WASHINGTON DC INSIDER: Congressmen being quarantined from the people – pedophiles calling the shots

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 8, 2020 at 10:31 AM

According to a high-level source, un-elected personnel within the government are preventing the American people from communicating with their representatives – much of it involving information about child sex trafficking.

The insider said congressional offices are being flooded by telephone calls from the American people but the information is being strategically withheld from Representatives and Senators.

“Nothing has changed in three and a half years of Mr. Trump as far as being able to talk to our representative. That’s because the guard never changes. Some of these guys – if not all of them have been in there for nine, ten, years; how many congressmen have come and gone? The staff never changes,” the source said.

The source used the Congressional Office of Representative Steve Scalise as an example of where information regarding human trafficking and crimes against children is being blocked by gatekeepers.

“This is a lifetime job. They are un-elected and they never change,” he said.

“We can’t go to our elected people. The judges are controlled. The cops are in on it. Some of the judges are in on it. The fucking staff around every elected person is getting instructions from the pedophiles and the drug salesman and the people who don’t like Trump and whoever else wants to get their two cents in and they are isolating these elected people,” he said.

“If we couldn’t get to Scalise who started this whole deal and got shot for it you tell me baby who and the fuck were going to get to?” the source said.

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