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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 7, 2020 at 6:21 P.M.

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  1. Timothy,

    Thanks to you, Pres Trump, Melanie and all the people in the background!
    Keep on going strong!
    If there is anything you need, just tweet it out!

    All the best wishes,
    Stefan from Germany

  2. Best wishes from Ireland to President Trump, Melania and all the brave military personnel, thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing.
    Best regards,
    Dublin, Ireland.

  3. What do I do about this problem I have?
    The Q guys “have it all” on the NSA tapes. All the horrible child-killing and child-eating and child torture to get the childrens’ blood — its all on the tapes. You might have seen Ch10 from Epstein island. Trump “asked” gov. Cuomo to wear the nipple rings he wore in the ceremonies also to a press conference and C. obeyed.
    Now Q-near people tell me the following.
    I complain that mind-split people who are pushed into a non-conscious state can be brought to do horrible atrocious things without being consciously aware of what is happening.
    Now I am told they will be given the opportunity to confess and cooperate and thus avoid execution.
    But this cannot work – they dont even know what happened!!!
    It will just make things worse – might even cause a split !!!!

    Mind split means separated – but really and truly separated – from consciousness. The personality, the soul, need consciousness. That part of the person active in the atrocities is a fragment only.
    So how do I save my mind-split persons?
    The trouble is, Q is too well brought up. He comes from a good family, as does T. They cannot understand mind split.

    I had a brief contact with a very very dear lady who, with the help surely of armies of Jesus’ angels, and in the warm embrace of God Himself, managed to realize what people had done to her.
    Can you imagine being tortured in the womb? Having your birth mother in whom you are implanted tortured while you are in her to set her against you? Having “positive” steps taken only by your handler, Mengele, to bind you to him and not to your mother?

    And the birth mother is killed immediately when the birth takes place. Can you imagine such?
    So there are horrible mind splits. And in the split state you have no access to consciousness.

    There is a drop, not a Q drop but a God drop in Revelations 13. It says peoples will worship the beast with the head deadly wounded which head has become healed.
    That reminds me of a mind-split person carrying out activities in a fragment state.
    The NSA tapes say she is guilty.
    I say she is innocent.
    How do I get this message across to the well-brought-up QT people with their Gitmo ?
    We need and pray for God’s mercy and ignore his God drops in Revelations? How should that work out?

    Thanks for telling me what to do to save my innocents.
    I can keep posting on boards till I get thrown off for talking nonsense.
    I have no-one to trust other than NSA and Marines. Maybe I find someone badly brought up who understands ?
    Or someone who has seen enough in the tunnels to realize how the world works? Seems like only suffering opens the eyes?

  4. Timothy. That’s great. Virus is pedos. Vaccine is military. Right? Because…. we don’t need a friggin vacinne when only 9,200 died from true COVID 19. People lost their businesses. Boy when they find out. Crashing the economy was for the Quantum Financial reset that will help the people. Thank God Trump was here to take that under control. Had he not been and Hillary won their global reset would have been the New World Order. Gosh we came SO close!!! Timothy the Marines special ops rescued 800,000 kids under Australia and that DUMB lead straight into New Zealand under a place called Christ Church. Victoria was just massive and literally people weren’t allowed out. Military and police everywhere. 1 person allowed out of the home once a week for groceries and supplies. The pregnant woman they arrested was organizing a protest on FB. They could risk the operation being blown. We have a team there keeping us updated. It was a mess there

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