U.S. Congress investigating racketeering in State of Minnesota v. Timothy Charles Holmseth

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 24, 2019 at 9:11 P.M.

United States Congress, the U.S. Department of Justice, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are investigating multiple parties in Florida and Minnesota regarding violations of the Hobb’s Act and Emoluments violations.

The evidence surrounds State of Minnesota v. Timothy Charles Holmseth which was created through a conspiracy between bad actors in Florida and Minnesota using a Family Court (Sharia Law) scheme.

The investigation began with evidence regarding conspiracy to commit interstate racketeering and has been extended to investigate “incidentals” including evidence Timothy Holmseth acquired regarding black market baby sales through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Pentagon sources state President Trump has requested regular briefings on the Holmseth case.

Timothy Holmseth is the only authorized news reporter to report exclusive content for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

Timothy Holmseth’s Pentagon contact meets face to face with President Trump

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7 thoughts on “U.S. Congress investigating racketeering in State of Minnesota v. Timothy Charles Holmseth

  1. Make no mistake we will be coming for the evil workers of iniquity there is no where to run, there is no where to hide from the fathers anointed!

  2. boy you’ve got them running scared.. Now it’s not just Florida gunning for you, they’ve exposed their heavy hitters!!! KUDOS TIM!

  3. I wanna say a big thanks to you timothy. Since i know you and your work im started now here in germany take a more detailed look everywhere for example in woods industry areas and other we have 2 big build projects not finish it seems clear there dumbs under stuttgart 21 i know agenda 21 i think maybe theres a connection in booth also theres a dumb under Flughafen BER they close another berlin flughafen now and im sure its something the same under it. also since i know timothy i started my research for worldwide everything with tunnels deep underground bases traintunnels and more .never noticed there even finished full underground cities in all big cities worldwide its so crazy if did researched so much against this here in germany theres a poliitic party created by pedophils the greens in berlin are over 1000 victims when i upload something about that or also pizzagate i have original videos from the pizzaria of that rothschild pizza boss it was just an actor who did this fake news attack of the pizzaria to save people like prinz andrew clinton and muslimbrother obama. i noticed the last years several times m,y stuff about green politics was send into shadowbans or once long video i made they suddenly set unseable only in germany ….thats my best motivation “A COUNTRY where pedophile peoples got saved through censorships from the things they need is a country you must change the politics,also this shake merkel did is when your in miss of adrenochrome the deep state action are real today ihk köln boss suddenly retired this office you must do your end exam when learn any kind of job also today the boss of phantasialand suddenly died they said and he have booked many years sigfried and roy well known pedophils.

  4. Also i have today blamed 2 german newspapers they wanted to make a german leichtatletik star to a conspiracy lier but they named only things what are truth like the namend pizzagate and adrenochrome they try actually make everyone who is against the corona lockdown things to nazis tried this with me long time because in germany is an unspooken rule never believe in nazis so i started collect all about pedophils i have as one of the less german people the original video when politc party the greens made out of pedophil party alternative liste in 80s when they tried to make a new law that sex with kids should be ok if a kid say yes,also this bastards made a new thing for german kindergarten every child in germany learn about sex in kindergarten when they be 3-5 years old.Most man working in kindergarten vote green and who would be happy talk with childs about sex then a pedophil man,thats also why i hate islam when i gotz my first 30 days strafe at facebook 3-4 years ago i saw video at facebook a muslim man minimum 60 years married an 10 year old girl the girl was crying and the old guy laughing like satan and then he happyly drink champagne with the parents who sold him this girl,i send a mail to facebook to delete the video and the answer was i got a strafe for complaina a video of child trafficking child marriage ….. i see since many years how pedophils are everywhere i love kids they be real they say and do exactly what they think dont fake anything a child smile is best you can get,so i hate every bastard who do bad things to a kid.I also was 6 month together with a german woman who was in partnership with a muslim i think from iraq she only dont leave him offical because he raped and attacked her endless times the years before and told her she will die when she leave him they call this “Ehrenmord” so we meet a half year only as a treasure when the bastard was at work. in germany its nearly forbidden talk about muslim or refugess violence but new police statistics say in 2018 and 2019 there was 6times more victims germans killed or raped by muslim refugees from syria afghanistan marocco and so on then germans do anything to refugees and the fake media only show the things germans did and the politics all say everday something about the bad patriots and that we all wanna kill jews or do things against them what is total rubbish they also use antisemit stuff from muslims against jews and talk about this statistics as germans do this because they count booth together over 90% aggression to jews are from muslims not germans

  5. I believe my sister is being trafficked in Delta BC. This relates to an estate scam and a corrupt Orphan’s court Judge in Pennsylvania and likely also a Billionaire island owner in florida. someone really needs to investigate this. It is a big rabbit hole.

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