BE AWARE: David Icke is a Christ denier – STAY AWAY

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 22, 2020 at 8:40 A.M.

David Icke has been talking about the Coronavirus.

Icke is an interesting guy and possesses information that is very compelling, which he uses as a lure to capture the attention of people who are seeking the truth.

Much of what he says regarding various things he talks about is true.


David Icke is a Christ denier.

What does that mean?

It means…

He will hijack your love for the the truth by telling you many truths, and then, when you feel exhilarated from your awakening, after you are under his spell, he will slide it in there Jesus is not real.

Stay away from David Icke.


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7 thoughts on “BE AWARE: David Icke is a Christ denier – STAY AWAY

  1. Can you please point me to examples of this happening? I haven’t been able to find any and you’ll need to forgive me for not simply taking your word for it. Thank you

  2. You are judging David Icke and without due diligence. David Icke was already awakening humanity– with respect to you Mr. Holmseth– when you possibly were still a toddler.

    David Icke never forces his opinions on others — he presents and leaves it up to his viewers or listeners to make up their own minds. When General Milley stated that every and each one is free to follow their beliefs in the REAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, no matter their different beliefs– Then Sir, kindly understand that across the World, people in many countries have long since been practicing exactly that– following and expressing their individual beliefs and accepted and respected for their beliefs. David Icke’s consciousness is higher and broader than most of his would be detractors comprehend.

    Leave the man be and do not run him down– rather arrange an interview with David and address your concerns directly with him. But to place what is tantamount to a slur against his name, is not correct. For millions across the world will tell you, that if ever a man’s heart is in the right place — that man is David Icke. Thank you for reading my comment.

      1. David has been investigating phenomena for decades and his analysis is generally in keeping with other researchers. I follow various publishers on line who strive to inform the rest of us, “truthers”. I am indebted to them all.

        I don’t look to these people for spiritual guidance. I have yet to hear any thing anti-Christian from Ike that would cause concern. That he is not Christian? That is one thing he should investigate more closely. ?

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that David Icke is controlled opposition!!! 17 years ago, two sweet little old ladies placed oNe of David Ickes books into my hands and encouraged me to take a look at the dark side of our world. His information put the facts across and offered plenty of truth….that’s what shills do….Then, when world events become rather serious, these evil soulless freaks come out with the most frightening fear porn they can muster. Their attention skyrockets, people hop onto the fear train and hang on for dear life. Meanwhile, the truth is there all the time, but well-meaning people have become anxious and crazy over a lie, told by a paid shill. Wise up folks!!! If news causes you to become fearful and panicky, more than likely you are in the hands of a shill that desires to harm you and shield you from the truth. DON’T GIVE THEM AN INCH.

  4. New Age people are on the edge. They are also seeking truth and the light, but it is my personal decision to look to Jesus Christ and the Lord God’s Domain.

  5. I have been watching and reading David Icke for a long time, and I did once hear him say that Jesus, as the figure presented to us by mainstream religion, never existed: I am sorry that I cant give you the reference, but it was in a video of one of his public talks, and it was slipped in as a side comment. However, I let it go at the time, because I found the information he was sharing so compelling and true. And indeed, he has brought together other people’s research as well as doing his own, in a very useful way and definitely presents a realistic picture of “their” current agenda. However, I have recently become increasingly concerned by the fact that Icke is basically constantly imprinting a very graphic vision of malevolent forces and a future dystopia in people’s minds, without offering any kind of real hope or positive vision, thus keeping them locked into anger and fear and causing them to stay in a timeline that ends in the said dystopia: we know that we human beings do have the power to create our reality through their intention and imagination, and we know that as someone’s consciousness rises, they go beyond anger and ego, and reach a state of compassion and wisdom. (I’m not quite there yet, but aiming for it!)
    There are some videos out there which claim that Icke is controlled opposition: all I can say is, I sincerely hope not. Giving Icke the benefit of the doubt, I would say that although he has shared a lot of useful truth, he’s currently on completely the wrong track and is stuck in an attitude of anger and pessimism, (which may be why his body is likewise “stuck” in a state of chronic rheumatoid arthritis, as our bodies mirror our minds). I recommend instead watching the following (YouTube-banned) 10-part documentary, to understand the great hope that has currently arisen for humanity:

    Even though they contain a lot of new details, the content of Parts 1-8 will be basically familiar to all “red-pilled” Icke readers – but it was Parts 9 and 10 that contained the bombshell for me, turned many of my preconceptions on their head, and gave me new hope: and after watching them I went and verified the most stunning claim from other sources and found very strong evidence that it is true.

    Thinking that they simply weren’t aware of this valuable information, I recently sent a letter with a link to the above documentary to Icke and his sons Jaymie and Gareth, but there has been no change of tack on the David Icke website at all, and I have since found videos of Icke actively attacking the main bringers of hope. Watch the documentary on Bitchute to the end (all 10 parts together only last 3 hours in total) and you’ll see what I am taking about – and you’ll probably have a lot more hope too.

    Since the documentary was made, there have been some new developments. According to military insiders, relayed by an ex-military man calling himself gene Decode, deep underground military bases (D.U.M.Bs) in the US and elsewhere are being cleaned out in many countries of the world by an alliance human and friendly ET forces – although you will never hear about this on the mainstream media – nor, sadly, on David Icke.
    You can find detailed information about this campaign as it progresses on a “red-pilled Christian” site called “Blessed to Teach (B2T)”:–UJoHg
    (For a good initial introduction, watch the above link from Minute 48 onwards.)

    Finally, as an antidote to all the pessimistic predictions out there, please watch this wonderful, truly inspiring (mainstream-banned) French film with English subtitles, which shows what utopia on Earth would look like and helps get us onto the timeline that leads to that utopia:
    You may take issue with one or two things in the film – because everyone’s different, thank goodness – but the fact remains that it is one of very very few films to actually visualize a utopia – whereas there are loads of dystopian Hollywood films: and of course, there is a good reason for that.

    As quantum physics experiments too have shown, we human beings have far greater power to shape our reality than we are aware. Also, time and space are not what we think and there are many timelines in this universe. The Creator, Jesus and many good beings in this universe are currently helping the liberation of the earth and supporting a deepening of humanity’s consciousness at this time! We actually live in a wonderful, hopeful time! Each of us can decide for ourselves how we want to live through this time and how we want it to end.

    Hope this information is useful to someone. Blessed are the eyes that see and the ears that hear.

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