EPIC!!! Man (TJ Koukal) confronts Elk River, MN WAL-MART for violating U.S. Constitution/ OSHA Re: COVID-19 mask policy

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 16 2020 at 1:14 P.M.

‘David’ just walked up and kicked ‘Goliath’ in the balls!

Today, TJ Koukal, Minnesota, confronted management at the WAL-MART in Elk River, Minnesota about the stores violation of the U.S. Constitution and OSHA laws after WAL-MART announced it is going to ‘require’ customers to wear a mask.

Koukal requested WAL-MART’s legal department provide him with their license number and information so a federal lawsuit cannot be initiated.

See video below:


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  1. I am not understanding WHY this is being permitted to continue! I love our President but this is getting out of hand. America is getting sick FROM the mask mandates which is draconian!

  2. I agree with you REQQIE, this is getting sickening. I have watched people with their masks. It is so unsettling. Masks are for the sick. Quarantine as well. It’s like the twilight zone. I have been attached for not wearing a mask, and mean people. cuomo now made it an executive order, and people have swallowed this hook line and sinker. The mask-wearing people have total hatred . The stinking devil, and his ways are certainly on the center stage.

  3. i know it makes me wonder if , there’s a chemical being released in bzness ac sites ..because u are told to wear inside places but not out doors . i bet as soon as thy bust all these lying states on the covid cases then they will say no mask wearing.

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