by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 26, 2019 at 4:51 P.M.

Listen to this call (You Tube below) received by Timothy Charles Holmseth a few years ago – anybody want to guess who it was?

Use voice recognition.

MONTAGRAPH, NSA, Wildlife Standoff in Oregon, Federal Employee, CIA Servers, Dale, Dale Ellis Bennett, KGB, Pay Per View Child Porn, Videos of Kids Being Killed, Server in Virginia, Server in Minnesota, Seven Dwarfs CIA Network, Q, Bob Enyart,, Thunder Road Group, JonBenet Ramsey, MK ULTRA, MONTAGRAPH TAZING JonBenet Ramsey, MONTAGRAPH hand symbol mocking public – prints at JonBenet Ramsey murder scene, Sock Puppet Armies, Kevin Flynn, General Flynn, Michael Flynn, Steve Hyde, DOD, Lockhead Martin, Hillary Back Door to Internet, Admiral Rogers, Michael Rogers, IG Department of Justice, Donald Trump, President’s Twitter Hacked, Assassination Attempt in China, Julian Assange, Bob Enyart’s Church, False Flags, MK ULTRA Training,

Montagraph (Dale Ellis Bennett, Roy Warren Marshall, Steve Quest)


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