by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 17, 2020 at 12:23 P.M.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, in conjunction with Joint Special Operations Command, is confirming that Austin Steinbart is NOT ‘Q’.

He is a plant and impostor believed to be associated with Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s former bodyguard Craig Sawyer.

Steinbart’s mission was a False Flag where he was to act nutty and crazy in hopes the entire Q movement would appear crazy.

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21 thoughts on “Austin Steinbart is NOT ‘Q’

  1. Thank you Tim for the daily reports. I had no idea there were search and rescue teams looking for kids. My heart and prayers go out for you and everyone who is out there doing the heavy work.

    1. Oh nevermind, i thought that was craig sawyer in the video. Damn, this is going to break a lot of hearts of people I know on twitter. There are many people, including a doctor, Dr. Tammy, that insist they have tons of Austin Steinbart Q proofs. I hope you’re ready for some pushback on this Tim. That’s not from me, I’m just letting you know to be prepared bc they are not going to be happy and I’m sure you are going to hear from them. I’m about to show this to them. You see, he claims to be a DIA contractor since 17. That photo with Mcnasty was supposedly an intel op. He has had seemingly solid replies to any pushback from the Q community. Did you verify this through DOD? They even have a media group now being setup in Arizona. I know bc I almost went to be a part of opening it and helping with content. Someone donated a tv studio for his use with about a dozen or so QAnoners. There’s lots of new content available now. I honestly was in the Steinbart camp and had Q Proofs for him too. Or so I thought.

      1. Doctor Tammy went off on me yesterday for posting that Austin was not Q. After she told me she was educated more than me I sent her this article. She didnt apologize or make any further comment back.

          1. Anyone that has actually investigated Austin Steinbart should at least come away that he was a QAnon based on the evidence time stamped accross several platforms. I say was a QAnon because he has come out and is no longer Anonymous. Austin Steinbart stated that Q = President Trump Admiral Rogers General Flynn and DIA / Austin Steinbart QAnon Operation. But you know what he has claimed and you have investigated the tens of thousands of documents he has placed in open source and your conclusion He is not part of Q and we should just believe in you because you R with the High Command.

          2. My suggestion to you is call or email Kirk and Chris / E-Clause and have file the paper work with the Legistlative and call for Quorum. Nothing more important then settling the source for more then 90% all intel dropped on the human race in at least sense smart phones with internet 24/7.

  2. When Austin came out in March, there were even a couple of instances that I thought Trump vouched for him. During a few of his daily Live Briefings, he mentioned “Austin” and “we need to help Austin”. Clearly it wasn’t related to Steinbart in it’s nature, but I thought it was a clear coded message from Trump. Anyway, I love ya man and can’t thank you enough or say enough great things about you. I have a rather large following on fb and I am getting your content to the people as much as I can. Take care of yourself and God bless.

  3. I just read your article again and it clearly states “Confirmed by PPTF and JSOC” so disregard my last.

  4. Have you confirmed if the Majestic 12 account is fraudulant as well? Their handle is @TS_SCI_MAJIC12. They have a large following and haven’t vouched for steinbart but haven’t dismissed him either. A lot of people view them as questionable. Myself included. Not that that means anything bc hell, steinbart tricked me.

  5. Hoping the rest of investigative journalism is more fact base then what you presented here concerning Austin Steinbart. Your calling him a liar and a fraud. You must have more? What is your source and is possiable your source is just not in the know because it is a DIA / Subcontracter off book operation.

      1. Can you please send me back all the money I contributed to you? What you R doing to Austin Steinbart is the very samething you claimed other were doing to you and your assertion of Pentigon Pedophile Task Force. WWG1WGA and QAnon for all except Austin Steibart you and other have disqualified him. I really thought you were part of Q. R you?

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    1. Your link points to a page in Vietnamese that does not appear to have any relation to the topic of discussion…

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