Clinton Foundation child pornographer identified – whistle-blower warns public we are eating babies

Tracy Jo Remington Speaks of Satanic Sex Cartels

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 4, 2018 at 9:20 P.M. CST

Hillary Clinton tortures children to death, drinks blood, and we are all eating dead babies.

That’s right, folks.

Tracy (Herman) Remington recently took to Periscope on Twitter and blew the lid off the Clinton Foundation’s satanic child sex cartel.

Remington is no spectator – she was on the inside.

According to Remington, her ex-husband (now deceased), Gregory Vern Remington, McMinnville, Oregon, was a pornographer for Clinton Foundation.

“He was the spider in the center of the Web. His title was ‘The Baby King,” Tracy Remington said.

Tracy Remington said McMinnville is headquarters for “The satanic cult of the Clinton Foundation.”

“I found out the cops, the sheriff’s in McMinnville, Oregon were all a part of it,” Tracy Remington said.

Tracy Remington said she came forward after Liz Crokin, an investigative journalist well known for exposing the secret satanic pedophile rings of the elite put a call out for everyone to come forward.

“Here I am Liz – I’m out there,” Tracy Remington said.

Liz Crokin

“I’ve been threatened, stalked, harassed, GPS’d, followed, you name it,” Tracy Remington said.

In an impassioned plea, Tracy Remington begged the public to research a company she says is using aborted fetuses to make flavor enhancer. “You need to research Senomyx,” she said explaining that the company manufactures a flavor enhancer made of “aborted baby cells”.

“They are making us cannibals!” she said.

Tracy Remington explains how laws were passed by Luciferians so CPS could steal children under color of law and sell them into slavery.

“I’m so thankful George H.W. Bush is dead,” she said.

“Thank you God for President Trump,” she said.

Publishers Note:

Tracy Remington’s story is eerily similar to my (Timothy Charles Holmseth) experiences in the City of East Grand Forks, Minnesota after I uncovered a child sex trafficking and baby sales operation run by self-identifying CIA and FBI operatives that are connected to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

I have been threatened with death, rape, mutilation, kidnapping of my grandchild, and received countless telephone calls by electronic sounding voices. On one occasion somebody called me on the telephone and I could hear a baby being sacrificed on the other end.

Some of the voice changer calls were from Clinton Foundation.

The police department and many public officials in East Grand Forks are involved in hiding crimes against humanity.

Irrefutable evidence, which is now before the Minnesota Ninth Judicial District court, exposes the police in East Grand Forks, and the city’s attorney Ronald Galstad, as ambitious co-conspirators in a child trafficking and baby selling operation run by members of the international judicial community.

It’s all in the files for the public to obtain.

The EGFPD and Galstad are hiding evidence they purposely kept from the FBI that shows child rape pornography of a missing five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings was produced and distributed.

The police are working regularly and in communications with satanic organized crime operatives based out of Florida, Indiana and elsewhere.

District Judges Anne Rasmusson and Tamara Yon have seen and heard evidence that proves Ronald Galstad is working with Police Chief Michael Hedlund, Lt. Rodney Hajicek, Sgt. Aeisso Schrage and others to keep the child sex trade operatives safe.

It also caught my attention that Tracy Remington said she reached out to talk show host Alex Jones only to receive no response. I too reached out to Jones, armed with my staggering amount of audio evidence that includes covert CIA recordings – and I never heard a word back – nothing – rather – my email was blocked.

Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) is worse than a fraud – he along with Craig (fraudman) Sawyer (Vets 4 Child Rescue) is one of THEM!

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6 thoughts on “Clinton Foundation child pornographer identified – whistle-blower warns public we are eating babies


  2. More and more of us are becoming aware of the horrors taking place around the world, and that the people we looked up to as our leaders are nothing more than Satanic globalists that share one common goal, to take over the world and make each and every one of us their slaves. They have been following a well laid out plan, causing the demise of many a nation, and now they are focused on ours. They must divide us, which is where Obama came in. They must strip us of our rights, which is where Hillary would have fit in. There is a man that many of you know by the name of David Wilcock. He’s on television a lot discussing extra terrestrials. He claims to have inside information of this Satanic group, and he claims that they believe they can conjure up Satanic beings, who give them super human powers. The only way to be able to do this is to follow strict rules, and of course they have their rituals that they perform, many of which involve child sacrifice. Wilcock says one of the biggest rules, is that the Illuminati must gain our approval of becoming their slaves. You might think that you would never do this, but we are doing it. Look at the freedoms we gave up after they performed the 9/11 attack. Look at how we sit by and allow them to tear down statues that have meant so much to us over the centuries and decades. Look at how God is being removed from our society. Hillary would have been the one to strip us of our guns. I have no doubt about that. We ARE allowing them to enslave us by being complacent. That has to stop. We MUST bring back God into our lives, and we must stop these people from demoralizing our nation. Look at the transgenders (we use to call them transvestites but like everything, political correctness forced the name to change) who are performing for children of all ages, their routines looking like something out of a men’s strip club. Look at the millions of abortions that we allow them to perform each year. Look at how the are teaching our kids today, stripping the books of our history and replacing it with nonsense. We have allowed Sharia Law to become common law. We have allowed our border to become nonexistent. If it weren’t for Trump and our military, and the good men and women who still remain at their government jobs, people like myself would have already been taken to one of the Walmart stores that were being transformed into indoctrination camps and prisons. Look at what has happened to the Catholic church. These globalists have infiltrated every ounce of our society where they could leave an impression of their filth. It is time to rise up and ask God for his help, his forgiveness, and for his guidance. I have never been a big church person because I often found the people who were the biggest bible thumpers were the biggest hypocrites. But I have always believed in God, and my faith in Him is so much stronger now than ever before. If it weren’t for Him, we would be defeated right now. It’s sad how many people don’t even have a clue what is going on, nor care. For years people who tried to express the truth have been labeled “conspiracy theorists”, and today if you try to talk sense to someone on the opposite side, they have been conditioned to attack us with name calling and hateful rhetoric. They are the ones who will be hard to deal with once the truth comes out once and for all. I believe Trump will use martial law for a time, to keep the peace until these people can no longer deny the truth. We are winning and the enemy is all but defeated, and I thank God for showing us the way.

  3. “Those who persecute you will think that they are doing God’s will” these are the warnings of Yashua the one the world calls Jesus. If we study God’s word we will see that all things are heading precisely where His Word indicates they will. I have greater faith in Messiah than ever!

  4. I love Tracy! When I voted for Trump I was still pretty asleep. I knew the Clintons had a body count but I had no clue that the body count included children. I’ve had quite an education in Luciferianism since then. These people believe that the more a child suffers before they are ritually murdered the more suitable the sacrifice is rendered before Lucifer, Moloch, Baal, et al. I had no idea about adrenochrome until Tracy talked about it. Luciferians are basically modern day Druids who inhabited ancient Britain and Ireland. When they migrated to the New World they brought their religious practices with them.

    Trump getting in was an act of divine providence. Definitely not just another election. that’s for damn sure.

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