ATTENTION MOTHERS! Your baby is NOT YOURS! – The (secret) Story of a Mother and her (their) Baby

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Submitted by High Command on January 12, 2019 at 9:50 P.M.

A mother, nine months pregnant and about to deliver her precious child, unknowingly walks into a “foundling hospital”.

(Since 1908 all hospitals are deemed foundling hospitals in the United States. The Legal definition of the word “foundling” is a safe place to abandon a child.)

The mother goes through a major medical procedure, commonly known as childbirth! She is in extreme pain, “under duress”, Often under the influence of painkillers. iust happily looking forward to getting home with her bouncing Da6y.

When she is brought and handed a stack of papers to “sign” and merely told

“that these are just to give your baby a name and register it with the State”.

So, Without any “full and honest disclosure”, of the “terms and conditions” of the “securities contract”.

Without a “Meeting of the minds”. She “signs” as an “informant”.

The Legal definition of the word “informant” is “someone who gives someone else up to another”.

Thereby, under the false and fraudulent doctrines of

“Parens Patriae” (State is Parent) and “In Loco Parentis” (Crazy Parenting), She unknowingly gives “equitable title” to the State(s)

Department of Human Resources.

Forever to be known as “Human Capital”, or “Chattel Property”. (ie. a Slave)

The “NAMED VESSEL” (PERSONA) is “Reg- i – ‘star’-ed” (given a FLAG) a CUSIP number (an SEC Regulated investment control number) is created.

A Cestui Que Vie Trust is set up under the PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST through a “BANK” where it “issues reserved” (Certificate) and is “Bonded and Insured” (Birth Certificate).

What is an “issues reserved”? It is a Federal Reserve Note ($ Loan). A Debit

What is a “Insured Bond”? It is a United States Treasury Bond (B).   A Credit

A “Balance Sheet” is created!


1933-1975. $630,000 FRN loan from IMF to the PCT   $1,000,000 Policy

1975-Present. $1,000,000 FRN Loan from IMF to the PCT   $2,000,000 Policy

On behalf of the individual Cestui Que Vie


1933-1975. $630,000. U.S. Treasury Bonds were issued under CUSIP#

1975-Present. $1,000,000. U.S. Treasury Bonds were issued under CUSIP#

Other CUSIP’S added later

SS#, DL#, Military ID#, Advanced College Degree#, Court Case #’s

In  other words…

The “NAMED VESSAL” comes out of the sea “water” is tugged through the birth “canal”, where il is “docked” by the Doctor, ie. “Dock-tender”.

Where it is “inspected” a “bill of lading” is “presented”. And a “Manifest” is


The “NAMED Vessel” is then sent with the “tug”, “out to sea” presumed lost and assumed dead, until it returns to pay its “tax” and claim its “goods”

…the “Person”is Traffic-ked in commerce

While the baby… “a living soul”

is sent home to live with its mother!

Until… (it claims it’s minor estate).

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  1. It’s just mind blowing isn’t it? Been hearing about this since the early 90s. But the internet wasn’t like it so today so to look things up wasn’t as productive.

  2. We have all been swindled since birth
    I’ve also heard of this and also heard of
    People accessing these accounts to pay off
    Their debts? Regardless these demons are all sick and need to be stopped the whole system is corrupt and we need a reboot

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