Arizona child welfare workers fired for wearing professional kidnapper shirts.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 23, 2020 at 1:02 A.M.

They want their money back.

That dirty little goblin Craig Sawyer (Vets For Child Rescue) has been exposed after a group of CPS social workers in his own backyard of Arizona created shirts that said Professional Kidnapper on the front.

Sawyer has always been known to be running a sleazy scheme but now he’s getting songs dedicated to him and his fake child rescue group.

We just received this dedication.

‘Vets 4 Child Rescue is fake and I want my money back’ lol

Give everybody their money back Sewer-man and turn yourself in.


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  1. From online research more than two years ago, I could see that Sawyer was a bad guy and posted links “outing’  him on social media.  One of the good guys whom Sawyer slandered was the man who began Veterans on Patrol (VOP).  His name escapes me but he was nicknamed “Red Beard” by the FL attorney whose Youtube channel is called “Farmer Jones.”  I tried to keep following VOP online but his Youtube channel was eventually terminated.  Farmer Jones, who tried to be supportive (as did I, he posted VOP videos on social media), still has his channel. VOP is the organization that was working to rescue/help with homeless vets at an AZ desert camp and thsoe vets began patrol to serch for vets and child trafficker sites (they destroyed many of them) on a desert corridor from the border. I think they succeeded in making the traffickers shift their trafficking corridor to some extent,  But VOP discovered a camp on land tied to Cemex where there was a suspected rape tree and a structure that had children’s stuff just below ground surface and that required kids to use a trafficker provided ladder to get out of their temporary dungeon. “Red Beard” was a very passionate and well meaning man being accused by Sawyer of being a phony and worse.  He also had little  police support for his work with vets and planners int he nearby city were trying to force his camp to close. Social service agencies seemed feckless at best with respect to his mission to rescue children and nab traffickers.  Like Timothy Holmseth, he appeared to be beleaguered from many fronts, as he worked nonstop to do good. And, as with Timothy, I feared for his life.  I would love to know waht has happened with him and the VOP if someone here knows that. I If living, I know he, like Timothy, will have some satisfaction when HRC buddy Sawyer is held accountable for his ruses, ill gotten gains and likely crimes against children.

  2. Yes, he took my generous donations as well. I saw it go to a race car for advertising which raised an eyebrow for me – disturbing. Then when he got aggressive towards me after I posted an opposing opinion on his twitter feed, advised I was a donor and he became worse. Not my standards. Next day canceled, but that was after over a year or so of donations. Just creepy

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