Human Traffickings’ own Dr. Fauci – Craig Sawyer (Hillary’s Bodyguard) – Vets For Child Rescue is a fraud

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 17, 2020 at 9:49 A.M.

Move over Dr. Fauci.

Vets For Child Rescue, the organization formed by Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s former bodyguard Craig Sawyer is a fraud – just like Dr. Fauci.

Vets For Child Rescue was formed by Hillary’s gang in effort to seize the narrative and control information, by presenting the organization’s CEO (Craig Sawyer) as the expert on child trafficking.

Sawyer, a D-grade Hollywood actor, created the organization in April of 2017 after Donald Trump won the presidency and began issuing Executive Orders that his administration was going to eradicate human trafficking.


Sawyer fooled the public out of thousands and thousands of dollars in the form of donations using what is called a BAIT AND SWITCH AWARENESS SCHEME.

Sawyer originally, upon roll-out of Vets For Child Rescue, promised to “Extract and Rescue Victims of Sex Trafficking and Reunite Them with Loved Ones”.

Sawyer joined fellow secret society members Alex Jones, Doug Hagmann (and others) in a media campaign that promised children and slaves were going to be rescued from ‘cages’ and other horrible conditions.

That was the bait.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Sawyer ever “extracted” or “rescued” any slaves or victims from captivity.

An employee of Sawyer eventually released inside documents/books from Sawyer’s organization and revealed how he had set up a huge scam to pay himself and turn huge profits.

After Sawyer was confronted non-stop by angry donors he changed his message and began presenting his organization as something that exists to bring awareness to trafficking.

Sawyer’s official website says, “V4CR is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization founded by former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. V4CR is dedicated to raising awareness about the epidemic of child sex trafficking right here in the United States by exposing this fastest growing criminal enterprise and putting predators behind bars.”

Sawyer is despised by White Hat patriotic military brass who know who he is and what he is actually all about.

His fraud will soon be ending.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command

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4 thoughts on “Human Traffickings’ own Dr. Fauci – Craig Sawyer (Hillary’s Bodyguard) – Vets For Child Rescue is a fraud

  1. This is quite interesting as I asked Craig sawyer about the tunnels being blown up . He replied that no tunnels were being blown up as it was a lie to give us hope.

  2. True, Alex played early lip service to the “Sawman”s propaganda campaign , but seems to have distanced himself (hasn’t returned with any progress report, because there’s no actionable/credible progress). I remember that appearance ~2 years ago maybe, hungry for a hero type, “bad-ass” that was going to liberate those caught in this satanic web of death and exploitation…. only NOW I learn the real truth (as evident with eye witness insider Jessie Czebotar’s commentary) Sawman is a fraudster, a broker , no heavy lifting as you were led to believe, as you wanted to believe. Getting back to Jones – he’s stated recently, and over the years – Christ-centric, pro-human, and will quickly dispatch demons who hurts kids. One can make the case he’s controlled opposition, but to his credit, he’s far from perfect, but on the right side of the equation. I was recently pissed he passed off the Central Park rescue, and DUMB bombings as conspiracies, coming from a supposed expert, eh? Whatever Alex…. that’s why TCH’s work is a daily read for those praying justice for the children *and praying for the safety of the real heros , not named Sawyer.

  3. Ain’t it funny how all the roaches are coming out of their hiding places! KEEP EM’COMING!

    Thank you, Timothy, Gene, President Trump, Q and all Patriots out there!!!

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