Timothy charles holland reports for the peterborough task force.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 22, 2020 at 12:16 P.M.

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  1. Our love and prayers are with you all. Thank you for sharing and helping us to understand. We thank God for you, those who are saving these children and for our amazing POTUS and FLOTUS and family, God bless you all, and may He cover you and bring you comfort and peace knowing that you are serving Him and fulfilling His will. We pray for Swift and fast Justice for all. God bless.

  2. I knew about this for 30 years from MK Ultra victims. Because of this, I am a bit crazy, but I learned little by little over the years. My God, I am so excited this is being exposed. I want CPS closed down. I want Family Court closed down. I want all the bad actors arrested. Those soldiers are all being prayed for by intercessors. You and Field are also prayed for by intercessors. We will continue praying for everyone, especially our president. We all love you Timothy. Deborah Lynne Connor

  3. Thank you Timothy for the updates. Prayers for the children for the military and the health care workers. Prayers for the momma bears. ??? I don’t stop praying…I love my Potus and Flotus with all my heart. God surround them all with your heavenly angels! I pray the angels go forth in this fight in this battle!

  4. Prayer Chain: Friday, May 1st, 2020 @ 8pm (PST) Light white candles and place in the window for all of God’s white light to bless the earth. We need to pray for the children, military, all things good, heavenly, & come together. Do this for all the children victims on the earth. Peace, healing, & love for all!

  5. I’m in Australia and I have been posting pictures of convicted pedophiles and their crimes recently one of these pedophiles got out of jail and it makes me so angry I will be contacting somebody I know in a task force who’s in this type of work and I’m going to ask him what is being done here in Australia God bless My heart ? is absolutely broken

  6. I cant help but follow you to keep up with status of this divine operation. All I know is the amount of time I spend on my face doing my part in this… pouring myself out to Him on you all’s behalf. Children, POTUS & family, Q, military, you & family, and many more. Scripture that comes to me on behalf of your work…
    Whatever you do, work passionately as for the Lord and not for men. Col 3:23

  7. God bless you Timothy, you have given so much of yourself to stand for the children. I watched you for about 4 years now. My heart breaks for the children for the families. Every day these children are on my mind. I can’t imagine witnessing such horrific behavior and looking at humanity the same way. It’s just so diabolical I can’t wrap my head around it. A huge thank you and many hugs and prayers being sent your way!

  8. No you do Not need to say anything that needs to be Quiet….This is War and Winning it is More Important that getting stuff out before it needs to come out…Be Wise!

  9. Trying to find the piece you were talking about that you wrote how covid relates to the trafficking. Having trouble finding it. Is there a link? Thanks

  10. God Bless you! God Bless our first family, our military, and the children who have suffered. Praying for you every single day!

  11. Thank you very much for all you’re doing. May God bless you and yours. WWG1WGA. Save the children.

  12. there needs to be pictures and video of this. Gen. Eisenhower made the military take photo’s and video’s of the Nazi death camps because he knew down the road people will deny it ever happened. He also instructed the troops to go to the surrounding towns and bring the people out there so they could witness first hand the atrosities .it was shock treatment for sure but i needed to be done. and i believe it needs to be done now

  13. God bless Trump and everyone who us fighting the scariest and saddest WAR of Good and Evil this World has ever seen!!!!! Please God all mighty creature of ALL please help these men and women who are saving these sweet Precious babies I pray they ALL make it home to there families no one will ever be taken away by these sick sick fucking people ever again Thanks to Trump!!!??????????????

  14. You have balls bigger than mine! And mine are very large! Thank you for the enlightenment and for staying real!

  15. Thank you for all you do. Thank you President Trump. Prayers continually for all who is involved and their families. Thank you JESUS. Send me Lord

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