BREAKING!!! ADRENOCHROME PURPOSLEY TAINTED WITH CORONA VIRUS! – Adrenochrome users strategically infected to identify those committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

A poster about Coronavirus reports

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 20, 2020 at 11:14 P.M.

It was a trap!

A magnificent TRAP!

The satanic celebrities and elites you see being diagnosed with Coronavirus have fallen trap to a special strain put into Adrenochrome in a secret military operation.

Gene Cosensei, insider and intelligence analyst, appeared on the You Tube news channel cirstenw today and discussed how Tom Hanks and many others around the world have been exposed for crimes against humanity because they used tainted Adrenochrome.

“What happened with the P4 lab is they put in a slightly different strain that is a bit more lethal than the [other] one. It’s called Prima Facie evidence. So, if you wind up having COVID and you have that strain; guess where you got it? Adrenochrome. Which is crimes against humanity. So that’s proof that you’re doing Adrenochrome,” Cosensei said.

Cosenei said there are two COVID viruses.

“One is not contagious the way the other one is – the other one’s contagious the way you shouldn’t be touching surfaces and touching your face if you’re out and about the mask is more to keep you from touching your face,” Cosenei explained.

“The other one is only contagious through injection; sharing liquids like sex and rape in their case,” Cosenei said.

Cosenei said the one they made for the Adrenochrome is more lethal.

Cosenei explained that Adrenochrome is created by torturing a child which causes the blood to become adrenalized. Cosenei said Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are shown in a NYPD video filleting then face off a little girl while she screams “why are you doing this to me?” Clinton then placed the little girls skinned face over her own like a mask to terrorize the child and create Adrenochrome.

The detectives that viewed the Clinton/Abedin child torture video reportedly sobbed, cried, vomited, and needed psychological counseling.

Continue to watch the news and observe who is getting the Coronavirus. You will notice elites such as Hollywood actors and high-level government officials are getting the virus.

Q said it is going to be Biblical.

It is.

13 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! ADRENOCHROME PURPOSLEY TAINTED WITH CORONA VIRUS! – Adrenochrome users strategically infected to identify those committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

    1. GOOD WORK!! On 14 February 2019 I filed the case Strunk v Cuomo etal including Planned Parenthood etc where a lot of the precious natal chemicals come from[ and because the DNC makes money by trafficing to the big Pharma and Cosmetics industries here and overseas includes Ukraine (see This story needs to be told certainly the Federal court did not want to hear it.

  1. If there is truly a video of Hillary cutting a child’s face off, why is Hillary not sitting in prison? Why can’t she be exposed? This is Dahmer level sick!

  2. Aren’t the lockdowns to avoid false flag incidents. I hope and pray these people involved have their children taken away from them and never have access to them again.

  3. I have a feeling that one of those “sick” celebrities is Elton John. He was caught with child porn in 2007. He was also longtime friends with Molly Meldrum, who was basically the Jimmy Saville of Australia. He uses Masonic poses on many of his album covers and has an AIDS charity in Haiti.

    1. oh totally! There’s no question…he screams pedo. Made me sick when everyone was so into the movie that came out about him not that far back. You can see on his face how thrilled he was during Ricky Gervais speech at Academy Awards earlier this year when he called out those psycho sickos…go watch it if you haven’t. I watch it regularly. It’s very gratifying.

  4. My country is governed by a narcissist that loves to show off his socks. He is also a ped0. What can I do as a citizen, apart from praying. What angers me is that people do not want to know. You can’t free people that choose to live like slaves. When this is over, people should be forced to go see what these monsters were doing, just like Germans were force to visit concentration camps after WWII.

    1. Do not be discouraged by those “who don’t want to know”. The US Revolution against the British Empire was supported by about 20% of the population – and that is considered a high estimate. Changes generally happen with a small number of the population. The balance of the people come along later….once it is considered acceptable. It will happen sooner than you think. Look for like-minded people. They are out there. WWG1WGA

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