SPECIAL OPERATOR: Congressmen facing Guantanamo – “they gave up all the information”

“In the event that a rogue President or a rogue government acts to destroy this nation overnight…”

Originally Published by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 7, 2019 at 10:51 A.M.

Updated on February 9, 2020 at 9:33 A.M.

IMPEACHMENT WATCH: The Andrew Jackson Photo: “Yanked in … I’m going to hang the first son-of-a-bitch that secedes to a tree outside”

Who is going to vote to impeach President Trump?

Does the Andrew Jackson photo that President Trump keeps up on the wall behind him tell us all we need to know?

Here’s why.

On February 22, 2018 Special Operator Lawrence Dean O’Bryan telephoned Investigative Journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth.

18:50 MINUTE MARKER “All the blind trustees of all the politicians, senators, congressmen, retired Presidents, retired Vice Presidents, blind trustees, yanked in, and they had to give up all the information on their trusts with crimes they committed or they were going to be sent to Guantanamo. They gave up all the information”.

17:05 MINUTE MARKER – – – “Remember when McCain, McConnell, Durkin, Graham, were all saying that Trump was incompetent to be President? When all of a sudden overnight at the end of August they shut the fuck up? Because I sent an email to the White House and I stated this – ‘Mr. President I’m sick and tired of these people calling you incompetent to be President’ – I said when the Civil War threatened to break out in 1830 President Jackson took the Capital building with a regiment of regulars with fixed bayonets took the stage with a rope in his hand and said I’m going to hang the first son-of-a-bitch that secedes to a tree outside – which staved off the Civil War for 31 years – and I said ‘Mr. President you give me Force Recon and I will take Mr. McConnell. Everybody shut up.”


On February 22, 2018 a Special Operator named Lawrence Dean O’Bryan telephoned Timothy Charles Holmseth and disclosed TOP SECRET information about a Protocol set up by President Ronald Reagan – “In the event that a rogue President or a rogue government acts to destroy this nation overnight…”

The entire call is published here.

  • The ‘child stealing’
  • MK Ultra / Project Monarch
  • 911
  • The 28th Amendment created by President Ronald Reagan – “In the event that a rogue President or a rogue government acts to destroy this nation overnight…”
  • Executive Order issued on seizing of assets
  • Pedophiles being rounded up
  • State of Emergency
  • Removing a rogue president or rogue government
  • Supreme Supreme court justice
  • President Bush attempted to assassinate candidate Barrack Obama on June 21, 2008
  • 444 major covert missions by Lawrence Dean O’Bryan – Five operational names with six groups
  • Classified video of Reagan and O’Bryan
  • Bush Sr. got drunk at White House on 12/05/86 and told Reagan he was going to destroy this nation
  • Reagan got witnesses and taped Bush Sr. – Speaker Tip O’ Neal – Senator Baker – Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist – wrote the 28th Amendment
  • Sleeper program – were just actors
  • President Trump is saving the nation by the authority of God above
  • “If you have Special Operations contacts you can verify who and what I am”
  • Lawrence Dean O’Bryan issued an order regarding confiscation (assets forfeiture) the pedophile and sex trade stuff two months before President Trump
  • Supreme Court is irrelevant
  • Abortion clinics shut down
  • Ron Paul / Rand Paul
  • Special Operations went down to El Salvador and exterminated MS-13 – entire cartel in Nicaragua exterminated the next day
  • Cuba now a U.S. Territory
  • Fly overs of Mexico with fighters and bombers
  • Mexican Mafia exterminated
  • Program in place to remove all illegals from the country
  • Assets seized all over the world
  • International Bank of the United States of America – America has taken over banks around the world
  • Bible – 7 headed Beast of Revelation
  • Illuminati and Jesuits executed
  • Vatican bankrupt
  • Off budget U.S. Treasury
  • Opium fields destroyed
  • Lawrence Dean O’Bryan was arrested and locked up for six years after declaring State of Emergency
  • Impeach Trump
  • HARP projects causing hurricanes
  • McCain, McConnell, Durkin, Graham saying Trump incompetent to be President – they suddenly “shut the fuck up” because O’Bryan sent an email to the White House ‘I said Mr. President you give me force recon and I’ll take McConnell’ – if Congress doesn’t not act to deal with North Korea of ANTIFA I will
  • All the blind trustees – all the politicians, senators, retired congressmen, retired Presidents, retired Vice Presidents, had to give up all the information on their trusts and the crimes they committed or they were going to be sent to Guantanamo – they gave up all the information
  • Lawrence Dean O’Bryan said Hillary, McCain and McConnell had boots because of his orders
  • Half of President Trumps cabinet were plants
  • Federal Protective order on O’Bryan was violated
  • LGBQT shit
  • Lawrence met Barrack Obama – met Reagan – met Bush Sr. – talked to Bill Clinton on missions – met Bush Jr.
  • Watched Timothy Holmseth videos on the Web
  • O’Bryan Main shooter at Waco
  • S. Army issued flame thrower started fire
  • Waco was MK Ultra victim preparing to file federal lawsuit
  • 30 Million MK Ultra
  • Billy Graham – Joel Osteen are/were Satanic priests
  • Cathy O’Brien – Sue Ford were sex slaves for Billy Graham
  • Worldwide Church of God / clearinghouse for the CIA / sex slaves and assassins
  • Why he is calling Timothy Holmseth “I know you have sources and contacts”
  • Wants Timothy Holmseth to help President Trump
  • Stu Webb / Tom Hannigan
  • Al Gore won the 2000 election
  • All special ops have been micro chipped
  • World War 3 was avoided with a three second window
  • Held in St. John’s County Jail in Florida
  • Cops shooting through walls with his daughter in house
  • They tortured me in jail
  • Sheriff Shore was Illuminati – confessed
  • “We’re under Martial Law”
  • ICBM launch in Hawaii was real
  • China’s nuclear subs were destroyed – sank 62 Chinese ships
  • Warlords being exterminated – no American soldiers lost
  • Britain stripped of military – 50,000 troops only
  • Mike Pence and General Kelley and half the staff were in on a plot to force Trump to resign – “they tried to kill him six times” gunpoint
  • Recon Marines protecting Trump
  • They drugged President Trump
  • Deep State attempted to assassinate President at Mar-A-Lago
  • Sonic attacks in Cuba at Embassy
  • Marco Rubio
  • Tsunamis and earthquakes via satellite weapon
  • Nuclear bunker busters used
  • Detailed recovery repressed memory
  • Duct taped to chair and forced to watch Congressman eat babies with their bare teeth
  • Clintons and Bush’s are all under indictment
  • Ted Gunderson was Division 5
  • MS-13 exterminated
  • The Wall
  • Satanists assets are being seized
  • Satanic Zionists
  • Larry Mizell
  • Stock Market
  • “What your talking about has been my fucking life”
  • Voice to skull technology
  • The Golden Triad – the number one importers of infants
  • Bush ordered O’Bryan to execute prisoners
  • “I’m told I’ll be in Washington soon”
  • Taking over CNN and NBC
  • Pence and Kelley stopping some of O’Bryan’s order
  • Constitution will be re-instated
  • Wants ideas from Timothy Holmseth
  • CIA tried to kill O’Bryan
  • God above in control
  • God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham
  • Main culprit is Great Britain
  • Last group to be taken down is Satanic Zionists

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