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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 20, 2020 at 10:55 AM

Death threats and warnings of extreme sexual violence against Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) passed to Holmseth by an alleged liaison of Field McConnell’s attorney, Howard Sohn, are conjuring up scenes from the Jack Nicholson movie The Shining.

Holmseth is being threatened with death and rape in emails reminiscent of the typewriter scene in The Shining.

The evidence is piling up.


The Florida man that made the news for being “creepy” and claiming to know the whereabouts of a missing child has become involved in the case of Boeing Whistleblower Field McConnell.

William K. Murtaugh, Florida, stated yesterday on his You Tube channel called FROM THE DESK OF MURTWITNESSONELIVE that he is receiving special ‘updates and briefings’ from someone on the inside of the Field McConnell case.

Murtaugh is the second adult male who is obsessed with missing and sexually abused children to interject himself into McConnell’s case.

Murtaugh is the alleged author of a chat log wherein he appears to admit to, and laugh about, kidnapping children from malls and raping children to death.

Murtaugh asserted yesterday on his You Tube channel that he is receiving inside information about McConnell’s internal communications.

This is problematic.


Murtaugh also (correctly) states McConnell’s conditions of release on bond forbid McConnell from using the Web, or even talking to anyone without his lawyer Howard Sohn on the call listening-in.

So – who is providing information about McConnell to Murtaugh?

Murtaugh said he has multiple sources that tell him McConnell, 70, is in discussions to turn “states witness” against Timothy Holmseth (this writer) and Randi Erickson wherein McConnell will testify he was present when the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (PPTF) was created. Murtaugh stated McConnell’s testimony will support allegations that McConnell’s organization THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE was set up to commit fraud with the PPTF.

The assertion is laughable.

Murtaugh’s claims regarding McConnell’s private communications create questions about McConnell’s protections under ‘Attorney Client Privilege’ and serious concerns that McConnell’s Constitutional rights have been butchered and go un-protected.

And there are other serious issues arising.


Murtaugh is not the first ‘creepy’ weirdo who is obsessed with little kids to interject himself into McConnell’s case.

Gerald Brummell, a convicted felon fraudster from Canada who appeared as a guest on McConnell’s show ABEL DANGER and claimed he had evidence of a $68 Billion money transfer from JEFFREY  EPSTEIN to the Toronto Union Bank, recently interjected himself into McConnell’s court case.

Brummell purported to be a liaison between everyone involved, to include Attorney Sohn, and many other Judicial officers in Florida.

Before McConnell’s release on bond, Brummell publicly stated he authored a ‘plea bargain model’ that had been accepted by a few involved, and if accepted by McConnell, would gain McConnell his freedom from confinement on the condition McConnell  file a criminal complaint to the FBI against Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) and Randi Erickson and accuse them of crimes.

Brummell said Sohn telephoned him.

Brummell made public claims to be in direct contact with the District Attorney’s Office in Broward County, Florida.

Email threads show EVERYONE who Brummell was talking to regarding his ‘plea bargain model’ for McConnell.

Brummell has been repeatedly emailing me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) and warning me I am going to be killed and violently raped. The emails are extremely disturbing and feature threats made in a way reminiscent of the typewriter scene in The Shining starring Jack Nicholson.


Law experts have described the ‘plea bargain model’ sent to Sohn and OTHERS as proof of a blackmail/extortion plot.

I published the following on Facebook on March 18, 2020.


Learn more about MURT here:


William K. Murtaugh from the Orlando, Florida area is obsessed with missing children cases. Watch the video below to see the news in Florida declare that very fact.

Yep, MURT is obsessed with little kids.

Somebody told me MURT works for somebody in BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA.

So just who is this guy MURT (William K. Murtaugh).

Let’s take a look.

1. MURT appears to be the author of a chat log where he brags about raping and murdering children including Missing Child Trenton Duckett.


2. MURT made the news (see video below) in Florida after writing the notorious ‘Caretaker’ letter regarding the missing child Trenton Duckett. It was so creepy and wrong that he was called creepy by the news team in Florida.

Below is the Caretaker Letter that Murt posted and what eventually resulted in Mike DeForest coming to his home to interview and ask him what inside information he had. To which Murt exclaimed that he had no inside information and was only posting it because he thought it would draw out the abductor. It was “ill advised” and Murt will use this excuse years later after his involvement in the Caylee Anthony case.

The Caretaker Letter
To Trenton’s caretaker
Hello my friend:I now know why Melinda trusted you to take care of Trenton.
I know that you are monitering the discussion forums.
You know time is running out.
Listen to your soul mate. Things are going to work out.
It is time to return Trenton to his family.
Take Trenton to the larger hospital or take Trenton to the fire station on the main road near your place.
Do it now.
Do it while you still can.
If you need help, contact me. You know how.

MURT made the news for being so off the charts creepy and freakish it could not be ignored.

3. When I (an award-winning news reporter and credible FBI witness (according to Minneapolis FBI) was covering the national profile missing child case of HaLeigh Cummings MURT emailed me and demanded sexual information about my minor children for a story he said he was working on.

So, the $100,000 question is…does William K. Murtaugh work for somebody in BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA? Somebody told me there is PROOF that he does. The person told me I will recognize the name.

The person told me FIELD MCCONNELL will recognize the name too.

Here’s William K. Murtaugh – the Florida man that claims privileged access to Field McConnell’s internal communications.


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