U.S. Army Document: Veteran’s child rescue group leader does not deny threatening to rape , torture, and murder CHILD on Fort Campbell, Kentucky

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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on July 19, 2021 at 11:21 A.M.

The following was sent to the Criminal Investigation Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky today.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

In Re: CID Investigation / Threats of Kidnap/Rape/Torture/Beastiality/Forced Porn/Murder on Fort Campbell

July 19, 2021

31st Military Police Detachment (CID)
2747 29th Street
Fort Campbell, KY 42223-5638
E-mail: usarmy.campbell.usacidc.list.camp-cid-31-det@mail.mil
Phone: 931-801-0316

Dear Ranking Officer,

This correspondence is regarding a formal report that was made by Randi L. Erickson, through your Director of Public Affairs, Robert Jenkins, on June 18, 2021. On June 19, 2021 I also contacted Mr. Jenkins with information. Mr. Jenkins advised he was sending the evidence to CID.

This letter is to inform you that on June 18, 2021 www.timothycharlesholmseth.com (a.k.a. TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH™ REPORTS) published  Fort Campbell, KY Criminal Investigations Division investigating beastiality rape and murder threats made by Veterans For Child Rescue Inc. – TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH™ Reports

As of today, July 19, 2021, we can confirm Craig Randall Sawyer, CEO, Veterans For Child Rescue Inc., Arizona, has not issued any Demand For Retraction, or, Demand For Clarification. The story included screenshots of all the threats made by Sawyer and his associates. Sawyer has never denied sending the threats.

For your information and convenience I will provide you my June 19, 2021 correspondence by copying and pasting it below.

Very respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth


Timothy Charles Holmseth
News Reporter / www.timothycharlesholmseth.com

In Re: Domestic Terrorism / CIA Black Ops on American Soil

June 19, 2021

Robert Jenkins
Director of Public Affairs
Fort Campbell, KY

Mr. Jenkins,

Yesterday you were contacted by my publisher Randi Erickson regarding threats of rape, torture, and murder being directed toward me, Ms. Erickson, our families, and what appeared to be a thinly veiled threat against Melania Trump. Ms. Erickson advised you the threats were being made by Craig R. Sawyer, president, Veterans For Child Rescue Inc, Arizona, as well as his VIPR team members and advisors including Bob Hamer, James Hill, and Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore.

An informative story was published yesterday regarding Ms. Erickson’s delivery of evidence to CID which can be seen at this link.

Within hours of our initial report, Craig Sawyer issued an ominous statement online on GAB wherein he boasts he is an “extensively trained” and “experienced” “killer” which included a posed photo of himself dressed as an assassin holding a rifle. I am including screenshots of the statement and the photo of Sawyer.

It may be of interest to CID that a cautionary warning to President Trump I authored regarding Mike Pence, and sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions (at that time), was tweeted out to nearly a million followers of Attorney Lin Wood. Interestingly…Craig Sawyer quickly telephoned Attorney Wood in what I believe was an attempt to convince Attorney Wood to remove the tweet. I believe Mr. Sawyer said he spoke to Attorney Wood for several hours. Attorney Wood did not remove the tweet. See attached. I don’t know if Attorney Wood taped that call but CID might find it useful if he did.

Mr. Sawyer has published nomenclature featuring logos and names of many military units, as well as the logos of FBI, CIA, NSA, and other federal agencies. He announced to the world that he is working with all those agencies. As you can see…it’s very concerning Mr. Sawyer claims to be running Black Ops and using Fort Campbell for sexual torture and murder.

Respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Randi L. Erickson

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