by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 16, 2020 at 12:05 P.M.

The following letter was sent today.




Doug McMillon

In Re: COVID-19 Policy / HIIPA

July 16, 2020

Mr. McMillon,

I am contacting you regarding information I obtained from major news networks (e.g. CNN, FOX NEWS) wherein the public is being advised WAL-MART and SAM’S CLUB will be requiring anybody who wishes to enter the store to wear a mask around their face due to COVID-19.

Wearing a mask about one’s face is clearly an act that is supposedly done to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is a health issue. It is also commonly known that wearing a mask is harmful/detrimental to one’s health.

Does WAL-MART and/or SAM’S CLUB require, or plan to require in the future, customers to put a mask around their face before walking into the store to shop for necessities?

Does WAL-MART and/or SAM’S CLUB anticipate any legal/LAW issues that may arise from any such policy due to HIIPA laws?

If WAL-MART and/or SAM’S CLUB is implementing such a policy; how do you plan to enforce the policy if someone declines to wear a mask?

Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Pentagon Pedophile Task Force
Joint Special Operations Command


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11 thoughts on “WAL-MART CEO questioned about COVID-19 policy

  1. It is also (much, much more) commonly known that wearing a mask can save the the life of the wearer and those near. It’s a win/win. Live customers is a worthy goal.

    1. There is evidence that masks don’t work. As a matter a fact the cloth mask can even make you sick. There were two doctors on last night that back that up. Also Dr Fauci said the same thing in March. No mask here.

    2. It’s actually more commonly known as controlling the sheep.. these masks are very unhealthy see OSHA guidelines and how they are restricting oxygen flow to your blood and how there is no scientific evidence to support wearing a mask on healthy people it’s more detrimental to a healthy person to wear one than it is helpful additionally these masks don’t protect anyone from any virus it only promotes health problems

  2. NO it is common knowledge that wearing a mask is harmful to the wearer
    of the mask, anyone with half a brain cell would know that. How can you breathe with a face covering , YOU CANNOT? Blocking your airwaves it is
    just ridiculous.

  3. Kirby u are misinformed. Masks are ONLY for those who are sick and have preexisting health issues. for a healthy person to wear a mask, even for 10 min. causes breathing issues. to have to constantly rebreathe ur expelled carbon monoxide trapped in the mask, causes fainting, and within a few more minutes, is the beginning or organ failure. If u think the mask works so well, why are you afraid of people who dont or cant wear them??? AND TIMOTHY – at the walmart by me, with their warning sign of masks, the last line states “…unless you have a previous health issue.” It does NOT state if you cant wear a mask to stay out. yet yest. i saw a cashier yell at someone in front of me in line to put his mask on, he lowered he to take a few breaths of fresh air.

  4. Your mask will protect yourself and it will protect others. From personal experience I know masks do not hinder breathing or have any detraimental effects. I worked with a crew doing hard manual labor 8 hours a day, all while wearing a n95 mask. No one complained about breathing. We all did complain about the manual labor, however, except one guy. Theres always one keener. That’s all I have to say about that.

  5. By forcing the mask on the populace, the initiate loses their identity (in many cases welcomed by those who hate themselves) , and assimilates into the BORG HIVE , a new community of collectivism…. readied for new programming of “belonging” , the new normal. Greg Reese of Infowars has been nailing this whole psy-op with his short vids – I suggest you take a look (masters degree stuff here)

  6. Government has no legal authority to mandate a medical suggestion to wear masks for the sake of your healthy and others’safety. Free people have the legal right to follow a doctor’s order or not. We also have a right to not listen, or follow, the mandates of non-medical, non-licensed, cabal controlled, power tripp’n zombies. These laws were never ratified. Throw the whole sane population in jail, as they revolt against the pitiful, demonic, deep state, monsters. They won’t wear a mask in there either. Wide is the gate, and broad the road, that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. (Matt7:13)

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