Arizona Holocaust!!! – 297 Missing [so far] In August [600 in July]- Domestic Terror Group ACTIVE – EMERGENCY

Stolen shots of two people

by Lisa C. Melbourne on August 19, 2020 at 9:07 A.M.

Children continue to vanish at the industrial level in Arizona.

According to State of Arizona records, 297 children have been reported missing as of today’s date.

AUGUST 2020 AZ – August 19 2020

Nearly 600 children were reported missing in July, 2020.


Arizona is where Hillary Clinton’s and former Arizona Senator John McCain’s bodyguard, Craig Sawyer, with the help of Alex Jones, set up his fake child rescue operation Veterans For Child Rescue  (V4CR).

Hillary Clinton has deployed Sawyer’s Domestic Terror Network to work with Deep State CIA assassins to threaten and hunt news reporters; and direct publications to distract from the Arizona Child Harvest.

Clinton’s operatives recently launched a desperate push to attack QANON via the Daily Beast. QANON began alerting the public to child and human trafficking several years ago.

And…death threats are being issued against reporters.

Hillary’s Bodyguard EXPOSED- Domestic Terror Group and Death Squads Identified

FORBES: Did President Trump lure Hillary Clinton into a TRAP?!?! [CHILD PORN] [TRAFFICKING]



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  1. I wonder how the Mormon church in Arizona ties into this situation, as they are high profile Mormon church officials and businesspeople, who are notorious child traffickers, pedophiles and ritual abusers – in Arizona

  2. Timothy check out
    I hope we can make President Yrump aware of this site CPS site!!! Do you know?

  3. Where exactly are they getting all these kids from? is it residents in Arizona, immigrants? who is involved – is it just the CPS? what other institutions and individuals are involved?

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