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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 15, 2020 at 10:14 P.M.

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  1. Mr. Mandel suffers from mysophobia and OCD. Very weird never/ever “funny”, celebrity. Known to blow up a latex glove on his head, so the bag crafting isn’t out of character, at all.
    Sometimes a shoe tree is just a shoe tree. Actually it’s always just a shoe tree, that people throw discarded/unwanted shoes onto. No mystery there and very common.

  2. It did look clearly like in the dance he makes an L with his arms (sign for Hebrew letter dalet)…signal for a door with magik hands…signalling exit & a Protector…

  3. It beggars belief how demonically depraved these people are. Howie Mandell was always exceptionally unfunny and untalented. Now it’s apparent he’s also a real sick POS who sold out to Satan to get where he’s at.

  4. Linda Paris is right. That is not Howie. My heart can only take so much. For thirty years I have prayed for the children. I did not know how many DUMBS there were. I did not know about the Vril Lizards. Yet, the b_stards told us in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, in the late 50’s. They were the “Pod People”. All these years we were told.

  5. I watched the Howie video also without sound. This way I can see better. I’m not distracted by his chatter. He changed letters “S” into number “5” and than really quickly pointed to SOS or 5O5. The number 5 seems to be significant, because all cabinets have number 5 in their titles. What is nr 5 meaning in those circles? I found only the general numerology info online.

  6. Hey Tim,
    This guy is way off
    The cut bag was addressing the Company Wayfair
    In the original video with the red cross hoodie. Also, Howie says toward the end of said video, “where is my shoe stuff?”
    english gematria – shoe stuff = 119
    What else = 119 in english gematria? Give up? Adrenochrome = 119
    Where is Howie’s “shoe stuff” Wayfair?
    You do know that they like to use gematria right?
    How about this Tim. Go read the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song called “911” off of her album “chromatica”. You know those Satanics like to reverse and or invert things right? 911=119=Adrenochrome.

  7. When I who previously lived in Oregon for 35 years,shared this article/video on facebook today, I pasted this comment above it: Re the baby and child shoes shown hanging from a tree in Eastern Oregon. they are believed,a s has been determined elsewhere, to be the shoes of trafficked children. According to Holmseth, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, Governor Kate Brown was informed about this shoe tree, that apparently no local police had investigated, The hope was that the Gov. would order an investigation, do things like take down the shoes,collect DNA evidence from them, and search for evidence under the tree. Holmseth reports the feds saying that your Gov. did absolutely nothing. Has she investigated child trafficking down I-5? Has she told you about the submarine entrance at Coos Bay, where children were trafficked as far south as the China Lake underground base in CA (since raided by the US military good guys, with 2100 kids rescued before the base/tunnels were destroyed. Your Gov is not a good person. Brown is busy doing lockstep coup plotters’ evil re Covid/lockdown and turning a blind eye (or worse) to trafficked and destroyed children. Why might that be? Wake up!

    1. Also just fyi, I already decoded the words in the shirt howie is wearing in this video. It just says something like “intelligence is the ability to learn and adapt” or something along those lines… was yesterday, when i read it. He is just trying to laugh off or get people to dismiss his prior cryptic posts as being a joke or something. Although, he could also be signaling Wayfair that he is changing the code. Maybe he decided not to use english gematria anymore after he got found out…

  8. Is it possible thatin these videos Howie is sharing info with the audience re the evil doing of others rather than being an evil doer himself?

    1. Possibly, but not likely, since the way he did it makes him look like a baby killer.

  9. He says he needs “shoe stuff”, then again says he “needs stuff for his shoes”– as in Red shoes aka the blood of children…..He needs adrenochrome.

  10. Just a random comment that may or may not be useful in decoding…
    could something be considered “in the bag”??
    What would “shoe” be decoded specifically aside from the missing children?

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