless you too sir ,a true patriot what you’ve been doing and continue to do, be safe) along with so many out there that I follow that are praying for the Trumps and, all your administration that are protecting you at all times. Keep draining the swamp, there’s evil all around you but we the patriots are praying and rebuking any and all evil forces against you, your family and your administration.
    The American people want to see justice to all those traitors against America , destroy all unground tunnels , those who are doing child sacrifice ,please sir, you have to put a stop to it and get to the main source who is behind it.
    When you took on this job , you took on a very deep and dirty job but we are so grateful and blessed and we know it is a process .
    Continue weeding out all traitors and rats and I’m sure there are still some more around you , just be careful and I trust you the plan.
    You have done an unbelievable job since you have been in office! I am so proud to be alive and American and that you are my President, you Will go down as the Best President in American History, you have my VOTE in 2020 and I pray your son Don Jr. will carry on your legacy in 2024 or your daughter Ivanka. True patriots , may God continue to bless you with good health ,wisdom and strength while you continue destroy these evil people.
    God Bless our great military, all that are serving to help with civil unrest, police and firefighters on the frontline that have lost their lives to protect us, in Jesus name . I love you President Trump may God bless you with a long and healthy life,
    I have Faith your job will be accomplished. Thankful for Q????✝️ GOD WINS???? #WWG1WGA #QANON

  14. Dear President Trump and Our First Lady, Melania;

    I pray daily for your and your families safety. I believe that you were ordained by God to save the republic and the world from the fallen angels. I know I and the grateful people of the world can never thank you enough for the sacrifice that you and your family have made to save the children, and rid the planet of those evil ones that would harm the children and the people of the republic and the world. God bless you and your family. May God speed. If there is anything I can do for you or your family other than vote for you and donate to your campaign, please allow this grateful patriot to do so.

  15. Dear President Trump and First Lady Melania,
    Words cannot really express how I feel about all the great things both of you have done for the United States of America and all the people calling this great nation our home. God has truly blessed our country by giving us you, President Trump and our wonderful Melania. The satanic demons are fighting hard but will NOT win the war. The Christians are staying the course and this will be the biggest victory for all mankind. I pray for you, Melania, and your family daily. I also ask God to continue to guide you and Melanie each day as both of you complete your daily missions. President Trump I am sending all my love and prayers to you and Melanie. Thank you for everything. May God Bless both of you. Remember…Where We Go 1 We Go All. Annette

  16. I am so happy to be able to have this chance to Thank You President Trump and The first Lady. I try my best to Tweet loving messages to you guys and your family memmbers when I am able to. I always have you guys in my prayers. I often wonder if you guys see them but I know that doesnt matter as long as Im putting it out in the universe It is creating loving energy to you guys. I am also very busy doing my work in my community to spreed truth and light. It can be very overwhelming at times but I look at you guys and I am reminded that my work isn’t even half as hard as yours. I truly admire the both of you I love you both to heaven and back. I want you guys to know that I stand with you guys and God. I am a lightworker that will continue to spread light and love on the human race. I am working very hard to educate and wake up the human race in my community on all that is true. President Trump I trust that you will be known as the Greatest President that the American people have ever had. God Bless you both and God’s Grace is Greater

  17. President Trump and Beautiful First Lady Melania, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for Our Nation and so importantly for working so hard to save the children from humans trafficking and horrible abuse at the hands of sick, satanic luciferians. It’s been the most horrifying awakening to find out these are people in our government, The Vatican, The Royals, Hollywood and also what their evil sick rituals are. President Trump, not one other person in the whole world could do what you have done. Not one other person could take down this evil cabal. NOT ONE!!!!! Your are a Courageous Lion!! THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! EVER!!!! How blessed you are to have the most BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT and CLASSY First Lady by your side. My heart breaks for you and your beautiful family with how you have been so unfairly treated. No other President and his family have ever been treated like this. But you sacrificed everything for us, for all Americans!!! Our Great Country is still GREAT onky because you are Our President!!! YOU saved Our Nation!!!! I pray for you and your family everyday and the majority of Americans do also. Most of the World supports you!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I LOVE ❤❤❤❤ you and your beautiful family, P.S… LOCK HER UP!!!! PLEASE!!

  18. Dear Mr. President and the lovely Frst Lady Melania Trump, thank you for all you do for Timothy in the form of money in the form of a generous salary and the time and manpower spent to protect him by elite troops that he has expressed his gratitude for on numerous occasions in his award winning level of writing. At a time when so many are out of work, Timothy is so fortunate to be chosen to have upper level employment with the high command, secure and priviledged living the good life with the many perks of the position.

  19. Dear President Donald Trump my son and I would like to thank you for all you have done for the world and continue to do. We are from England but we love you from the bottom of our hearts. You and your family are in our daily prayers to ask God to bless over you and your family, along with the rest of the world. I was deeply saddened to see the riots, people disrespecting all you have done to date for them and I cried. Every day I pray for your safety and together we shall beat these evils. I hope the whole world awakens soon to see you are the best President America has ever had. We love you President Trump, God bless you ❤️??❤️

  20. Thank you so much President Trump and Melania for everything you have sacrificed to help out #1 the children, but also for taking on the deep state and showing the world that wool has been pulled over our eyes for far too long. I know it has been a constant battle to no end and I am grateful to finally be able to see a light at the end of this very dark tunnel because of you taking on this mission. From my family you are very appreciated, loved, and prayed for. It has been a very long road and lots of abuse taken for all of us Patriots as well. But I am proud to help in the fight in any ways possible. Trump 2020 and beyond! Full Disclosure–> pretty please.

  21. Thank you Melania and Donald Trump for rescuing the children and restoring our country from from those who wish to destroy us from within. I’ve known evil existed but I didn’t know the scale. You and your family have been in my prayers. I don’t know if I can say in words how thankful I am as words could never describe it. In the greatest form of love the human heart can offer, I want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated!!!

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