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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 20, 2020 at 2:00 P.M.

Today a video entitled “Mr. President. Who is Q?” was published on a You Tube channel called The High Command.

While the video showed NO VIEWS – the video also showed 45 LIKES.



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16 thoughts on “‘THE Q QUESTION’ CENSORED BY YOU TUBE!!! – NO VIEWS [but] 45 LIKES!!!

  1. Thanks for all you are doing. Sorry you have to go through what you are going through harassment wise. Praying for you.

  2. It’s very interesting …..who controls YouTube? From a citizen journalist to a real journalist, it’s the trolls on YouTube. Some of those trolls are paid hacks to keep the truth from people. Those same trolls, IN MANY INSTANCES, ARE and support the corruption and evil. Google/YouTube – who’s on their payroll? I’d think they’d have the best of the best systems and white hackers… So either they are payrolling black hackers, their systems are owned by the deep state or the deep state’s platforms are integrated into their architecture. It’s a curious Question; but, no doubt, something stinks.

  3. 5/20/20, 1:10 EDT your “Mr. President. Who is Q?” on my account says:

    7,630 views May 20, 2020, Thumbs Up 1.3K, Down 26

    50 to 1 up/down = fantastic! I’d guess you’ve ticked off about 26 pfiles…so far. Maybe they’re not fans of film noir.

  4. Timothy,

    Since, I have been following ‘Q’ I’ve become more attuned to what has been secretly happening in the shadows. Please, be aware that your sunglasses reflect the view through your front windshield.

  5. Im from UK I’m always felt our world wasn’t really. I’ve been called crazy. I’ve had a lot SHIT I was raped by a paki at 16..HEAD fk.. Abuse in relationships Then I had my son whom I knew the I’ve gave Itold he’s going to die. No illness its so weird then 1995 he died sids they said he could of forgotten to breathe…its killed me Then I had this awareness that’s he’s with God.. As my life well down hill fast drink and drugs. I’m in recovery and feeling great. I’m wanted to thank you all for the work you all to the clear thus world of evil… I can’t understand people hurting abuse killing a child in the womb WE ARE GOD’S CHILDREN.. HE’S THE ONLY ONE WE SHOULD WORSHIP.. THANK AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.. #WWG1WGA #QUK.. ????

  6. I pushed the button by mistake any abuse against innocent people in my eyes I believe u #HANGTHEBARSTARDS ⚰️every last dirty one of them.. WE have no room in our life for demons ? #CRIMESAGAINSTHUMANITY.. #THEGREATAWAKENING❤️?❤️ GOD BLESS US ALL X X

  7. Timothy Charles Holmseth has been living in an orchestrated Hell for many years. I don’t recall how long it’s been but every video or transcript he put up was “proof of life” as far as I was concerned. Not long before the Pentagon and the Whitehouse scooped him up, he was running so hard that he couldn’t put anything out there – other than the interviews that like-minded citizen journalists would do to get his information to the people. The fact that Timothy is still drawing breathe, can only be a Divine Miracle. There are many insane, evil individuals looking to kill him every day. PLEASE PRAY FOR TIMOTHY’S SAFETY!

    1. AMEN to that!!
      WE THANK GOD that HE has PROTECTED him…
      Yet his predecessor (so to speak)TORY SMITH is dead
      and never made it…sadly.

      TORY SMITH has videos out there on Youtube(they are a tad bizarre) but also makes mention Of PENCE and his pedophilia with boys and MURDER of the same…

  8. I watched it too.
    Through the Computer put on our HDTV with Youtube, netflix, roku capabilities.

    I think when i am NOT AT the computer, and i watch it on the television screen, your video may not get a “watched” by me…but i will go look it up on Youtube (computer and add my 2 cents : )

    I LOVE – LOOK FORWARD to NEW News…and go to your channel often to check for UPDATES
    ANYTHING “new” on Pence you can share with us…will be MUCH appreciated by me.

    Wondering if there are ANY crumbs/Updates on JFK Jr…
    And HOPING it will be ‘he’ that will take Pence’s place, instead of any clones…

    Seriously! THAT would be playing the “Trump” card to the max!! Talk about BIBLICAL… seeing someone who was “raised from the dead” so to speak…
    THAT act will “TRUMP” ANYTHING that the cabal DNC or Biden, HRC, or ObamaS can come up with…EVER!!!

    Hope this isn’t just a ‘pipe dream’…

  9. As of 5:38 pm Pacific time…you have on your Video…’Mr. President Who is Q?’
    393 COMMENTs plus mine…You have 1.6 K LIKES, (30 dis-likes)…with 11,200* VIEWS as of MAY 23, 2020. THAT is alot of Views in 3 days!! Good Job Reporting the FACTS TCH!

  10. Us real folks, got your back… Let me know if you need anything homie

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