U.S. Marine issues scathing letter to FDA about playing with lives – demands feds return Hydroxychloroquine to market

by Clara T. Hanson on June 27, 2020 at 12:52 P.M.

Former United States Marine Jodi LoDolce recently submitted a scathing letter to the FDA demanding  Hydroxychloroquine be returned to the market.

Dear FDA:

This is a request that you put the drug Hydroxychloroquine back on the market, where it has been for 40 years! because it works!!!!!!!

Don’t lie about the side effects! They are simple while the benefits are great!

The more common side effects that can occur with hydroxychloroquine include:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • stomach cramps.
  • vomiting

These side effects are No Big Deal! And those infected are suffering from this from the virus itself! They should have a choice!

You see as a Veteran with many Friends, who fought in the Vietnam war, said every Monday was Hydroxycloroquine day and saved the life of many a warrior!

A friend lost her parents in NY, she’s having it investigated for improper care and lack of use of medicines that could have cured them! Also, they did NOT let her see or even bury her parents after their deaths!!! NY cremated them before she had a chance! Yet a “supposed event where a criminal allegedly Gets killed by a supposed cop” Gets a funeral, and anyone could attend!

Also, I hope he doesn’t mind but recently my brother, a corrections officer, caught CV-19 from MS13 gang members who were arrested. The Dr said the FDA took Hydroxycloroquine off the market when he requested it.

This is a violation and a political game you’re playing with peoples lives!

My brother is getting better slowly because we were able to use certain naturals, with quinine etc!!! To build his immune system but He would be so much better so much Faster, if you’d stop playing politics and release that drug so those who want it can have it.

All protocol is being followed … but the family watching him suffer these nasty flu symptoms are getting pissed off …. knowing your holding back a cure!

Oh I also know it decalcifies the Pineal Gland which would also help with eliminating our brain of the crap that’s been put in the air Etc.

If anything happens to my brother or any of the the rest of the family, We may have to join the multitudes I’ve seen on videos, know in person and have heard about through the grape vine (those who are waking up) and consider joining in on a class action suit! This shouldn’t be necessary for you to do what’s right!

Please put the drug back on the Market!


United States Marine Corps Veteran

Jodi LoDolce



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  1. Here’s info I’ve collected about getting Hydroxychloroquine:
    I think it’s out there as I heard someone say they found it over the counter in a pharmacy (think in Georgia). Also here’s a link to order it online but it says it’s “out of stock”

    NY doc shared w/Hannity:

    200mg Hydroxy 2 Tiimes/day
    500mg Azithromycin 1 Time/day
    220mg Zinc Sulfate 1 Time/day

    If anyone would like to get HCQ, z pack and zinc and can’t get it in your state go to http://speakwithanmd.com telemedicine you fill out a medical question first then the next day a doctor calls you. They gave me enough to treat for clovid-19 and a 6 month supply of HCQ cost 109.

    • Thank you @DM ! I “possibly” had it in Jan & it was absolute HELL! 3 weeks of not being able to breathe, body aches, headaches, coughing until I blacked out. St Jude & St Joseph in So CA REFUSED to help. 6 months later & my lungs still hurt & can’t take a full breath. But enough of me…
      I hope ANYONE who has lost a loved one d/t the refusal of treatment w/hcq should sue the living crap out of everyone from governors, states, fda, Fauci the fraud & anyone else.

    • Thank you ‘NY doc shared with Hannity.’ President Trump slipped in, almost apologetically, that he had taken hydroxyl and mentioned MMS in the same tone. Only once. And now he is backing up on the mask garbage so I really expect him to start wearing the mask most appropriate, and that is NOT the Lone Ranger mask. Look up Miracle Mineral Solution – chlorine dioxide – on Jim Humble’s site. For less than $50.00 you have enough of this solution to cure yourself and family members and pets for many months. Prepare to be shocked, disgusted and plain pissed off. Watch out for the copy cat sites that try to mislead and take your money. Colloidal silver is also an amazing healer for many illnesses and problems. I know it doesn’t cure distemper but MMS does. MMS also cures immediately severe food poisoning, cancers, and a long list.

  2. I was under the impression they DID make it available for Dr. Prescriptions now! They had it for hospital emergency use only. The letter they released was not banning its use. It was taking it OFF the Hospital Emergency Use Only list.

    • St Jude & St Joseph in So CA said there was no medical evidence that it works & refuse to prescribe. That’s as far as my experience goes. I got permanently removed from tumblr for telling my story.

      • Ask a pharmacist for a look at the PDR – Physicians Desk Reference. Pull up the information yourself. If you can, get a copy to look at 40 and 50 years ago or as far back as possible. My understanding it has been around a lot longer than 40 years. Many pharmaceuticals are based on herbal medicines and cures. These scientists don’t just start picking a chemical and playing with it. There is a basis of medical use for the isolated chemicals from the herbs and foods.

  3. If that is a pissed off letter from a Marine Corp soldier, I am the Wizard of OZ. And good luck with a law suit – a corrupt judge, endless documents, proof withheld or not allowed/ignored, false witnesses with lies for ‘testimony’ from cartoon lawyers, mounting legal bills with postponements, why turn to the very system and people growing this fraud and malicious corruption? I really hope people realize right now we as individuals, families and communities better step up and help our own and quit pissing and moaning asking someone else to give us food, water, shelter, money, jobs, education, freedom…….The someone else likely are the very ones a part of the problem or the enablers. Count almost every US congressman/congresswoman and a lot of local ‘officials’ as well. And we all know it. If you don’t you haven’t lived very long on this planet.

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