VIDEO: The Chauvin-Floyd PSYOP – Timothy Holmseth guest on Truth Unsealed

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 1, 2020 at 11:28 P.M.

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Chauvin-Floyd PSYOP – Timothy Holmseth guest on Truth Unsealed

  1. Riddle me this, Timothy Charles Holmseth, why/how could you call Field McConnell a hero, knowing the deal he made in regards to you. His inner circle, his son, and his bar lawyer were successful in persuading Field, which was not at all difficult considering the circumstances he was in. Your name is now on his court papers as a special “witness”. That’s only the beginning of what is coming, as you must have figured out immediately that you are now under the bus, having been thrown there by your “hero”. Stay safe, stay well, best wishes.

  2. The biggest question for me is: “Why did Chauvin and Floyd act like they did not know each other?” Shouldn’t Floyd have been using Derek’s name when he was asking his buddy to get off his neck? Likewise with Chauvin never saying “George” when telling him to stop resisting, etc.

    Total crock

  3. Excellent show! So many of us are behind you with our prayers, Timothy. You’ve been put through hell and I hope that every single person who has slandered, harassed, and threatened you faces prison time.

    Patriots are going to win!

  4. The cop with the knee on Floyd is an actor Ben Bailey and it was filmed in front of a green screen. George Floyd was a porn name Stephen Jackson used. This is all a hoax, George Floyd never existed and wasn’t killed, they just created a video to make it look like he was killed. The governor of Minnesota and the mayor of Minneapolis were in on the hoax to start all the riots.

  5. Hi, first David, your micro is bad, the sound is ugly.
    I am sure that George Floyd isn’t dead, and yesterday I saw a video and the author talk and show his « jumeau » a sosie !!! Also, the garbage show in sides the 6 6 6 6 sign of the beast (devil) and we know Democrats !!! All you said you too has sense.
    Sorry, I am French, my English … You have to accept and click

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