Did film producer Steve Bing film FRAZZLEDRIP?

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 27, 2020 at 1:28 P.M.

Unconfirmed reports have been received by the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force that film producer Steve Bing, the Bill and Hillary Clinton associate who recently (allegedly) leaped to his death, is the man that filmed Frazzledrip.

Frazzledrip is a video that reportedly shows Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin torturing a little girl and filleting her face off while she screams.

The video was found on former U.S. Senator Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

The video is in the custody of law enforcement.

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24 thoughts on “Did film producer Steve Bing film FRAZZLEDRIP?

  1. The film from Anthony Weiners laptop, that Sydney Powell ( Gen Flynn’s attorney)talked about. She described how the hardened NY detectives, 12 seasoned cops had to leave the room to throw up. 9 of those 12
    have died mysteriously. The film is a snuff film.

  2. My sister introduced me to the TRUTH about this HUGE Pedophile ring and she “Heard” the audio of the torture of this little girl as Hillary and Huma were cutting her face off..Thank GOD I did not hear it…but the Police that viewed this were throwing up and Later found out that some “committed suicide?”…Hillary NEEDS to be REMOVED….from life.


        1. better upgrade your thinking. if hilary won the election you think you would be hearing about this? her state department seized the files and scrubbed vids from the deep web. My friend watched it before they did. this stuff has been going on for a long time. ONLY TRUMP has done anything about it. Reconcile.

  3. I believe Susan Rice is the ex lover male of Obama. I have pictures to back this up. Obama has a propensity to associate with males dressed as women. Michael/ Michelle.I believe Biden may select Rice as his VP. So I would love to unmask this deception before the Election. Blessings Brother ??
    Greta Blakeslee

    1. Hi Greta
      Not sure if RICE is on this list but there are no reported 81 names that have met their demise.
      THIS video is ANGEL WALLACE reading the names of some (Both Obamas deceased)
      But there are READABLE lists circulating….
      Am still looking for what i read last week from youtube.

      When you research alot one forgets WHO posted WHAT…but i think the READABLE lists are also on Angel Wallace if you want to search through her videos….they weren’t that old (a month at the most?)

      Bottom line is they would have to be using CLONES, look-a-likes, body doubles in order to keep the left ‘calm’ (for now anyway)

    2. Greta….
      This LINK is an AUDIO of ANGEL WALLACE reading names of those who are now deceased (otherwise known as “McCain’d” ).

      There are WRITTEN lists of all those who got the ‘axe’
      But for now i can only find this link…
      Maybe RICE is on the list of those now deceased ??

      i am Still looking for the READABLE lists (81 names)

  4. There is a LIST circulating of WHO is dead (per their crimes/Gitmo) and WHO is on house arrest.
    These “LISTS” are posted on ANGEL WALLACE’s youtube.
    I don’t have all of the names in front of me….but this is what i remember and of course You all can check her youtube.

    BIDEN, (his son), OBAMA (BOTH), are deceased. RB Ginsberg, (FOX NEWS stated such early 2018 if my memory serves me correctly and later RE-tracted their RBG-deceased story headline)
    OPRAH, ELLEN D., “madonna” are all on house arrest (for now)
    Feinstein (exiled to China).

    my guess is that these lists are true BECAUSE…. they HAVE TO have been doing SOMETHING at Gitmo for the last 3.5 years….right?

    This Angel Wallace video(3) said Barack/Barry was allowed to live (AT FIRST…) although i don’t see why(IF “no deals” were to be made (Q post)…but…then he violated ‘something’ later on (an agreement maybe??) so he was taken back to court and “X”d!! Micheal/michelle Obama went AFTER him, to his/her death.
    Are they and will they be using CLONES? Look-a-likes for the campaigns??
    IF the lists are true of all those now deceased…then one can only SPECULATE.

    Alex Jones (MOSSAD) said on the 26th (show) that ‘they’ were going to put up HRC and Obama as VP.
    “Q” hints to something SIMILAR.

    They won’t win.

    Mark Taylor(a humble man/prophet/retired fire-fighter) who has gotten no Mention on the “Trump circuit” predicted 2 terms for Trump (Back in 4/2011).

    * He also stated/predicted/PROPHESIED BEFORE Trump was elected that there would be MILITARY TRIBUNALS – the length of Trump’s presidency.

    * He prophesied that ROE vs WADE would be overturned and that Trump would be picking a min of 3-5* Supreme Court judges
    And so MUCH MORE !

  5. https://youtu.be/IZqL9U0H6xw

    At around the 6 min 30 sec.mark,
    ANGEL WALLACE blows up the list larger. You can pause it and read it.
    She says BIDEN is executed…
    She mentions PENCE @ GITMO in the first minute…1:00-1:09

  6. I have doubts he jump off the building, it’s another ritual sacrifice by the cabal. I saw the quick clip where his body supposed to be (only the building have shown), but it only showed a few people there with one person holding a big blanket, nowadays you have to find facts first before believing the news. One news came out with a member of the Bush family (really?) reporting that Bing left a letter to both of his kids before committing the “suicide”, how convenient, Hillary and the rest of these satanic would kill anybody if someone is in their way/expose their vile activities.

  7. The Clinton’s “friends” are even more of a liability to them than their enemies. Both seem to wind up the same way, though.

  8. Judge Lois Haight a now retired CPS Judge had ties to child trafficking rings in CONTRA County County, Ca. See Epoch Times Article from Patrick Howley. I have been on the phone all day and not one DA is aware of this. I want an investigation of this woman. No pending cases on her and no pending investigations. Please help!!

  9. It is not related to the post here, but it is important. The video is in Polish. Have translated a.s.a.p. Paweł Bednarz is Polish activist who uncovers pedophilia and sales for organs in Poland. He got evidence, that the highest police officials were involved. He publicly said their names and surnames and for that he might be put to jail on 3 July. You need to get in touch with him before and get a copy of all evidence. Many of those children were ‘adopted’ in USA. Here is the link of his interview, that was just published. They went after him because he exposed their crimes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sfsJuEunvbg

    1. One of the Whitehouse translators will have no problem preparing a transcript for Timothy.

  10. Hello Tim. I hope you are well. You haven’t posted for three days!!!!

  11. I think there is danger for anyone watching these videos, perhaps even reading the transcript. These people were not necessarily born evil. They were converted by abuse or being forced to watch abuse. Then they make videos of themselves doing it to other children. Why? Arrogance that they are above the law? Or because the image of the child abuse can itself corrupt us, those who think we cannot be corrupted because we are awake. Is the act of choosing to watch a violent video the permission that “Satan” needs to acquire your soul?

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